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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part I*** Carmichael, McCabe, Farnum, Ross families - Continued

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                               extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
          *** Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                         (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
           Robert (1800-?) no information
           Isobel (1801-1864) m. Robert Murray (1792-1884) (s/o Isobel (sister of                         Francis Carmichael) Carmichael and James Murray) – 8 children (see part II                                    expanded form)                  
           James (1803-?) no further information
           Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877) m. in 1829 William Mahy (1801-1873)                         (See Expanded Form Part III)
           John (1806-?) no further information
           Isaac (1808-1887) m. in 1831 Jane Hamilton (1818-?)- 10 children 

3.  Malcom (1860-1940) is living with his parents in Green Hill, NS in the Canadian 1881 census. I next find him in Frenchtown, Missoula Co., MT, a widow with five children. It states he had been married for 12 years. I have search in many places looking for this marriage record, but have found nothing. There is one reference to a woman named Matilda who fits the time and the geography, but nothing else to support a connection. In 1902, Malcolm marries Ida Brown Smalling, who is 19 years younger and divorced. In 1909 Alexander D. Ross, s/o Malcolm and his first wife, dies at age 18. In the 1910 census, Malcolm is a Superintendent at a Saw Mill and only one of his children from his former marriage are living with him. They are living in Cedar Township, Missoula Co., MT. Three of his children from the 2nd marriage have been born. In 1920, One of his older daughters, Jessie, is living with them and Wallace, the youngest is age 7. He is still a Super. at the Saw Mill. In 1930, the two youngest children are still with them and Sarah Brown, his mother-in-law is also with them. Malcolm has retired and they live in the city of Missoula, MT. 1940 finds just the youngest son, Wallace, living with them. There is a death certificate for Malcolm for Aug 1 1940. Later, a death record for Ida in 1950. I have found very little info on any of his children. They were:
          Jeanette (1889-?)
          Alexander D. (1891-1909)
          Harold (1893-?)
          Jessie (1896-?)
          Leonard (1900-?)
          Mary Maud (1903-1981) m. in 1929 Ralph Johnson (?-1961)
          Delphine (1907-?) m1 in (?) Unknown Emerick; m2 in 1936 G. E. Breeding
          Malcolm (1909-?)
          Wallace (1913-?)
4.  Kenneth Ross (1862-1933) is shown living with his parents in the 1871 and 1881 censuses for Green Hill NS. In the 1900 federal census, he was married to Mary O’Keefe who was b. c 1866 in Ireland. He was a Saw Mill Owner. He and his family were living in a hotel owned by a Kennedy family. They had three children:  Marjory b. 1890, Kenneth b. 1894 and Bruce b. 1900. It states that Mary was the mother of four children but only three were living. They were living in Missoula, Hellgate Township, Montana. In 1910 they were still in Missoula and Kenneth was a manager in a lumber yard. By 1920, Kenneth is a widow and living with his daughter Marjory, who has married John H. Toole. Kenneth’s youngest son, Bruce is also living with them. Marjory’s husband is a real estate agent and they have a son, John. H., Jr., age 1. The census shows that Kenneth immigrated in 1880 and was naturalized in 1885. In the 1930 census, Kenneth is still living with his daughter, who now has three sons, John H., Kenneth and Bruce. Kenneth, the father, died in 1933 and is buried in Missoula MT.
4a.  Marjory and John Toole had three boys, John H., Kenneth R., and Bruce R. In the 1940 census her husband had become a lawyer with his own practice. However, he died in 1946. A quick review of the Toole family shows they had very short life spans, all but one died in their 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Marjory died in 1963.

4b.  Kenneth Jr. m. Joan Trimble. He passed away in 1981 and Joan died in 2015. No children mentioned.

4c.  Bruce, b. 1900, living with his parents in 1910 in Missoula, MT. His mother d. in 1919 so he is seen living with his father at his sister’s home in Missoula. There is a death record for Bruce Ross dated Feb 8 1977, who died and is buried in Missoula, MT. No other info is with this record.

5. Janet E. Ross (1865-?) No further information

6. Eliakim Ross, b. 1868 in Green Hill, NS immigrated at age 18 to Montana. The 1900 census shows Eliakim and Emma Jean with three children living in Havre, Choteau Co., MT. They have been married since 1893. She was Emma Rodgers and was also from Canada. He is listed as a laundry man. There were three children listed for them. In 1910, he owns a lumber mill and is living in Missoula, MT. By 1920 all three children have left home, however a 4th child was born in 1912 and is still living with his parents. Eliakim is a manager but faded ink makes it impossible to see if he’s still in the lumber business. In 1930 he is the manager of a logging camp in Sanders Co., MT and his youngest son is still living with him.
1940 searches turned up no census.

 6a. Stillman (1894-1975) m. Gladys Brewer in 1917, 5 mos after he registered for the draft for WWI. They were married in Missoula, MT. His draft card said he was a logging engineer. I can’t seem to find any record of either of them in the 1920 census for any state. It’s possible that Stillman entered the military and was stationed on       a base. I checked what military records I could find with no results. In 1930, he was working in Wholesale Meats, in Missoula. They had a son, John, age 7. I had the same results for 1940 as I did for 1920. However there is a death record for him for 1975 in San Diego, CA.

 6b. Edith (1895-?) lived with her parents until 1916 when she married Harold Dopfer. Her daughter Geraldine was b. in 1917 and I find her married for a 2nd time in 1918 to Michael Garvey. Nothing is noted about the first marriage as to divorce or death. The three of them were living in Cedar MT. Her husband, who was b. in Canada,         was a foreman at a logging camp. 1930 finds them living in  Sanders Co., in the same logging camp as her father. Michael is still a foreman. In 1940, Michael is called a woods horseman and they are still in the same logging camp. Geraldine is no longer listed with them. There was no evidence of any other children being recorded for this couple.

 6c. Marguerite (1899-?) m. LeRoy Hayes in 1921. They appear in   the 1930 census in the same logging camp in Sanders Co. In fact, Eliakim and his two daughters are the first three families listed on p. 1A for Jocko Township in Sanders Co. MT. There are no children    listed for the LeRoy Hayes family. In 1940 they are found living with LeRoy’s sister and brother-in-law, Elmer Richardson, in Springbrook, King Co., WA. LeRoy’s mother, Jennie Hayes is also living with them. The Hayes family was from Loveland Co. At this writing I have not been able to discover a 1940 census for them or any death records.

6d. Eugene (1912-?) Eugene was recorded with his parents in the ’20 and ’30 census, but thereafter, he’s disappeared. In CA alone there were 13 divorces listed for 13 different Eugene Ross’s in the time period I searched. So with this I end the line of Eliakim Ross.

7. Alexander Ross (1871-1931) In the 1881 Canadian census Alexander is listed living with his parents in West River and Green Hill, Pictou Co., NS. He is a schoolboy at age 10. From this point on, I will refer to him as Alex Jr., to differentiate him from his father. This is my label as I have not seen him recorded as Jr., anywhere. In 1891, Alex Jr, is 19, single and living with his parents in Green Hill. In 1899, Alex Jr. marries Annie Touchette on Apr 7 when both are residing in Huson, Missoula Co., MT.  In 1900, they were living in Frenchtown, MT and Alex worked in General Merchandise. In 1910, they are still living in Frenchtown, MT, next door to or close by her parents, and Alex is a telegraph operator for the RR. Ethel is age 7 and Wellington is age 5. They appear in a 1916 census for Alberta, Canada, having moved there in 1912. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give exact location or occupation. By 1920 they had moved to Missoula, MT and Alex was a night watchman for a Saw Mill. They now have four children, Donald and Wallace having joined the family. The 1930 census tells us that Alex immigrated in 1895 and has become a naturalized citizen. His occupation has changed to Merchant Policeman. Wellington has married, in 1927, Edith Mae Derby, b. in ND, and they have a daughter, Betsy, age 2. Although there is a marriage record for Ethel to Jasper Williams in 1925, she is living with her parents in the 1930 census and recorded as single. In 1931 Alexander, as a Merchant Policeman, made an arrest of a man who was stealing gas from a filling station. The man had a hidden gun and used it to shoot Alexander in the stomach. He died from the wounds. In 1940 Annie is listed as a widow, with sons Donald and Wallace living with her. Donald works at a gas station and later, in 1942, marries Edna Denkenberger (nee Anderson). Wallace is a bookkeeper and works in Wholesale Fruit and marries Carolyn Tiede in 1940.
There are four children, all surnamed Ross, all b. in MT:

          Ethel (1903-?) m. in 1925 Jasper Holt Williams (divorced?)
          Wellington (1905-?) m. in 1927 m. Edith Mae Derby
          Donald (1910-?) m. in 1942 Edna Denkenberger (nee Anderson)
          Wallace (1918-?) m. in 1940 Carolyn Tiede
No further info on this family line.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the information I found. In some cases the handwriting was so hard to read, I had to make an educated guess. In recap, just a reminder, these are the descendants of just one of Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael’s children. There are several more that I will be working on. Any corrections, additions, deletions that need to be made will be kindly received at:   

Canadian Census Reports 1851-1911

Federal Census Reports 1880-1940

Find A Grave

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part I*** Carmichael, McCabe, Farnum, Ross families

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                               extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
          *** Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                         (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
           Robert (1800-?) no information
           Isobel (1801-1864) m. Robert Murray (1792-1884) (s/o Isobel (sister of                         Francis Carmichael) Carmichael and James Murray) – 8 children (see part II                                       expanded form)                  
           James (1803-?) no further information
           Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877) m. in 1829 William Mahy (1801-1873)                         (See Expanded Form Part III)
           John (1806-?) no further information
           Isaac (1808-1887) m. in 1831 Jane Hamilton (1818-?) - 10 children 

I have used a numbering system to help keep everyone straight. It’s so easy to get families mixed up!

***Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876); their daughter, also Mary Ann (c.1835-1899) m. Alexander Ross in 1858 in Loch Broom, Pictou Co., NS. Although there are many McCabe families in several counties in NS, there seems to be no other children for William and Mary Ann who survived. There is a 1871 census showing William and Mary Ann McCabe, both aged 72, living in West River, Pictou Co., NS. 
A death record for Mary Ann Ross was found for 1899 in Templeton, MA, where she was to be buried. A death record for Alexander was found for 1901 stating he died in Saugus, MA but was to be buried in Templeton, MA. Templeton is in the Worcester MA area.

Mary Ann McCabe Ross
Their daughter, Mary Ann and her husband, Alexander Ross, had at least 7 children.  All surnamed Ross - they were:
1.  Jane R. (1855-1900) m. in 1885 Lorenzo T. Farnum. All surname Farnum –                         their children were: Louisa, Harriet, Orra and Albert Farnum
2.  George E. (1857-1938) m. in 1893 Ida Wilson All surname Ross – their                                 children were: Mary J., Estelle, Vernon and Benjamin Ross
3.  Malcolm (1860-1940) m1 Unknown, m2 in 1902 Ida Brown
4.  Kenneth (1862-1933) m. Mary O’Keefe. They had three children Marjory, Kenneth                and Bruce
5.  Janet E. (1865-?) No further info
6.  Eliakim (1868-1965)
7.  Alexander (1871-?)

Addendum – Although the marriage record says Alexander and Mary Ann were married in 1858, two of their children were born before that date. I found several men with the name Alexander Ross who married before 1855, when the first child was born. There was not enough additional information to determine if any one of them was the same man who married Mary Ann. Throughout the various census reports, the birth years for both Jane and George were reported differently; Jane from 1855 to 1858 and George from 1857 to 1860. I have several possible explanations for the discrepancies, but it is all guess work and I won’t pursue it here.

1.  Jane (aka Jennie) Rose Ross was living in Lynn MA when she married Lorenzo Taft Farnum in 1885. Their daughters Louisa and Harriet were b. in Chelsea MA. Their sons Orra and Albert were b. in Medford MA. Jane died there of acute pneumonia in 1900 at the age of 45. Louisa, was b. Jun 10 1886 and Harriet was b. Aug 23 1889. Orra was b. Aug 8 1893 and Albert was b. Mar 31 1896.
          1a.  Louisa married John Stacy Keely in 1909. He was from WV and 11 years older than her. He was a Clergyman. A son, John, Jr.  was born in 1910 and died in 1913 from Purpura Hemorrhagica.  Interestingly, Find A Grave has an entry for John Keely, who lived to age 102, but the wife buried with him is not Louisa. Still looking     for a record of her death before 1915 when this other marriage took place.
          1b.  Harriet Farnum apparently didn’t marry but there is a death record for her dated Dec 1875 for Middlesex Co., MA.
          1c.  Orra was married (to Pearl Unknown) between the ’20 and ’30 census, and had a son named Ralph, age 4 yrs and 9 mos in the ’30 cen. Orra was living in Providence RI and was listed as unemployed, as were many others on the same page. By 1940 Orra was living in Stonington CT and was a vacuum cleaner     salesman. Another son, Robert, was born to them in 1935. Orra died in 1956 in Stonington, CT and Pearl died in Pawcatuck, RI in 1999 at the age of 102.
          1d.  Albert is age 4 in the 1900 census of Medford MA. Lorenzo, his father is listed as a widow. His mother, Jane, had died earlier in the year, leaving Lorenzo with four young children. It is surprising to see in the 1910 census for Lorenzo that all four children are still with him, but his wife Jane is also listed as living with him. Found        this odd, since Jane had died in 1900. A little investigating showed that they were both married once and had been married for 26 years. Both of their ages are incorrect by 3-5 years yet all four of the children are correctly stated. I’ll leave this for someone else to figure out. In 1920 Lorenzo is married again to a woman named     Harriet, b. in England and nearly 30 years his junior. None of his children are living with him. Albert served in WWI as a Cpl. in    the Aero Squadron. Albert is married by 1920 to Gladys Groves and they were living in Worcester MA and Albert was employed as a clerk in a railroad office. By 1930 they were still in Worcester MA     and he is a clerk in a factory. 1940 still finds them in Worcester MA and Albert is now a chemist in the field of Abrasive Mfg. There were   no children recorded for them in any of the census records. Albert died in 1967 in Worcester MA and is buried there.

2.  Next comes George E. (1857-1938) m1. Isabel McDonald in 1879 in Pictou Co., NS. They had a daughter Mary J., b. 1880 in Pictou Co., NS. They appeared in the 1881 census for West River and Green Hill, Pictou Co., NS and were living with George’s parents, Alexander and Mary Ross. Also living with this family was a boy, Henry McDonald, age 6. The census gave no indication of relationship. Given the age, he could have been Isabel’s younger brother. When I next discover George, he is in Choteau, Co., Montana, getting married to Ida Wilson. I was unable to find any sort of death record for Isabel. I also found sifting through the unbelievable number of people with the name Isabel Ross was daunting without further definitive info. However, George did appear in the 1900 census for Chinook Township, MT. He and Ida were the parents of Estelle (b. 1894), Vernon (b. 1895) and Benjamin (b. 1896). In this census, his daughter Mary J., age 20 has joined the family in MT. By 1910, George is a feed dealer living in Mountain View, Idaho, with his wife, Ida, and children Estelle, Vernon and Benjamin. As so often happens, while looking for something else I stumbled across Mary J. Ross, George’s oldest child by his first marriage.
          2a.  Mary J. m. John Edwin Dawson in 1901, in Great Falls, MT.  Her ‘user name’ was Maymie and that’s how she was recorded after her marriage. Who knew? Small wonder all the searches, didn’t hit on this name. Maymie and John had one son, Edwin, b. 1902 and died 1957 in Seattle WA. They were all living in Glasgow, Wally Co, MT in the 1910 census. John was a merchant in general merchandise. By 1920, they were living in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT and John was a manager in fire insurance.  In the 1930 census John is still a  manager at an insurance co. There are no children living with them in Great Falls, MT. They were still living in the same place, ten years later, in the 1940 census. John is now Vice President in the insurance co, and they have a live-in maid. John died in 1961 and Maymie died in 1968. Both are buried in the Hillcrest Mausoleum in Great Falls, MT.
          2b.  In 1915, Estelle Ross married Hugh B. Campbell and by 1920 they were living in Portand, OR. Campbell was a bookkeeper for Wholesale Products and we also find George and Ida living with this young couple. All the Federal censuses indicate George became a naturalized citizen. The 1930 census finds him retired       and living in Rose Park, Multonomak, OR, with Ida. But, the same census finds Estelle and Hugh divorced. There are no children listed living with her and she was working a clerical position in an Express Office. I could not find Estelle in the 1940 census. She may have married again and moved to another state.
          2c.  George and Ida’s oldest son, Vernon E. Ross was b. Jul 14 895 in Yantic, Montana. He is on all the census reports with his family until 1920. In 1917, there was a draft card issued indicating he was an undertaker. He married a woman named        Cora, but I haven’t been able to locate a marriage record. They had three children: Vernon, Jr., Howard and Betty. He died in 1983 (see obit.)


          2d.  Benjamin, the youngest child of George and Ida, was living in Sand Point, Bonner Co., ID in 1920. He is married to a woman named Aubrey and they have no children listed. He is working in a dry goods store as a clerk. By 1930 they are living in Mountain   View, ID, a part of Sand Point and they have a daughter, Marjorie,       age 7, born in the state of Washington. Benjamin is a salesman in a clothing store. In 1940, Benjamin and family are living in Portland OR where he is a collector at a funeral church. This could possibly be working with his brother Vernon. Benjamin died in 1972 and is buried at the Lincoln Park Memorial, Indoor Mausoleum, in        Portland.

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