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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part II b


Includes the surnames Clarke, Cushman, Albert, Cameron, Smith, Reynolds, Copeland 

^4.  William (1830-1912) b. in Merigomish NS, m. Harriet MacMillan in 1865. The 1900 census states he immigrated in 1879 and was still an alien in 1900. Harriet immigrated in 1878. This may have been for a short time as they were listed in the 1881 Census for New Glasgow, Pictou Co., NS. All the children were listed in the 1881 census, so it would appear they were all b. in NS. In 1881 Census Robert Murray age 81 was living with William’s family in New Glasgow, NS. When they did immigrate, they lived in Salem MA. They had 9 children, all surnames Murray:

          ^4a. Henrietta Forbes (1866-?) m. in 1897 William H. Smith
          ^4b. Robert Bray (1866-1942) m. in 1887 Margaret Sarah MacKenzie. They had 8 children all                        boys.
          ^4c.William Frederick (1867-?) m. in 1889 Ellen Grady. They had 3 children.
           4d. Adam (1869-?) – no further info
          ^4e. Elizabeth J. (aka Bessie) (1871-?) m. in 1902 Peter P. Reynolds. They had 8 children.
           4f. Mary Bell (1873-?) – no further info
           4g. Sarah Maud (1877-?) – no further info
          ^4h. James Garfield (1879-?) m. in 1909 Linda Millan
            4i. Hugh J. (1880-?) - no further info
          4e/a. Gladys (1892-?) illegitimate dau. of Elizabeth Murray (aka Bessie)

          4a. Henrietta (called Etta) Forbes (1866-?) m. in 1897 William H. Smith in Salem MA. They had 7 children:                   
                    4a/a. Courtney A. (1898-?)
                    4a/b. Geraldine (1901-?) twin
                    4a/c. Guinivere (1901-?) twin
                    4a/d. Harriet R. (1904-1904) premature birth buried in Green Lawn Cem. Salem MA
                    4a/e. Norma (1907-?)
                    4a/f.  Henrietta (1909-?)

William H. Smith’s marriage to Henrietta was his 2nd. He had a son by his first wife (unknown) in 1874, also named William H. Smith. The twins were born in Danvers, MA and all the others were born in Salem, MA. William was a shoemaker in a cobbler’s shop in the 1910 census. In the 1920 cen. Etta was a widow, living at 32 Shawsheen Rd. in Andover MA. I found Courtney Smith at age 32, m. to Mildred, age 34, living at 351 South Philip Ave. in Detroit, MI in the 1930 cen. They owned their home and he was an advertising artist with his own studio. They had two sons, Kenneth (10) and Harry (8). In the 1940 cen., Courtney was a salesman for Commercial Art and Advertising. Courtney died in 1951.

          4b. Robert Brae (1866-1942) m. in 1887 Margaret McKenzie (1867-1946). Robert was a barber in Antigonish, NS. They had 8 children:

                    4b/a. Francis (Frank) (1887-?) m. in 1911 Margaret (Maggie) McKenzie. Frank was a barber in Antigonish, NS the year he was married.  No further info.
                    4b/b. Charles (1891-?)  Twin
                    4b/c. Robert (1891-?)  Twin
One of the Canadian census reports states that these twins were born in  the USA.  I’ve been unable to find any birth records in either country. The common names make it the proverbial needle in a haystack. 
                    ^4b/d. James Garfield (1893-1954)
                    4b/e. Murdock (1895-?) No further info
                    4b/f.  William (1898-?) No further info
                    ^4b/g. Earl Monteith (1899-1973)
                    4b/h. Hanley (1908-?) No further info

In the 1911 census, all the children were still recorded as living at home with their parents. In addition, Murdock McKenzie, age 89, Margaret’s father, is also living with them, in Antigonish, NS.

                    4b/d. James Garfield m. in 1920, Elizabeth Irene Lowther, aka Bessie. He was a station Agent for the Canadian Railway. He died in 1954 from a Coronary Thrombosis, at age 61. He was living in Trenton, NS at the time.

                    4b/g. Earl Monteith (1899-1973) m. in 1927 Lena Marshall Pye of  Sherbrooke, Guysboro Co., NS. He died in 1973 and she died in 1993. Both are buried in the Robie St. Cem. in Truro, NS

I have been unable to discover any family for these last two men. Canada has not released their 1921 information, as yet, so it’s difficult to go forward with the families that remained in Canada.

          4c. William Frederick (1867-?) m. in c. 1889 Ellen Grady b. in the Irish Free State. They had 3 children all b. in Boston, MA:

          4c/a.  Harriet Mary (1889-1913) m. Patrick Joseph Driscoll bef  1913. They had one daughter Ellen Driscoll, b. sep 2 1913. Mary d. Nov 21 1913 in Boston, MA, of asthma and chronic             bronchitis. Ellen was raised by her grandparents, William and Ellen and was still living with them in the 1940 census, at age 26. She was a nurse.
          4c/b  Edward (1890-?) Edward was still living with his parents in the 1920 cen. but was married and living at 78 Trenton St. in East Boston, MA in the 1930 cen. By 1940, he and his wife Helen had two sons, Edward, age 9 and John, age 8. Edward was a Laborer  for the city of Boston. They lived at 66 Percival St. in Dorchester, MA.

          4c/c.  Catherine (1892-1901) Catherine d. at age 8 from diphtheria.

^5. Lydia Murray (1841-1926) b. in Merigomish, NS. She m. Alexander Cameron, from Loch Broom, in 1866. His parents were John Cameron and Sophia Fraser. There is a voter registration card for the elder Alexander showing his age at 52 in 1882. It says he is living in Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino, CA. I have found four children for them:
          5a. John Robert (1868-?) b. in NS
          5b. William Knox (1877-1902) b. d. in CA
          5c. George Alexander (1880-?) b. in CA
          5d. Eleanor

The 1900 cen. show Lidy (sic.) as a 60 yr. old widow with her son Alexander, age 20, and daughter Ellen, age 17, living with her. Her husband had died in 1899. Her son was a woodsman and her daughter was a dressmaker.

          5a. John Robert (1868-?) m. Imelda Thompson in 1908. He was 40 and she was 36. She was a music teacher and he was a mechanic. Imelda had been born in CA but her parents were both born in Norway. In 1910, he was working in a lumber mill and they were living in Ten Mile River, Mendocino, CA. By 1920, they were living in Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino, CA and were still there in 1930. John died in 1932 and Imelda is shown as a widow in the 1940 census living in Fort Bragg, Ten Mile River, Mendocino, CA. She died in 1962. There were apparently no children from this marriage.

          5b. William Knox (1877-1902) there is an 1898 Voter registration card for him but I found no marriage information for him. The death record gives no explanation for his death at such a young age.

          5c. George Alexander (1880-1945) This man went by his middle name, Alex. He was still living with his widowed mother in 1900 but by 1910 he was a boarder at a rooming house at the lumber mill where he worked. The 1920 census shows Alex and Irene, his wife, living in Ten Mile Twnshp, Mendocino CA, where they owned a home free of mortgage. He was a machine man at a Planing Mill. I could find no marriage information for him, but he did marry Olive Irene Ramsdell and they had one son, Murray who was born in 1920. In 1930 he was still at Fort Bragg, Ten Mile City, Mendocino CA, where he owned his own home at 501 Laurel Ave., and was now a Foreman at a Planing (Plane – ing) Mill. In 1940 they had moved to 571 Coast Rd. in Ten Mile Twnshp, Mendocino CA and he was a pattern maker in a saw mill. His wife and his son were living with           him. Murray enlisted in the Army in Feb. 1941 at San Francisco.  No further info on him.

          5d. Eleanor (1882-?) Eleanor appears in the 1900 census living with her widowed mother. In 1911, she married Harry Richmond in Elk, Mendocino CA. In 1920 they were living with her brother, Alex, in Ten Mile Twnshp. Harry was a Tally man at the lumber mill. In 1930, he was a retail clerk in a general store, Greenwood, Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino CA. In 1940 they were living in Boonville, Anderson, Mendcino CA. Harry was a Grocer and owned is own store. I found no children born to them in any of the records.

^6. Robert Murray (1843-?) Robert was married to Mary Unknown and living next door to his sister, Lydia, in Cuffey’s Cove CA in the 1880 census. Robert and Mary had two children, Christina, b. 1869 and George R. b. 1873, both in CA. In the 1900 census, Robert is living as a boarder in Cuffey’s  Cove and is a widow. This census says he immigrated in 1868 and had become naturalized sometime before 1900. I was unable to find any records on either of his children or the death of his wife.

^7. Hannah (1843-1939) Hannah was born in Merigomish, NS. She married Nicholas Olding Copeland in New Glasgow, NS, in 1874. As custom would have it, he went by his middle name Olding. He was a farmer in Merigomish. In 1881 there was one child, a boy named Aubrey, 5 years     old. Two older sisters of Olding were also living with them. In the 1891 census I found another son David Francis, b. 1876. Olding died in 1913 from Epilepsy. Hannah died in 1939 of old age. Her son Aubrey signed her death certificate. Although Aubrey stated he lived in Merigomish, I was unable to find records for him or his brother.

^8.  David Francis (1846-1925) David was married twice. First to Alexia Ferguson in 1884. They had 3 children: a daughter Jessie, b. 1885; a son Charles Robert b. 1887 and another son, Colin E. b. in 1889. Although I can find no death record for Lexy, as she was called, David Francis married again      in 1890 to Jessie Cameron. They had one child, a daughter, Margaret Agnes Murray, b. 1891. No further information on any of the people in this family.

                                                         Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino, CA
                                                         Photo from Mendocino's web site
Canadian Census years, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911
USA Federal Census years, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940
Birth, Death and Marriage Records

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