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Monday, July 21, 2014

John Martyn 1634-1713

Swansea, MA, located in the most southwesterly corner of MA bordering Mt. Hope Bay and Rhode Island, was home to at least six of my male ancestors. I find that extraordinary, given the logistics of travel in the late 1600’s. Although they were not related to each other, originally, the families did intermarry over the years, thus creating six lines of ancestry back to this picturesque town. It is in Swansea that the first English blood was shed, in King Philip’s War,’ on Sunday, Jun 20 1675. Over half the homes were burned to the ground while everyone was at church. This is where John Martyn/Martin lived and his house was one that burned that day. He was the 15th signer admitted to the town when Swansea was incorporated in 1669 and therefore one of the original settlers.

John Martyn was the son of Edward Martin and Judith Upham, born in Ottery, St. Mary, Devonshire.  He came from England in 1663, settling in that part of Rehoboth, later called Swansea, and was one of the founders of the Baptist Church there.  He was a weaver, by trade, and a farmer. He was appointed constable, June 6, 1671, surveyor of highways, June 3, 1673, and June 2, 1685. In 1673 he bought land on New Meadow Neck, near Hundred Acre Cove, and built a house north of Central Bridge.  He died March 21,1713-14, aged eighty years and is buried in the Tyler Point Cemetery, Barrington, Bristol Co., RI.

He married, April 26, 1671, Joanna Esten, b. June 1, 1645, in Herefordshire, Eng., daughter of Thomas Esten, who came with Rev. John Myles from Eng. to Rehoboth, and settled at North Providence.

1   John and Joanna (Esten) Martin had 10 children:

          a  Jemima (1672 - ?) m. Samuel Salisbury (1666-1757)
          b  Melatiah (1673 – 1761) m. Rebecca Brooks (1679-1730) – 8 children
          c  John (1674 – 1757) m.  Mercy Hayward (1678-1610) – 8 children
          d  Ephraim (1677 – 1734) m. Thankful Bullock (1681-1762) – 10 children
          e  Ann (1678 – 1759) m. Richard Round
          f  Robert (1679 - ?)
          g  Manasseh (1681 – 1754) m. Hannah Carpenter
          h  Johanna (1683 – 1715) m. Phillip Short – 2 children
    2    i  Ebenezer (1685 – 1727)  m. Abigail Wheeler (1690-?) – 5 children
          j  Judith (1686 – 1751) m. John Luther

At Find a Grave, I discovered a great deal of interesting information. I have not verified this as much of it comes from siblings of Ebenezer Martin, who is my direct ancestor.  I am providing it here so that you may do your own research to verify these claims.

John Martin is:

2x great grandfather of Simeon Martin, Gov. of RI
4x great grandfather of Alexander Hamilton Bullock, Gov. of MA
4x great grandfather of John William Davis, Gov. of RI (once through Melatiah                         and once through John)
5x great grandfather of Cornelius Newton Bliss, US Sec. of the Interior                                    (1897-1899)
6x great grandfather of Nelson Ackerman Eddy, singer, actor
6x great grandfather of Prescott Sheldon Bush, US Senator from CT
6x great grandfather of James Grover Thurber, author, cartoonist
7x great grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st US President
7x great grandfather of Gene Roddenberry, sci-fi screenwriter and producer                            (through his daughter Jemima)
7x great grandfather of Perkins Bass, US Congressman from NH
7x great grandfather of Spalding Rockwell Gray, actor, screenwriter, performer,                       playwright (once through son Melatiah and once through son                              Ephraim)
7x great grandfather of William Standish Knowles, Nobel Laureate for Chemistry                     (2001)
8x great grandfather of George Walker Bush, Gov. of TX and 43rd US President
8x great grandfather of John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, Gov. of FL
8x great grandfather of Bobby Darin, singer, songwriter, actor
8x great grandfather of Gene Roddenberry, sci-fi screenwriter and producer                            (once through his son Melatiah)
8x great grandfather of Charles Foster Bass, US Congressman from NH
8x great grandfather of Marshall Field V, newspaper publisher                                                 (Chicago Sun-Times)
9x great grandfather of John James “Jimmy” Duncan, Jr., US Congressman from                     TN

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Johan (Jacob) Ulrich Hubley (1719-1802)

Johan, also referred to as Jacob, who is considered the progenitor of the Hubley family in Nova Scotia, was born in April 1719 in Eppingen, a town in Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland, Palatinate, Prussia. This area, which is located in southern Germany, is no longer called Prussia,. War, instability, overcrowding and religious persecution were powerful motivators in Johan’s decision to change his life. When free lands were to be granted in the “New World” it was hard to resist.  He and his wife, Salome Margaretha (Birtger) and four children boarded the ship Pearl on Jul 2 1751. There were two children between the ages of 4 and 16 and two under the age of four, according to the ship’s records. It is unknown if any of these children or the mother survived this voyage as Johan was a widower by the spring of Mar 1752, when he married Maria Magdalene Dietzel (sometimes Dirzel). She had been on board the ship Pearl with her husband and one child. Johan and Maria had one child, Maria, b. Jan 1753. But Maria (the mother) died in Jun 1753, leaving Johan a widower once again.  It is unknown if the child, Maria, survived.

                                            Eppingen, Germany

Johan was one of a group of “Foreign Protestants” who settled in an area that had been named Lunenburg. But soon Johan was a widower again. He married his third wife, Anna Catherine Treffain, on Jul 10 1753 in St. John’s Anglican Church in Lunenburg. Anna had also arrived in Nova Scotia aboard the Pearl.  Johan’s fourth and final marriage took place on Jul 3 1759, to Anna Barbara Eva (Matler) Lay.  This Anna, who used the name Barbara, was born in Geneva, Switzerland. She was a widow and brought children with her from her marriage to Joseph Lay.

I have found this unsubstantiated listing of names who were children of Johan and his first wife Salome Margaretha. They are Andreas, Johan Georg, Johan Jacob, Hans Georg, Rosina, Maria Margaretha. Since only four children emigrated with the him, it is considered that at least two of them died young.
It is not known how many of the four children survived after reaching Nova Scotia. With his 2nd wife, Maria Magdalene Dietzel, Johan had one daughter named Maria. There were no children with his third wife. Johan and 4th wife Anna Barbara Eva (Matler) Lay had 5 children: Johan Urich died in 1802.

The second generation:

          a.  Ferdinand (1761-1833) m. Magdalen Salome Born
          b.  Jacob (1762-1833)
          c.  John Michael (1764-?)
          d.  George Bernard (1769- aft. 1849)
   2     e.  Johaness (1770-1802) m. (in 1797) Anna Mary Kahler (1774-1871)

                                         Lunenburg, NS
Johaness Hubley and Anna Mary Catherine Kahler were married in 1797 in the Dutch Reform Church in Lunenburg. They purchased land in 1810 in a place then known as Hubley settlement but later became known as Seabright.
Anna Mary probably descends from Johann Gottlieb Kohler who was a school master who arrived in 1752 on the Speedwell. He was 35 years of age from Hamburg. He brought with him his wife and six children.

John (as he became known) and Mary Kahler Hubley had 14 children:

          a.  Jacob (1798-1870) m1. Anne Caroline U nknown
                                        m2. Mary Susanna Elizabeth Whynought
          b.  Anna Elizabeth (1799-?) m. John Collishaw – 8 children
          c.  Johaness (1800-1868)
          d.  George Bernard (1802-1892)
          e.  Maria Catherine (1803-1838) m. Allan Ramsey MacDonald – 1 child
          f.  Ferdinand (1804-?) m. in 1828 Hannah Elizabeth Boutilier – 1 child
    3.   g.  Elizabeth Barbara (1806-1881) m. in 1826 Thomson Carmichael –                                                                              15 children
          h.  Maria Elizabeth (1807-1807)
          i.  John Philip (1808-?)
          j.  Ann Mary (1810-?)
          k.  Frederick (1812-1879)
          l.  Alexander (1814-1861) m. Jane Catherine Comingo
          m.  Benjamin (1817-1901)
          n.  William M. 1818-1901) m. in 1842 Elennor Cornelius

Barry G. Hubley in his work on the descendants of Johanness Hubley, Chapter 5, states that The Christian Messenger (Nova Scotia Baptist Newspaper) issue of 24 November 1848 reports:
Death (no date) of John Hubley, Senior 78 years – Leaves widow, 12 children, 100 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren
Burial: November 1848, United Baptist Church Cemetery, Seabright, Halifax Co., NS, CAN

If he left 100 grandchildren, then I have found only a small number of them. However, my gt. gt. grandparents, Thomson and Barbara Hubley Carmichael, made a significant contribution.

The Third Generation

Thomson was born in Banff Co. Scotland. He was the s/o Francis Carmichael and Elizabeth Keillor, both of whom were born in Banff, Scotland. According the Nova Scotia Land Grant Petitions, Francis was granted 200 acres in 1792. His older brother, James, was a Sgt. in the 82 Regiment (or the Hamilton Regiment) and is given credit for being the founder of New Glasgow, NS and one of the founders of Pictou, NS. Francis was a farmer and his son, Thomson, was the oldest of 9 children.

Thomson married Elizabeth Barbara Hubley in 1826 in Lunenburg, NS. Thomson was a teacher and a farmer.  They had 15 children, 10 boys and 5 girls. They also moved around quite a bit, wherever the teaching posts would take them. He did petition to receive land, citing that he had a large family and as a teacher, had not much money.  At least four of the children moved to MA and one went to CA.  Besides being a mother, Barbara is known to have been a trusted mid-wife and according to Barry Hubley, mentioned above, she had a very sweet singing voice.  Some of the places they lived were New Glasgow, St. Margaret’s Bay, Halifax, West River, Springhill, and Fisher’s Grant, all in Nova Scotia. Thomson and Barbara’s children were:

          a.  Henry Edward (1827-bef 1850)
          b.  Frederick Hubley (1830-1911) m. Jane Faulds – 11 children
          c.  John George, Capt. (1831-?) m. in 1869 Terrisa Shaw
          d.  James Thomson (1832-1881) m. in 1862 Susan Roberts - 6 children
          e.  William (1833-1852)
          f.  Alexander Francis (1835-1927) m. Ellen Dillon -7 children
          g.  Daniel (1837-?)
          h.  Charles (1839-1846)
          i.  Christine Isabella (1841-?) m. in 1870 Robert Gordon – 7 children
          j.  Hannah C. (1845-1937) m. in 1872 Thomas Gordon – 4 children
          k.  Mary Jane (1847-1894) m. in 1875 Thomas Hardy – 5 children
          l.  Barbara (1849-?)
   4.    m.  Henry Gordon (1850-1910) m. in 1873 Mary Ellen Scarr – 8 children
          n.  Elizabeth (1851-?)
          o.  Andrew (1852-?)

                                                        Barbara Hubley Carmichael

Frederick Hubley Carmichael and his wife Jane had 11 children. Three of them died in the Springhill Mine explosion on Feb 2 1891. A few years before this, another of their sons was struck and killed by lightning while standing in the doorway to his home talking to his mother.
James Thomson Carmichael moved to Medway MA and was a carpenter.
Alexander Francis Carmichael moved to the Mendocino area in CA and became an architect of some note. He built many of the homes in the new village of Mendocino, some of which were use to depict the Maine village in the TV program Murder She Wrote.
Christina Isabella Carmichael moved to Revere MA. Sadly her husband died in 1882 leaving her with 7 young children.
Hannah C, Carmichael lived in Somerville MA in the 1900 census.
Henry Gordon Carmichael was a ship’s chandler and a hotel keeper. He and his wife Mary Ellen Scarr lived in the Halifax area before moving to Boston in the early 1900’s. Ellen (as she was known) ran a hotel in Hull, MA even after Henry died.
The Fourth Generation

Henry Gordon and Mary Ellen Scarr Carmichael had children:

          a.  Percy (1874-1874)
    5.   b.  Nora Edith (1875-1921) m. in 1893 Jesse Pye (1865-1940) –                                                                 15 children
          c.  Edith Gertrude (1877-?) m. in 1901Edward John Ball (1870-?) –                                                                       3 children
          d.  Minnie (1881-1902)
          e.  Reginald (1884-?) m. c. 1921 Dorothy O’Donnell (1895-1967) 1 child    f.  Elizabeth Maud (1885-1959) m. in 1906 (Frank Johnson (1880-1940)                                                          – 2 children
          g.  Grayce (1889-?) m. in 1907 Frank Mooney (1886-?) – 2 children
          h.  Ruby Stuart (1894-1950) m. Philip Stokes Wood (1891-1952) –                                                              2 children

          5. Nora Edith Carmichael and Jesse Pye are my grandparents.

                                                      Sandy Poin t Light, Shelburne NS