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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Tribute to my Great Grandmother

As I pondered today’s date wondering what needed to be done, what bills needed to be paid and other mundane thoughts, like a flashbang, my mind said today is your great grandmother’s birthday. Holy cow, let me think about that for a minute. I never knew her, being just shy of 6 months old when she died. But my mother and grandmother never let her memory die. She was spoken of often. Memories of other years when she was younger and more spry were discussed. I’m the last of the family who heard about her, from the people who knew her. I knew what I had to do. Let me introduce you to Rebecca Ellen Cole Chambers.

She was born Dec. 11, 1854 in Dorchester Cape, New Brunswick, a few miles south of the small farming community of Dorchester, NB, perched on an inlet on the Bay of Fundy. Her father was Edward Cole, a farmer and later on, a ferryman. Her mother was Catherine Buck. They were married in 1841. Rebecca was the 5th child born to them although three of the older siblings died young, two as teenagers and the oldest, Capt. Ebenezer Cole, Master of the William K. Chapman, died at his father’s home at the age of 24. This left Rebecca as the 2nd oldest living child. Lucinda, nine years older than Rebecca, was now the oldest. Additionally, there was a younger brother and three younger sisters in the family.

I asked my grandmother once what she knew of her mother’s childhood. Sadly, she knew very little. She said her mother didn’t talk much about her growing up years, but she had talked about going sledding on a hill near her home. Life was different then. Farming was hard work from sunrise to sunset. The women of the family cooked, cleaned, sewed and washed clothes by hand, so I guess there may not have been too many fun times to talk about. They did attend church when they could so there were some social activities connected to the church.

I’m not sure where or how Rebecca met my great-grandfather, Alexander Chambers, a Scotsman from Wallace, Nova Scotia. When he was young, his family moved to Dorchester where the ship building industry was in full bloom. He became a shipwright when old enough. Becky and Alex were married Jul 17 1878 at Dorchester Cape. My grandmother was born Nov 25 1880. At the time they lived in an old farmhouse just down the road from Rebecca’s sister, Lucinda, who had married William Buck, Master Mariner. Lucinda had a difficult and tragic life. By 1880, she had given birth to six children, the oldest five having died by the time the 6th child was born. Three of those children died on Jul 6, 14 and 16 1877 from diphtheria.  Becky and Alex had a son, Percy, in Aug 1886.

William Buck was the Captain of the sloop Arabella. As a ‘coaster’ they visited major ports up and down the eastern seaboard. Alex joined Captain Buck’s crew as First Mate.  It isn’t known how many voyages they made together on other ships. The Arabella was a fairly new and fast ship when they set off for NY in the fall of 1880. My grandmother recalled that someone came to the house to bring news that the tide was turning and that the Arabella would sail immediately. He kissed everyone good-bye, then headed to where his ship was docked. Rebecca and her two children walked to the top of the hill to watch them sail off.

They never saw the ship or the men again. The ship did make it to NYC and was fully loaded with coal to bring back home. Capt. Buck’s brother was on board an inbound ship and haled the Arabella as it was departing Long Island Sound. There was a fierce storm off Cape Cod and they were advised to turn back till it was over. Buck probably thought his new, fast ship could outrun the storm and it was getting close to Christmas so why not make a run for it.

Now Becky and her sister Lucinda both had children to feed and were both without husbands. There is no record of how the two sisters survived or if they were given any financial aid. Lucinda had a total of ten children but only three survived to adulthood. Even then her only son died when he was 26. Her two surviving daughters did marry and have families.

Tragedy would visit Becky once again. In Apr 1889, Percy came down with Scarlet Fever and died. Although she and Alvina (my grandmother) stayed in NB for a year or so they eventually packed up and moved to Boston. One of Becky’s younger sisters had moved to East Boston, MA in 1886 and had married there. They stayed with Aunt Mame while Becky found work and a place to live. She worked for a homeopathic Dr., cleaning his offices in Boston. At that time the land next to East Boston, a peninsula known as Winthrop, was being developed by several different Drs. and the man Becky worked for was one of them. Dr. Lull was his name and he played a minor role in the land development but through him, Becky was able to purchase land. It is unsure how Becky managed financially through all these tough times. One theory seems to hold the most valid probability. Alex had no life insurance when he was lost at sea. However, his father, James Chambers, was a ship builder and became quite well to do. It is believed that he may have supported Becky for quite a few years. He did make a trip to Winthrop to visit her. Who knows what transpired during that visit. James and his wife moved to NJ to be closer to two of their children. James had lived in Bath ME where he was a ship builder at the time the ‘iron’ ships were being built. He then followed his son, William, to Jersey City, NJ where he continued to build ships. James died in 1913. It is possible he left a sum of money to Becky at that time. For a widowed mother, at the age of 33, she managed to acquire four lots of land in Winthrop by the time she was 44.

She never married again. My grandmother said there was always a ray of hope that Alex had somehow survived and would find them some day. My grandmother got married and started raising her family. By now, Becky was called Nana, owned her own two-decker house where she rented out the 2nd floor. One year, she was hired as a companion to make an automobile trip to Florida. I marveled at this given the vintage of the cars in the 20’s, the lack of decent roads and places to put up for the night.  In the mid-20’s she bought a camp in Cochituate on Dudley Pond. She owned that for the next 15 years, where the family and all sorts of friends would gather on summer weekends.

Finally, she sold all her properties and together with my parents, they all lived with my grandparents. In the early 40’s, my parents were able to buy their own home and then everyone lived with them. Nana died on Jan 1 1944 having reached her 89th birthday. She is buried in the Winthrop Cemetery.
Happy heavenly birthday, Nana.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Newfoundland Pye families - Last installment

McAlpine's 1904 Directory - Bonavista Bay District – Carbonear

Albert (of John) Pye          Fisherman    South Side
Elijah (of Samuel) Pye       Fisherman    Crocker’s Cove
John Pye                          Fisherman    English Hill
John (of Benjamin) Pye     Laborer         Victoria Village
John (of John) Pye            Fisherman    South Side             
John (of Samuel) Pye        Laborer         Victoria Village
Lorenzo (of John) Pye       Fisherman    South Side
Philemon (of Elijah) Pye     Fisherman    Crocker’s Cove
Samuel (of Benjamin) Pye Laborer         Victoria Village
Samuel (of Elijah) Pye       Laborer         Crocker’s Cove
Samuel (of John) Pye        Fisherman    English Hill
Thomas (of James) Pye    Fisherman    South Side
William (of Benjamin) Pye  Laborer         Victoria Village
William (of Elijah)              Fisherman    Crocker’s Cove

St. James Anglican Cemetery Bond Street Carbonear (Northside)
Carbonear District

1903, Aug 10 – Harriet Ann Pye, age 25, wife of William Pye
1907 – Robert Samuel Pye of Carbonear, age 3 mo., was buried on Oct               18 1907.
1908 – Samuel Pye of Carbonear, age 5 weeks was buried Sep 19 1908.
1908 - John Benjamin Pye of Victoria, age 2 mo., d. Oct 30, 1908 and                  was buried Nov 3 1908.
1909 – Martha Ann Pye, age 4 ½ of Victoria, d. Feb 23 1909 and was                     buried Feb 25 1909.
1910 – Samuel pye , age 45 of Victoria, d. Jan 24 1910 and was buried               Jan 27 1910.
1911 – Mary Ann Pye of Victoria, age 70, d. Jun 8 1911 and was buried                on Jun 10 1911.
1912 – Samuel Pye of Victoria, age (uncertain – either 3 or 31) d. Aug 24              1913 and was buried om Aug 25 1912.
1966, Nov 11 – Fanny Pye d.
1914, Feb 14 – Alice Julia Pye, age 15, of Victoria, m. Samuel White, age 20, in the Methodist Church Parsonage in Victoria. Wit. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dean.
St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Curling Street #2 , Corner Brook
1918, Nov 6 – Giles Pye, age 18, s/o Samuel and Edna Pye
1918, Nov 10 – Frederick Arthur, age 8 mos., s/o Samuel and Edna Pye
          {My note both of these boys died during the flu epidemic of 1918.                Edna is commonly known as Annie, her middle name.}
1921 - Newfoundland 1921 Census, Carbonear District, Carbonear - Section 3 
P. 85 – James Pye, head, m. ,age 45, b. May 1875 in Carbonear
            Lillian Pye, wife, m., age 45, b. Jan 1876 in Carbonear
            Clarance, son, s., age 14, b. Aug 1907 in Carbonear
            Ella, dau., s., age 12, b. May 1909 in Carbonear
            Leonard, son, s., age 10, b. Jun 1911 in Carbonear
            James, son, s., age 2, b. May 1919 in Carbonear
            Elijah Pye, head, widow, age 74, b. Oct 1846 in Carbonear

P. 187 John Pye, s., age 16, b. Jul 1905 in Victoria Village
          {My note – John is listed a a stepson to Charles Squibb; Lavinia,                 age 45 his wife and the mother. There are 5 Squibb children                       listed, the oldest b. 1913.}

1921 Newfoundland 1921 Census – Victoria
P. 22    William Pye, head, m., age 45, b. Jun 1876 in Victoria
            Fannie, wife, age 40, b. Dec 1881 in Victoria
            John Chas., son, s., age 23, b. Dec 1898 in Victoria
            William, son, s., age 21, b. Sep 1900 in Victoria
            Walter, son, s., age 6, b. Jul 1915 in Victoria
            Louise, dau., s., age 15, b. 1906 in Victoria
P. 23    Susie, dau., s., age 12, b. Aug 1908 in Victoria
            Mable, dau., s., age 10, b. Jan 1911 in Victoria
            Clara, dau., s., age 8, b. Jan 1913 in Victoria
            Helen, dau., s., age 11 mos., b. Nov 1920 in Victoria

P. 29    John Pye, head, m., age 58, b. Dec 1863 in Carbonear
            Susannah, wife, age 52, b., Apr 1869 in Battle Harbor, Lab.

            Mary Pye, head, widow, age 35, b. Aug 1886 in Victoria
            Jane, dau., s., age 15, b. Sep 1906 in Victoria
            Martha, dau., s., age 7, b. Aug 1914 in Victoria
            Benjamin, son, s., age 5, b. Sep 1916 in Victoria

P. 32    John Pye, Head, m., age 75, b. Oct 1846 in Carbonear
            Flora, wife, age 60, b. Sep 1861 in Heart’s Delight
            Frederick, son, s., age 27, b. Nov 1894 in Victoria
            Herbert, son, m., age 32, b., Aug 1889 in Victoria
            Hannah, wife, m., age 20, b. Aug 1901 in Victoria
            John, son, s., age 2, b. Dec 1919 in Victoria
            Frederick, son, s., age 4 mos, b. May 1921 in Victoria
Newfoundland 1921 Census St. John's West District WARD 2
(Part 4) {503 Persons in 89 families}
Pages 181 - 195
P. 192
Pye,   George, head, marr., age 39, b. Feb 1882 at Cape Charles
          Rebecca, wife, age 43, b. Nov 1878 at Carbonear
          John, son, age 11, b. Oct 1910 at Carbonear
          Elizabeth, dau. age 9, b. Feb 1912 at Carbonear
          Reginald, son, age 3, b. Dec 3 1918 at St. John’s
1923 Carbonear Voter’s List Ward 3
Elijah Pye               lives at          Canvas Town
Philemon Pye          lives at          Canvas Town
Vital Records  Register of Deaths  Carbonear District
1923 – 1926  Book 9  PAGES 193 - 203
P. 197
1924, Aug 17 – Elijah Pye of Carbonear, d. of heart disease, age 78, CoE, internment in Carbonear.
P. 199
1925, Feb 7 – John Pye of Victoria, d. of old age, age 77, CoE, internment in Carbonear.
BAY ROBERTS Old Cemetery
Harbour Grace District

1926, Jun 2 – d. Anastatia Pye, beloved wife of Alfred Pye.
St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Curling Street #2 , Corner Brook
1924, Feb 10 – Mary Ann (Pye) Horwood, w/o Elijah Horwood, lived at      Child’s Point (St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Parish Curling, Bay of Islands,    St. George's District
1926, Feb 16 – Clara Pye, age 63.
1930, Apr 30 1930 – Sadie Pye, age 18, d/o Samuel and Edna (AKA Annie) Pye
Vital Records Register of Deaths Labrador District  1925 - 1930
Book 10  P. 533 - 536
1925, Dec 30 – William Pye b. and d. (of old age) at Cape Charles, CoE, bur. at Shoal Cove
1927, Jul 27 – Stanley Pye, b. and d. (of an operation) at Cape Charles, CoE, bur. at Cape Charles
St. James Anglican Church of Carbonear
1937 – Ann Pye of Carbonear, age 75, d. Apr 22, 1937 and was buried               Apr 23 1937.
          Samuel Pye of Carbonear, age 42, d. Aug 7, 1937 and was buried           Aug 8 1937.
1942 –Margaret Pye of Victoria, age 5 weeks, Oct 2 1942 and was buried                     Oct 2 1942.
1935 Newfoundland Population Census Labrador District
P.59  Cape Charles
Pye,   William, head, male, age 64  
          Miriam, wife, female,       52   
          Elid ??, dau., female       20
          Bertha, dau., female       18
          Eric,      son,  male          16
          Nelson, son, male           10
          {children are all recorded as single.}

Pye    George, head, male, age 26
          Ida,    wife, female           25
          Erving, son, male,             4
          Clayton, son, male            2
          Claudine, dau., female       7 mos.
Butt,   Richard, servant, male      27      

Pye,   Ernest, head, male,   age 66
          Alice, wife, female            68

Pye    John C., head, male   age 67
          Susanna, wife, female       71

Pye    Leslie, husband, male age 40                         
          Fannie Jane, wife, female  39
          Taylor My???, servant, male, single, 21

Pye    Silis (sic), head,male,  age 50
          Hettie, wife, female,           51
          Drucella, dau., female,       23
          Eva, dau., female,              20
          Gertrude, dau., female       13
          Victor, son, male               12
          Earl, son, male                   7
{all children are single}

P. 60 Cape Charles
Pye    Albert, head, male       age 68
          Eliza, wife, female             62
          Ethel, dau., female             36
          Arthur, son, male              35
          Herbert, son, male            30
          Marjorie, dau., female       20

Pye    Lorenzo, head, male   age 66
          Mary J., wife, female         62
          *Howard, son, male           30
          Edward, son, male            25
          Samuel, son, male            23
          Cecil, son, male                18
          Mildred, dau., female         15
          Elva, dau., female             15?
{All children are single. *Howard is called Hayward in other records}
{Elva is called Ella in other records and appears to be Mildred’s twin.}

Pye    Thomas C., head, male age 42
          Eliza, wife, female             42
          Violet, dau., female           18
          Reginald, son, male           14
          Wilfred, son, male             12
          Elizabeth, dau., female      10
          Ruby, dau., female            9
          Louise, dau., female          8
          Gordon, son, male             4
          Ira, son, male                    3
          Paul, son, male                 5 mos.

P. 61 Cape Charles
Pye    James Sr., head, male age          60
          Minnie, wife, female           55
          Clarence, son, male          28
          Bethina, wife, female         23
          Doris, dau., female            1
Butt,   Thomas, Servant, male     25

Pye    James V., head, male  age          56
          Stella, wife, female            57
          Mary, dau., female            25
          Olive, dau., female            23
          Rex, son, male                  20
          Elva, dau., female             15
Pye    William F., son, male         30
          Ina, wife, female                21
          Phyllis, dau., female                    4 mos.
Pye    Reuben, head, male   age  27
          Florence, wife, female       20
          ?????, dau., female          3 mos.
{These three families may have been living in one household. William married Ina Pye, d/o Thomas C. Pye. Thomas was s/o Ephraim James who was a 1st cousin to James V., father of William.)

Pye    George, head, male    age 47
          Alma, wife, female             35
          Dorothy, dau., female        17
          Cyril, son, male                 14
          Raymond, son, male           8
Pelly,  Sylvia, servant, female      21               

P. 62 Cape Charles
Pye    Kenneth, head, male  age  38
          Louise, wife, female           31
          Ralph, son, male               1
          May, dau., female             5

Pye    Thomas H., head, male age 64
          Julia, wife, female              57
          Frederick, son, male          37
          Harold, son, male              35
          Francis, son, male             24
          Ruth, dau., female             20
          Irene, dau., female            18
          Faith, dau., female            16
          Pearl, dau., female            13

Newfoundland's 1935 Provincial Census  Dist. of Carbonear-Bay de Verde
Pages 94-95  Community of VICTORIA
(Westside of Main Road)

P. 315
Pye    Frederick      Marr.           male   head   40
          Dinah                                wife    29
          Herbert                             son       7
          Beulah                              dau     21 mos.

P. 325
Pye    William          marr.  male   head   64
          Fanny                               wife    54
          Walter George marr.         son     20
          Jean                                 dau     10
          Mable (sic)                        dau     24
          Helen                                dau     15 mos.

P. 327
Pye    Susannah     head   female wid    73

P. 328
Pye    Benjamin      head male Bach      22
Cole   Martha          sister marr.             25
          Charles         B-I-L                       21
Pye    Mary Jane    Mother          wid     53

Pye    Herbert   house unoccupied notation by census taker
1935, Mar 29 – John Earle m. Bertha Young in the home of Robert Pye. Wit.           Robert Pye and Mary Pye.
Newfoundland's 1945 Provincial Census  Carbonear - Bay de Verde District
P. 213 – 234

P. 216
Pye    Fannie head  female wid    64 b. Carbonear
Snow  Maxwell S-I-L male marr   26             
          Jean   dau     female marr  21             

P. 221
Pye    Frederick W.           head   male   marr   50 b. Carbonear
          Dinah            wife    female          39            
          Herbert John son                        17
          Beulah Joan  dau                         12               
          Mary F.         dau                         9

P. 225
Pye    Benjamin      head male     marr   32  b. Carbonear
          Sophie          wife                        26              
          Leonard T.    son                           4              
          Benjamin U.  son                           2             
          Mary Jane    mother          wid     65              
St. Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Curling Street #2 , Corner Brook
1945, Nov – Eric Pye, b. Sep19 1919, (no parents listed)
1950, Oct 16  -  Samuel Pye, age 74
1953, Aug 19 – Annie Edna Pye, age 71
ST. JOHN'S  Salvation Army Cemetery  Complete July 2015
St. John's City District, Newfoundland
1954 SR. Capt. Clarence Pye b. 1907 d. 1954
1954 SR. Capt. Lily Pye b.1907 d. 1994
1980 Wilbert George Pye, b. 1941, d. 1980
2004 Maj. Lorraine Pye, b. 1941 d. 2004
PYE, Hanna
The Chronicle-Herald, Thursday, 21 Jun 1984, page 36.
Sydney Mines - Hanna Pye, 82, of 13 Diggen Street, Sydney Mines, died Wednesday in Northside General Hospital. Born in Victoria Village, Nfld., she was a daughter of Ananias and Annie (Slade) Antle. She was a member of Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines. The last surviving member of her family, she is survived by four daughters, Annie (Mrs. Kenneth Snow), Bras d'Or, Alleine (Mrs. Louis Dove), Sydney Mines, Jean (Mrs. Ian Gillan), Ontario, Sarah Belle, at home; seven sons, Johnnie, Charlie, Victor, Leonard. Elijah, Ananias and Clarence, all of Sydney Mines; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, Herbert John; a son Fred. Burial in Brookside Cemetery.

1999 from the Cape Breton Post
1999 – Feb 11 - John W. Pye, 79, of 12 Mac St., Sydney Mines, NS, died Thursday, Feb. 11, 1999, at the Northside General Hospital. Born in Carbonear, Nfld., he was the son of the late Herbert and Hannah (Antle) Pye. He was a member of Trinity Anglican Church, Sydney Mines. He was employed with the Cape Breton Development Corp. until his retirement in 1972 and spent many years cabinet-making and furniture-making which was enjoyed by his family and friends. He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Evelyn (Hilliard); daughters, Hannah (Dennis) Thompson, Halifax, Evelyn (Blaine) Barrie, Charlottetown, Jacquelyn Murphy, North Sydney, Doreen (Dave) Charman, Halifax and Lana (Vincent) Pettipas, Dartmouth; sons, Herbert, Florence, Sibby, Kingston, Victor, Halifax, Robert, Sydney Mines, Richard, Dartmouth and Spencer, Toronto. Also surviving are 24 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; brothers, Charlie, Victor and Leonard, all in Sydney Mines; sisters, Annie Snow, Alleine (Lewis) Dove, Sarah Belle, all of Sydney Mines and Jean (Ian) Gillan, Ontario. He was predeceased by his son, Johnney, his daughter, Patricia, a grandson, Herbert, brothers, Fred, Ananias, Elijah and Clarence.. Burial in Trinity Cemetery, Tobin Road.

Jean Baggs - (nee Drover)
87, Glace Bay
Jean Baggs
, 87, of 55 Minto St. and formerly of 30 Grove St., Glace Bay, died at the Glace Bay Health Care Complex, South Street, Friday, Feb. 12, 1999. Born in Blaketown, Nfld.  Mrs. Baggs is survived by sons, and daughters, one of whom is Marion (Mrs. Jerry Pye).

The Telegram Obituaries March 2002
PYE, Bessie - Passed peacefully away at the Carbonear General Hospital on Wednesday, March 13, 2002, Bessie Pye of Carbonear, age 57 years. Predeceased by parents: Humphrey and Laura Peddle; half brothers: Bill, George, Gilbert and Reginald; half sisters: Jean, Isabella, Mary Emma and Daisy; infant grandson. Leaving to mourn husband Harvey; three daughters: Connie (Gary) Fagan, South River, Iona Pye and Suzanne Pye, both of Carbonear; one son Harvey (Teresa), Petawawa, ON; three grandchildren: Elaine, Kenny and Faith; one brother, Cyril (Floss) Peddle, Oshawa, ON; one half-sister, Jean Rowsell, Port Blandford; sisters-in-law: Cynthia Peddle and Patsy Peddle, both of Port Blandford; brother-in-law, Alec Wiseman, Bloomfield; special niece, Florence Peddle, St. John`s; also a large number of other relatives and friends. Funeral service on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. from the Salvation Army Citadel and Cemetery, Carbonear. Flowers gratefully accepted, or as an expression of sympathy, donations in her memory may be made to Bessie Pye Memorial Fund. March 14, 2002

Newfoundland Obit Announcements  From Nova Scotia Newspapers
Halifax Herald April 2002
PYE (Boone), Violet
Sunday, April 21, 2002
The Halifax Herald Limited
PYE (Boone), Violet - Corner Brook, Nfld., 69, passed away very peacefully April 19, 2002, in Western Memorial Hospital. Violet will be dearly missed, always loved and never forgotten by friends, family and by husband, Terrence Pye. She was born May 24, 1932, in South Brook, to parents A.J. and Sarah Martin. Violet moved to Corner Brook and made it her hometown. There she worked at the Canada Employment Centre for 33 years before retiring in 1991. As a very devoted, loving and never-tiring mother, she committed her life to raising her children, Debbie Rowsell, Sandra Cleary, Wayne Boone after the death of her first husband, Ronald Joseph Boone (deceased 1967). Violet is known by her family and friends as being a fun card player, lover of gardening and berry picking, family person, good neighbour and a baker of wonderful squares and cookies. Violet will be greatly missed by husband, Terry; children, Debbie, Dartmouth; Sandra New Minas; Wayne, Eastern Passage; son-in-law, Kevin Cleary; step daughters, Susan Pye-Morris, St. John's; Alison Pye-Weick, St. John's; grandchildren, Ashley Rowsell, Aimee, Adam and Kendra Cleary, Jeffrey and Katie Boone, all of Nova Scotia; step-grandchildren, Anna and Shane Morris, Aaron Weick, all of St. John's. Violet was predeceased by her parents, sisters, Maisie and Doris Martin, Myrtle Raymond, Emma Tucker, Annie Myles; brothers, Baxter Martin. She will be very fondly remembered but missed by sisters, Gladys McLeod, Clarice Bennett, Melvina (Gilbert) Hellier, Olga (Garland) Rolfe; brothers, Roy, William and Hedley "Vonnie" Martin. Violet will also be greatly missed by Maude Boone (mother-in-law in first marriage and true friend and supporter of Violet's); Margaret (Austin) Batten, Phyllis (Howard) March, Shirley (Bob) Boone-Fraser; sisters-in-law of first marriage and by step-sisters-in-law, Doris (Chris) Bishop, Mary (Jim) Huhman; best friend, Gladys (Waxy) Claire; many nieces and nephews, cousins, other relatives and many friends. Funeral service will be held 2 p.m. Monday, April 22, in First United Church, Rev. John Adams officiating. Interment in Mount Patricia Cemetery. Flowers gratefully accepted or donations may be made to the Western Memorial Regional Hospital Foundation, Palliative Care or Canadian Cancer Society.Violet Pye (Boone) - "To know her, was to love her" - "Gone, but not forgotten" - "Remembered as loving wife, devoted mother and grandmother, wonderful sister and daughter, caring friend and hard worker".

The Northern Pen Obituaries June 2006
The Northern Pen is the main source for information on what's happening on the Great Northern Peninsula and in Southern Labrador.

Mary’s Harbour
Monica Rae Pye-Tatchell
 passed away after a long illness in the presence of her parents on Thursday, June 1, 2006 at Janeway Children’s Hospital. Leaving to mourn are parents Annette Pye-Tatchell and Jamie Tatchell; sister Maya; grandmothers Eliza Tatchell and Laura Pye; poppy Stewart Pye, as well as many other relatives and friends. She was predeceased by her grandfather Henry Tatchell, uncle Gary Butt and aunt Rosiland Roberts-Tatchell.

The Telegram Obituaries
June 2010
REYNOLDS, John W. - Passed peacefully away at the Harbour Lodge Nursing home, Carbonear on Thursday, June 3, 2010, John W. Reynolds, formerly of Small Point, age 96 years. Predeceased by wife Bertha (Thistle); brothers William, Melvin and Earl; sisters Hilda, Fanny and Lizzie. Leaving to mourn two daughters: Barbara (Allan) Somers, Ochre Pit Cove and Carol (George) Hogan, Carbonear; one son Vernon (Ann) Pond, Markham, ON; three grandchildren: Blair (Danielle), Kimberly (Carol) and Amanda (Jonah); eight great-grandchildren: Nathan, Cameron, Arek, Carter, Mackenze, Allan, Hudson and Lily; brothers: Rev. Berkley (Velma) and Walter (Sarah), both of Carbonear and Clyde (Gloria), Toronto, ON; sister Jennie Pye, St. John's; and others. Interment in the United Cemetery, Broad Cove.

Lodge Bay Cemetery Lodge Bay, Labrador Coast, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Pye, Andrew David, b. 1 Apr 1963, d. 8 Apr 1980
Pye, Andrew Rex, b. 5 Dec 1913, d. 2 Jun 1994, husband father and grandfather
Pye, Cecil Malcolm, b. 15 Aug 1916, d. 13 Sep 1984, h/o Pye, Viola Mabel
Pye, Colin Bernard, b. 14 Feb 1974, d. 12 Mar 1974, s/o Pye, Clifford & Margaret
Pye, Edmund E., b. 1910, d. 1986
Pye, Frank, b. 3 Nov 1910, d. 15 Jun 1993, husband father and grandfather
Pye, Harold E., d. 28 Jul 1976, age: 73yr
Pye, Ina D., b. 21 Aug 1915, d. 2 Sep 1989
Pye, Ira Maxwell, b. 16 Dec 1932, d. 18 Apr 1991, h/o Doris
Pye, Raymond G., b. 1926, d. 1986
Pye, Reginald R., b. 1921, d. 1995, h/o Alma S., married 31 Dec 1943
Pye, Samuel Seymour, b. 8 Feb 1912, d. 14 Oct 1987
Pye, Viola Mabel, b. 3 Nov 1922, d. 22 Dec 1986, w/o Pye, Cecil Malcolm
Pye, Wilfred Malcolm, b. 18 Jun 1923, d. 23 Oct 1998, h/o Elizabeth
Pye, William Ira, b. 10 Aug 1905, d. 16 Feb 1976, h/o Pye, Ina
Pye-Agreman, Jocelyn Rebecca, b. 16 Aug 1996, d. 23 Aug 1996, s/o Pye-Agreman, Tammy & Trent
Pye-Agreman, Natalie Hannah, b. 19 Sep 2000, d. 20 Sep 2000, d/o Pye- Agreman, Tammy & Trent

Old Battle Harbour Cemetery, Battle Island, Labrador Coast, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Pye, James, d. 23 Dec 1873, age: 42y
Pye, Julia Edmund, d. 14 Oct 1884, age: 46y

Stone Pics

NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Albert C (1930) - 1 photo
 NF072 : STJ62   PYE, Albert Simpson (1973) - 2 photos
 NF130 : BAR03   PYE, Anastatia (1926) - 3 photos
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Annie (1919) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Annie Edna (1953) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR05   PYE, Archibald (1974) & Evelyn L - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Arianna (1913) - 1 photo
 NF097 : SHH01   PYE, Baby (1892) & Baby - 1 photo
 NF119 : VTR02   PYE, Benjamin (1973) - 1 photo
 NF059 : STJ37   PYE, Bertram Ira (1924) & Elva Marion - 1 photo
 NF059 : STJ37   PYE, Bertram Ira (1924) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Bessie A (1942) - 1 photo
 NF135 : SCP02   PYE, C (191x) in Group - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Caleb (1947) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Catherine Maria (1938) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Chesley (1892) - 1 photo
 NF136 : BAN06   PYE, Chesley G (1985) & Mary - 1 photo
 NF133 : CLB03   PYE, Chesley G (xxxx) in Group - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Clara (1926) - 3 photos
 NF074 : STJ71   PYE, Clarence (1954) & Lily - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, E A Theodore (1999) & Sarah V - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Edgar E (xxxx) & Cecil J (1924) - 2 photos
 NF119 : VTR04   PYE, Edward (1917) in Group - 1 photo
 NF128 : SPB06   PYE, Edward (1970) - 1 photo
 NF119 : CBN09   PYE, Edward (19xx) in Group - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Elizabeth Ann (1901) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Elizabeth Jane (1909) - 1 photo
 NF059 : STJ37   PYE, Elva Marion (1917) - 1 photo
 NF096 : BNN01   PYE, Emily Jane (1927) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Emoline (1915) - 1 photo
 NF092 : CNB02   PYE, Ephraim (1935) & Mary - 2 photos
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Eric (1945) - 1 photo
 NF089 : CNB21   PYE, Eric L (1989) & Duane Mark - 1 photo
 NF120 : CBN02   PYE, Fanny (1966) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR05   PYE, Frances Conrow (1997) - 1 photo
 NF006 : DEL02   PYE, Frank (1969) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, Frederick A (1995) & Rosalind M - 1 photo
 NF119 : VTR02   PYE, Frederick W (1965) & Diana - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, Gary Samuel (1975) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, George (1943) - 1 photo
 NF136 : BAN06   PYE, George (1975) - 1 photo
 NF057 : STJ35   PYE, George A (1961) & Rebecca - 1 photo
 NF089 : CNB21   PYE, George W (1999) & Ida D - 1 photo
 NF085 : STG04   PYE, Gerald M (1986) - 2 photos
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Giles (1918) & Frederick Arthur - 1 photo
 NF089 : CNB21   PYE, Gloria Ann White (1994) - 1 photo
 NF120 : CBN02   PYE, Harriet Ann (1903) - 3 photos
 NF006 : DEL02   PYE, Harvey (1964) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR05   PYE, Hayward (1990) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR05   PYE, Henrietta (2001) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Henry Thomas (1948) - 1 photo
 NF049 : STJ11   PYE, Herbert (1990) & Amelia - 1 photo
 NF085 : STG04   PYE, Herbert John (1992) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Isaiah (1963) - 1 photo
 NF119 : VTR02   PYE, J Christina (1994) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR05   PYE, James Malcolm (1964) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, John Goodison (1959) - 2 photos
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, John Lodge (1963) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, John Taylor (1910) - 1 photo
 NF057 : STJ35   PYE, John W (1992) & Lela J - 1 photo
 NF079 : STJ85   PYE, Julia (1878) - 2 photos
 NF128 : SPB06   PYE, Leah (1927) - 1 photo
 NF006 : DEL02   PYE, Len (1995) & Una - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Letitia Jane (1880) & Delilah A & John Lodge - 7 photos
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Lucy Grace (1952) - 1 photo
 NF125 : HAG08   PYE, Margaret (1893) - 3 photos
 NF049 : STJ11   PYE, Margaret N D (1988) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Mary Ann (1929) - 1 photo
 NF039 : MUS04   PYE, Mary Jane (1914) - 2 photos
 NF119 : VTR02   PYE, Mary Jane (1969) - 1 photo
 NF095 : PAS03   PYE, Mary Margaret (1968) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, Merida (1989) - 1 photo
 NF039 : MUS05   PYE, Minnie (1967) - 2 photos
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Percey (1893) & Irene - 1 photo
 NF125 : HAG08   PYE, Reuben Gilbert (1971) - 1 photo
 NF095 : PAS02   PYE, Robert George (1969) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, Robert John (2000) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Sadie (1930) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Samuel (1931) - 1 photo
 NF093 : CUR07   PYE, Samuel (1950) - 1 photo
 NF038 : LTB03   PYE, Samuel George (1929) - 2 photos
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Sidney Blandford (1967) & Mary Grace - 1 photo
 NF119 : VTR01   PYE, Sophie (1959) - 1 photo
 NF089 : CNB21   PYE, Terence Walter (xxxx) & Gwendolyn Hope - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Thomas (1932) - 5 photos
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Thomas H (1955) & Beatrice L - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, Thomas H (1955) - 1 photo
 NF074 : STJ71   PYE, W G (xxxx) - 1 photo
 NF089 : CNB21   PYE, Walter A (1987) & Amy M - 1 photo
 NF074 : STJ64   PYE, Walter G (1990) - 1 photo
 NF074 : STJ71   PYE, Wilbert George (1980) - 1 photo
 NF038 : BKY03   PYE, William (1903) - 2 photos
 NF038 : LTB05   PYE, William Edgar (1974) - 1 photo