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Monday, February 1, 2016

John Briggs 1595

The information on John Briggs is based on the research done by Douglas Richardson and published in The American Genealogist Vol. 59 in 1983. It was hoped that updated information was available, by now, but apparently that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have not been able to find any documentation in the Gloucestershire, England records, found on-line. There may, in fact, be non-digitized information, but a trip to England was not going to happen any time soon. 

A general research of the name Briggs shows that the name may well have originally been a Yorkshire name, before the Battle of Hastings. It was spelled Brugges, which in its original form meant ‘Bridges.’ This could have meant they lived near a bridge or were keepers of a bridge, collecting tolls for the magistrate of the area. Whatever the case, there are families of Bridges and families of Briggs and there may be other spellings as well. They could all be connected back in the mists of time, but I only went back as far as 1595.

According to the information in TAG, John Briggs was b. 1595 in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England. He is my 10th great grandfather.  He was the son of Richard Briggs and Agnes Wingod. John married Agnes Thayer and they had 6 children, all born in England:

John - bp. Sep 27 1634 in Thornbury
Katherine - bp. Jan 6 1636/7
Richard - bp. Mar 17 1638/9
Samuel - b. 1641
*William - b. c. 1645
Hugh - b. unknown

One of the biggest issues in researching this family was untangling some of the previous research from another John Briggs (b. 1609) family. This John Briggs was married to Hannah Fisher and does not seem to have any connection to this line of Briggs.  What made it confusing was they both ended up in the same general geographical location. Fortunately, there are some records that show John (1609) was one of the purchasers of Aquidneck Island, RI, while the John Briggs I was following settled in Taunton, MA. Still they used so many of the same names for their children and the families did move around, that it was a hair puller, for sure.

So to continue, William Briggs, b. c. 1645, in England, came here with his parents and siblings sometime around 1657. They spent a few years in the Marshfield, MA (remember this was actually Plymouth Colony) before moving to Taunton. In Marshfield, William married Sarah MacCumber, whose family came from Dorchester, Devonshire, England. Sarah had a twin brother, William McCumber.  By Jan. 1667, they were in Taunton where their first child was born. Their family:

*William - 1667-1731, m. Mehitable Blake
Thomas - 1669-1740, m. Abigail Thayer
Elizabeth - 1671-1735, m. Elkanah Babbitt
Hannah - b. 1672, m. Samuel Woodward
Mary - b. 1674, m. Jacob Staple
Matthew - 1676-1765, m. Abigail Burt
Amos - b. 1678-1770, m. Sarah Payne
John - b. 1680, Hannah Rockett

The first five were born in Taunton and the rest may have been too, I just haven’t found verification for them. Also, I have seen other lists of children for this family and Amos was not included in all of them. I am leaving him in this list because I can not prove one way or another, if he belongs to this William and Sarah Briggs.

Their oldest son, another William, married twice. He first married Elizabeth Lincoln in 1693. They had a daughter, Sarah, b. Jul 5 1894 in Taunton, MA.
He then married Mehitable Blake in Milton, MA on Jun 16 1696.
Their children were:

Agnes - 1697- c. 1735
*Nathaniel - 1698-1773 m. Judith Guild
Mehitable - c. 1703-1782 m. John Ware
Eliphalet  - b. c. 1706
Seth – b. c. 1798

Nathaniel Briggs (1698-1773) is recorded as Lt. in most of the records found, possibly serving in the French and Indian War. He married Judith Guild (1697-1774), the daughter of Deacon John Guild and Sarah Fisher, of Dedham and Wrentham, MA. Judith was the 7th of eight children, born in Wrentham, Norfolk Co., MA. Nathaniel and Judith had eight children as well. They were:

Nathaniel, b. c. 1721
Margaret, b. c. 1723 m. Nehemiah Willis
Jemima (c. 1724-1789) m. John Harvey – They lived in NH
*Judith (c.1725-c.1773) m. Joseph Tower
Marcy, b. c. 1730
William, b 1736
John (?-c.1773)

Information found on the Find-a-Grave site says that Nathaniel and Judith were the 3x great grandparents of five men with the surname Ball, the founders of the Ball Corporation. They were also instrumental in the creation of the Ball State University in Muncie, IN. It also states they were 5x great grandparents of Senator John Goodwin Tower, former US Senator from TexasSenator Tower and his daughter were killed in a plane crash in 1991.

The next generation will be following Judith Briggs. She was also recorded as Judah, but it proved difficult to find much information about her. Fortunately, I had some information which helped. I needed to jump forward several generations and work back which is how I found her in New Brunswick. She fell into that time period before the American Revolution when many colonists were heading north to take up free land offered by King George. A host of people left Cape Cod, SW Massachusetts and RI, for Nova Scotia. To make matters more difficult for researchers, part of Nova Scotia was divided and renamed New Brunswick sometime in the 1780’s. This means that any research for that time frame needs to include both Provinces. A great deal has been written about the families that remained in the colonies, but not much has been written about the ones who headed to Canada. Possibly there was no way to know where certain missing family members had gone or perhaps it was assumed they died young.

Here follows what is known about Judith Briggs, daughter of Nathaniel and Judith Guild Briggs.

Judith Briggs and Joseph Tower were married in 1743 in Attleborough, MA. Soon after, they removed to Cumberland Hill, RI.  They had a family of 7 children, all born in Cumberland Hill, with the possible exception of they very youngest child.  Joseph’s name was listed as a grantee of Sackville, c. 1760, but it was noted that he never took possession of his grant. Joseph was lost at sea around 1761.  One research report claims that Joseph died enroute to Canada, which is entirely possible. Judith was now a widow with a new baby or soon to be new baby. Her older children were also heading north for the free lands as part of the Planter Migration to occupy the vacated Arcadian homes and farms.  There is no telling if Nancy, the youngest was born in RI, on the way to Sackville, or was born after their arrival.
Judith and Joseph’s children were:

*Benjamin – 1744-1804 m. Ann Finney
Joseph – 1746-1822 m. Ellen Mason,  relocated to Ira, VT
Nathaniel – 1748 – 1836 m. Lucy Tingley, relocated to Lennox, PA
Joshua – 1750-1753
Lucy – 1752-1822 m. Gideon Smith
William – 1755-1783 lost at sea
Nancy – c. 1761 – 1828 m. Gershom Maxwell

Benjamin was the progenitor of the Towers in New Brunswick. In 1770, the return of the Township of Sackville showed:
Benjamin Tower (1 man, 1 woman, 3 boys)
500 acres of land, 2 oxen, 2 cows, 7 young neat cattle, 8 sheep, 1 swine.
Benjamin and Ann Finney Tower had 10 children, all born in NS/NB:

Joshua – b.1768
Benjamin – b.1770
George – b.1772
Nathaniel – b. 1774
William – (c.1776 - c.1804)
*Phebe Elizabeth – 1777 – 1822 m.  Edward Buck
Ann -  b. c. 1780 m. Charles Delesdernier
Joseph – (b. c. 1784 – 1857) m. Sarah Maxwell
Gideon – b. c. 1786 m. Catherine McFarlane
Ruth -  b. 1787 m. Israel Thornton

Phebe Elizabeth Tower m. Edward Buck in c. 1792. It is believed that Edward arrived in Canada as part of the Yorkshire immigration, which began in the 1780’s. However, no factual information has been found to support this. It is on record that he came from England, just not where in England. He settled on land that became part of the gypsum mining industry. There were many such mines in New Brunswick, most on private lands. Phebe and Edward had 7 children.

Edward – (1797 – 1875) m. Mary Ann Finney
George – (1798 – 1878) m. Phebe Palmer
Ann Buck – (1800 – 1833) m. Benjamin Simonton, relocated to Cass Co., IA
William – (1801 – 1819)
Thomas – (1803 – 1819
James Richard – (1812 – 1874) m. Sarah Mitton
Phebe – (1814 – 1881) m. Leighton Card

Phebe and Edward are my 4th great grandparents and both are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, Dorchester, NB. Since I have already completed other blogs on the Buck family, I will end this line with this couple.

As a note of interest, for a few years I worked with a Mr. Simonton. I asked him if he knew anything about his ancestry and it seems that someone in his family had done some research. As it turned out, his family was related to the Benjamin Simonton who married Ann Buck. What turned out to be even more remarkable was that he grew up in the town right next to my home town. As a teenager, he had worked at a drugstore where my mother did business. I love small world stories!!

Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Vital and Town Records.
New England Historical and Genealogical Register

Monday, January 4, 2016

Lounsbury Family Line

Now that the dull roar of the holidays is behind us, I need to get back into the swing of things and start posting again in a regular way.  I see the formatting is still skewed. All I know is that it doesn’t look like that when I hit the ‘publish’ button. I will keep trying to figure it out!!

This family is known by several different spellings, i.e. Lounsbury, Lownsbury, Lonsbury, Lonsberry, Landsberry, Lownesborough, etc. The variant spellings may represent different branches of the same family and quite possibly do. Since spelling didn’t become standardized until the 1890’s, it was perfectly acceptable to spell a name several different ways within any given document, even legal ones. Many times the families were illiterate, not having much chance for schooling and didn’t know how to spell their names. So when a birth, marriage or death was reported to an authority, it was spelled the way the recording clerk thought it should be spelled. In the pursuit of tracing family lines back two or three centuries, it’s very important to include all variant spellings.

Richard Lounsbury, b. 1634. East Riding, York, England, emigrated c. 1651. Between 1673 and 1682 he lived at White Plains, NY. In 1684, he removed to Stamford CT, where he received an extensive grant of land. He then moved to Penn’s Neck, Westchester Co., NY where he lived till his death in 1694. His will was probated there. (Family Files – Genealogical Society of Bergen Co.)

He married, in 1679, Elizabeth Pennoyer, b. 1653, d/o Robert, b 1614 Bristol England, and Elsis Marshall Pennoyer, in Mamaroneck, Long Island, NY. They had at least 6 children.  The Pennoyer family is believed to have originated in Wales, England. (Pennoyer Brothers, Colonization, Commerce, Charity in the Seventeenth Century) 

One of their sons, John, was b. 1674 in Rye, NY. He married in 1701, Anne Guion, b. 1678 in Rye, NY. They both d. in 1731. They had at least 8 children. One note of interest was their daughter, Elizabeth, b. 1715, who married Oliver Roosevelt, c. 1740.
          The Guion family were French Huguenots who had lived in La Rochelle,           France. Lewis Guion, born 1652/54 near La Rochelle, Charente      Maritime, France; d. c. 23 Nov 1732 in New Rochelle, Westchester      Co,     NY. He married Thomasse Anne (FORESTIERE) Guion, born 1656 in           La Rochelle, France; d. bef 1732.  A Huguenot refugee, he fled from    La Rochelle, France to escape religious persecution, c. 1674.  La          Rochelle was a stronghold and one of the chief cities of the Huguenots.

In the 3rd generation, John and Anne’s son, Henry, b. 1722 in Rye, NY, married a woman named Syntie, (no last name has been discovered).
They had at least 6 children, one of whom was:

James, b. c. 1750, married Elizabeth Hall in St. George’s Episcopal Church in Hempstead, NY, in 1777. They were both from Oyster Bay, NY. They had at least 4 children.

In the next generation, another James was b. 1790 in Yorktown, Westchester Co., NY. He married c. 1813, Rosannah (last name unknown), b. 1794 in Westchester Co., NY. They had 8 children all born in Westchester Co., NY. James d. 1836 in Victory, Cayuga Co., NY and Rosannah d. 1860 in Red Creek, Wayne Co., NY.

One of their younger children was Susan Lounsbury, b. 1828. She married George Wood in 1849 in Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY.
They had 6 children, two of whom play a part in the descent of the Wood family and the Wing family.

Susan Lounsbury, b 1828,  Yorktown, Westchester Co., NY, d. 1910, Marengo IA, married in 1849, George Wood, b. 1828, East Grinstead, Sussex, England, d. 1883, Monroe Co., NY. George was the s/o William and Sarah Elliss Wood. William and Sarah emigrated c. 1840 and settled in Mendon NY in 1858.
They had 6 children.

The oldest child of Susan and George was Mary Frances Wood, b. 1850, Pittsford NY, d. 1933 Cedar Rapids IA. In all the records found for her she was known by her middle name Frances. She married, in 1866 Mendon NY, John Wing, b. 1845 Stow England, d. 1907 Mendon NY (pic: gravestone). He was the s/o William and Elizabeth Lenton Wing. William and his entire family emigrated in 1859, settling in Mendon NY.

John and Mary Frances Wood Wing were the parents of George Wing, b. 1867 in MI (See Wing Family for continuation)

The second oldest child of George and Susan Lounsbury Wood was William James Wood, b. 1853 and d. 1926 Rochester, NY. He married, in 1871, Harriet (Hattie) Cronk b. 1855 and d. 1933, Churchville, NY.

William James and Hattie Cronk Wood had 5 children. The middle child was Ida Belle Wood, b. 1879 Pittsford NY, d. 1970 Brockport NY. She married, in 1903, George Wing, her first cousin. (See Wood family for continuation)

Sources: US Federal Census: 1850, 1870, 1880,1900,
State Census: NY 1865, 1875, 1892; IA 1885, 1895
Find a Grave – Gravestones
Pennoyer Brothers, Colonization, Commerce, Charity in the Seventeenth Century
Family Files – Genealogical Society of Bergen Co. - Managed by:   Karen Dorothy Plummer

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wood Family Timeline

I will try once more to post this without the format getting jumbled. Not sure what is happening as I' doing the same old, same old.  

This continues the research I have been doing on the paternal lines of my children.
1819 - William Wood baptized Jun 20, East Grinstead, Sussex, England.                                 Parents were William Wood and Sarah Elless Wood.                                                                    Reference:
                        ENGLAND MARRIAGES, 1538–1973
                    Indexing Project Batch #             l03098-8          
                        System Order                           England -EASy                        
                        GS Film #                                 1044580
                        Reference ID                            Item 2 p. 45

1850 – William Wood, Blacksmith, age 55. his wife Sarah, his children Martha,                         Mary, William, Charles, George, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, and                                                   Thomas were recorded living in the Town of Pittsford, Monroe Co.,                                         NY (1850 Fed. Census)

1860 - George {Word (sic)} Wood, his wife Susan Lounsbury, his daughters Mary                     Frances and Sarah, his sons William J. and George L. are recorded                     as living in the Town of Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY (1860 Fed. census)

1865 -  George Wood, his wife Susan, his sons, William and George and                                 daughter Elizabeth (Sarah E.) are recorded as living in the Town of                                         Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY (1865 NY State Census)

1875 – George Wood, his wife Susan, his sons, George and Burton and his daughter Sarah                     E. are recorded as living in the Town of Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY (1875 NY                           State Census)

1880 – George Wood, his wife Susan, his sons George and Burton are recorded as living                        with John and Mary France Wood Wing in ED 200, Washington Township, Iowa                     County, in the State of Iowa. (1880 Fed. Census)

1880 – William J. Wood, his wife Ada (name crossed out), his sons Willie, Raymond and his                    daughter Ida B. are recorded living in ED 62, Town of Pittsford, Monroe Co., NY                    (1880 Fed. Census)

1892 – William Wood, his wife Hattie, (Harriet Cronk) his sons William Jr., Raymond and                          Arthur, his daughters Ida and Alice are recorded as living in ED 1, the Town of                      Gates, Monroe Co., NY (1892 NY State Census)

1900 – William Wood, his wife Hattie, his daughters Ida and Alice, his son Arthur were                              recorded as living at 104 Cottage St., ED 118, the 19th ward  the city of                                  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY  (1900 Fed. Census)

1910 – William Wood, his wife Hattie and son Arthur are recorded as living at 70 Elba St.,                        ED 187, (part of) 19th Ward, city of Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (1910 Fed.                            Census)

1910 -  Ida (Wood) Wing, her husband George, daughters Mildred and Thelma are recorded                    at 64 Elba St., ED 187, (part of) 19th Ward, city of  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY                      (1910 Fed. Census)

1917 – Arthur Wood – WWI draft registration – lived at 112 Enterprise St. with his parents.                      He was age 29 and a laborer at an oil co. (1917 Draft Card)

1920 – William Wood, his wife Hattie and son Arthur were recorded as living at 112                                  Enterprise St., Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. In addition, George Wing, his wife                        Belle, their son Duane and George’s daughter  Mildred were recorded living at                     43 Enterprise St., Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (1920 Fed. Census)

1930 – Hattie Wood and her son Arthur (p. 6B &7A) were recorded living at 16 East Buffalo                     St., Churchville, NY, Monroe Co., NY, in the same home as Wilson and Sarah                       Hill. (Sarah Hill is Hattie’s sister. (1930 Fed. Census)

1938 – Duane Wing married Dorothy Judd, my children’s paternal grandparents.

No recorded burial sites for either William J. Wood. Sr.  (1926) or for his wife                           Harriet Cronk Wood (1933) have yet been found.

Census Reports


Draft Registrations

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wing Family Timeline

In keeping with the work I've been doing for my children's paternal lines, I'm posting another segment.  I apologize for the formatting of the last post. I thought I had it all lined up nicely. Not sure what happened there. Will try again with this one.

1843 – William Wing – The birth of two Williams recorded for this year, one in                           Woodstock, England and the other in Worsley, England. No parent                                         names are given.

1845 – John Wing Baptism Record

1849 – William Wing and family emigrated to the USA

1864 – William Wing, s/o William Wing and his wife Elizabeth – b. 1843 in                                England d. Jan 27 1864 from wounds suffered in Sep 1862. He                                               enlisted on Jul 25 1862 in Rochester, NY for 3 years. He was                                                  mustered in on Aug 18 1862 as a Pvt. in Company D, Regiment                                              108 Infantry.  He died while a prisoner of war held in Richmond VA.                     (Civil War Death Record)

1865 – William Wing, his wife Elizabeth, his sons, John, James, Robert, Alfred                         and Benjamin and his daughter Sarah are recorded living in the                                               Town of Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1865 NY State Census)

1868 – Elizabeth Wing died, buried in Mendon Cem., Mendon, NY. No                                                       headstone found.

1870 – William Wing (b. in England), his (2nd) wife Julia J. (later called Jane), his                     sons James and Alfred, were recorded living in the Town of                                                    Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1870 Fed. Census)

1870 – John Wing (b. in England), his wife Frances, his son George (b. in MI)                         and his daughter Ida were recorded living in the Town of Pittsford,                                           Monroe Co., NY (1870 Fed. Census)

1875 – William Wing, his wife Jane, his son Alfred were recorded living in the                           Town of Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1875 NY State Census)

1880 – John and Mary France Wood Wing and, living in the same household with                     them were, George Wood, his wife Susan, his sons George and                                             Burton, all recorded as living in ED 200, Washington Township,                                               Iowa County, in the State of Iowa. (1880 Fed. Census)

1880 -  William Wing, his wife Jane and son Alfred recorded as living in the Town                     of Mendon, Monroe Co., NY  (1880 Fed. Census)

1885 – John Wing, his wife Frances, his sons George, James and Emmerson,                        his daughters Ida, Elizabeth and Harriet recorded living in                                                       Washington Township, Iowa Co., Iowa (1885 Iowa State Census)

1892 – William Wing and his wife Jane recorded living with his son Alfred and his                     wife Sarah, in the Town of Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1892 NY                                               State Census)

1894 - William Wing, aged 73 years, a well-known resident of Honeoye Falls,                           died on Wednesday.  (Friday, May 18 1894 Batavia Daily News)

1895 – George Wing, his wife Minnie, his daughters Emilie (sic.) {Mildred} and                         Iva recorded living in LeRoy Twnshp., Benton Co., IA (1895 IA                                                State Census)

1900 – George Wing, his wife Minnie, his daughters Mildred, Ivy, Florence and                        Thelma recorded living at Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1900 Fed.                                               Census)

1900 – John Wing, his wife Mary F., his son Emerson, his daughters Ida, and                          Elizabeth (Wing) Lindsay (Wid.), and grandchildren Charles and                                              Bertha Lindsay, recorded living in the Town of Mendon, Monroe                                              Co., NY (1900 Fed. Census)

1900 – Alfred Wing, his wife Sara, his daughters Sarah, Blanch and Violet                                                recorded living in the Town of Mendon, Monroe Co., NY (1900 Fed.                                        Census)  [Same page as John but separate households]

1900 -  Minnie Wing, Nov 10, died.

1903 – George Wing marries his first cousin, Ida Belle Wood.

1905 – George Wing, his wife Belle and his daughter Thelma recorded at 838                          Exchange St. in the City of Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (1905 NY                                           State Census)

1907 – John Wing, Feb. 25 died. Buried Mendon Cem., Mendon, NY  [Pic.]

1910 – George Wing, his wife Belle, his daughters, Mildred and Thelma recorded                     living at 64 Elba St. in the City of Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.                                                 William Wood, his wife Hattie and his son Arthur recorded at 70                                              Elba St., which is next door to #64. (1910 Fed. Census)

1910 – Mary Frances Wood Wing, widow of John Wing, mother of George Wing, was living                      with her daughter Ida Isabelle Wing Gibson in Portland OR (family record)

 1915 – George Wing recorded living in the 19th Ward, ED 05, the City of                                  Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (1915 NY State Census)

1918 – Thelma Wing marries Charles Carey, Dec. 30., in Rochester NY                                         (Marriage Record)

1920 - George Wing, his wife Belle, their son Duane and George’s daughter                            Mildred were recorded living at 43 Enterprise St., Rochester,                                                   Monroe Co., NY. Ida’s parents William J. Wood, her mother Hattie                                         and her brother Arthur are recorded living at 112 Enterprise St.                                               (1920 Fed. Census)

1930 – George, his wife Belle, his son Duane are recorded living on the Davis                          Rd. in the Town of Chili, Monroe Co., NY (1930 Fed. Census)

1940 – George and his wife Belle recorded living 96 East Buffalo St, Churchville,                     NY. Also, recorded at 97 East Buffalo St, Churchville, NY is Sarah                       Hill and Arthur Wood. Sarah is Belle’s mother’s sister (Sarah                                                   Cronk) and Arthur is her brother. (1940 Fed. Census)

1940 – Duane Wing, his wife Dorothy (Judd) were recorded at 639 Thurston Rd.,                                       the City of Rochester, Monroe Co., NY (1940 Fed. Census)

1956 – George Wing died
1970 – Belle Wood Wing died

 George and Belle are the paternal great grandparents of my children.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Judd Time line

In a recent blog, I was researching the Judd family of Prussia, with little to go on. I was so fortunate to receive an email from a reader (thank you so much - you know who you are) suggesting I try This proved to be a gold mine for me. The site has many issues of old newspapers from all over NY State and some other states too. Because of the social nature of newspapers 100+ years ago, I was able to find names of people I was only guessing at.  I was able to construct the following time line for the Judd family. I stopped at 1940 for the Blog simply because there are people still living and I don't believe it's appropriate to include them. 

1841 -  Baptismal record for Johannes Wilhelm Jud in Burbach, Westfalia, (Prussia)                               Germany, s/o Johannes Wilhelm and Sophia Elisabeth Diehl Jud (This is a                             transcribed record and not an actual document.)

1860 – John W. Judt, age 48, a shoemaker, with wife Sophia and sons, August                       and Frederick, were recorded living in the 9th Ward, Rochester, Monroe Co.,                         NY. Originally from Prussia. (1860 Fed. Census)

                   U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865
Charles A Judd
Syracuse, New York
Age at enlistment:
Enlistment Date:
13 Jul 1863
Rank at enlistment:
Enlistment Place:
Syracuse, New York
State Served:
New York
Birth Date:
abt 1843
Source Information
Historical Data Systems, comp. U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009.
Original data:  Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.Copyright 1997-2009 Historical Data Systems, Inc. PO Box 35 Duxbury, MA 02331

1865 – John W. Judt (Sr.), age 54, a peddler, with his wife Sophia and sons John                              W. (Jr.), August and Frederick were recorded living in the 9th Ward,                                       Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. All originally from Prussia, except                                               Frederick who was b, in Rensalear (sic.). It states they were the parents                     of 6 children. (1865 NY State Census)

1870 – John W. Judd (sic.), farmer, age 60, with wife Sophia and son, Frederick,                           were recorded living in Gates, Monroe Co., NY showing real estate value of                           $800 and personal estate value of $900  (1870 Fed. Census)

1870 – Charles Judd, wife Mary, daughters Florence and Etta were recorded living in the                         town of Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY (1870 Fed. Census)

1875 – John W. Judd, farmer, age 64, with wife Sophia and son, Frederick, were recorded                       living in First Dist., in the Town of Hamlin, Monroe Co., NY, (1875 NY State                           Census)

1875 – Charles Judd, wife Mary and children Florence, Etta, Harriett, Charles N. and Otis H.                      were recorded living in the Town of Gates, Monroe Co., NY (1875 NY State                            Census)

1877 – John W. Judd died and was buried at Mt Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
                    (Find a Grave)

1884 – Sophia Judd sold, on Jul 14 1884, at least 30 acres of land in Hamlin to                        Charles A. Judd. (Rochester Daily News Jun 9 1913 under Legal                         Notices – Supreme Court)

1880 – Sophia Judd – widow, age 67 was recorded as a servant in the home of                       Frederic Weitz, in the Town of Greece, NY, ED 48, Monroe Co., NY                     (1880 Fed. Census)

1880 – Charles Judd, wife Mary and children Florence, Etta, Harriett, Charles N., Otis H.                           and Chester E. were recorded living in the Town of Hamlin, E.D. 49, Monroe                         Co., NY (1880 Fed. Census)

1892 – Charles A. Judd, wife Mary and children Chester E., Katie, Titus, Harry H. and                               Earl(y) were recorded living in the Town of Hamlin, E.D. 1, Monroe Co., NY                           (1892 NY State Census)

1892 – Charles N. Judd is recorded living in The Town of Wilson, ED 1, Niagara Co., NY                           (1892 NY State Census)

1900 – Charles A. Judd is recorded as a widow, with no other family members, living in the                       Town of Hamlin, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. (1900 Fed. Census)

1900 – Mary Judd is recorded as a widow and a servant in the Frederick Palmer home in                         the Town of Hamlin, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. Mary is recorded as having had 0                     children with 0 children still living. (1900 Fed. Census)

1900 - Charles N. Judd is recorded as single and a boarder in the Philip Simmons home                           living in the Town of Hamline, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. (1900 Fed. Census)

1905 – Charles Judd, his wife, Nellie, and his mother, Mary, were recorded as living on the                       Ladd Road in the Town of Hamlin, ED 1, Monroe Co., NY. (1905 NY State                             Census) {The Ladd Rd. became known as the Walker-Lake Ontario Rd.}

1909 – Charles A. Judd – Mar. 18 1909, Mary L. Judd, widow, applied for pension benefits                       for Charles A. Judd for service during the Civil War. He was in I 149 Infantry NY                     (out of Syracuse).  Does not show if this was approved.

1910 - Dec 13, 1910 - Matter of Estate of Charles A. Judd, deceased.— Decree                                         establishing right of inheritance of Florence M. Hebner. Etta L. Peck, Minnie M.                     Matthews, Chas, M.(sic.) Judd, Chester E. Judd, Titus Judd, Harry Herbert                             Judd and Earle Judd.—- Salisbury & Agate, for petitioner. Matter of Estate of                         Sarah Ms Jewett  (Rochester Daily News Dec. 1910)

1910 – Charles N. Judd with his wife, Nellie, and daughters, Hazel and Gladys, were                                 recorded living on the Ladd Rd. in the Town of Hamline, ED 15, Monroe Co.,                         NY. (1910 Fed. Census)

1918 – Charles N. Judd, Draft Registration, recorded as living RFD #3, Brockport, NY, age                       45, DOB 10/26/1872, wife Nellie, occupation: farmer, medium height and build,                      blue eyes and gray hair. Distinguishing feature: lost one thumb. (Monroe Co.                          Local Draft Board)

1920 – Charles N. Judd, his wife, Nellie, daughters Hazel, Gladys, and Dorothy and his                             mother Mary L. were recorded living in the Town of Sweden, ED 272. Monroe                       Co., NY  (1920 Fed. Census)

1930 – Charles N. Judd, his wife, Ellen, daughter, Dorothy and married daughter Gladys                           Judd Adams with her husband, Burtie, and their children Joyce and  Charles,                         were recorded living at the Staples Farm on West Sweden Rd. in the Town of                       Sweden, ED 28-258, Monroe Co., NY  (1930 Fed. Census)

1940 -  Charles N. Judd, age 67, his wife, Nellie, and his sister, Etta Peck, are recorded as                        living with or renting from Addison Arradine on Creamery Rd. in the Town of                          Bergen, ED 19-27, Genesee Co., NY (1940 Fed. Census)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Clan MacPherson

My Grandmother Broderick, nee Chambers, never got to know her paternal grandparents very well. When she was 8, her father was lost at sea and his parents had moved from New Brunswick to Maine. She and her mother eventually moved on to Boston while the grandparents moved to NJ to be closer to some of their other children. There wasn’t much chance to visit and by the time my grandmother was in her early 30’s, both grandparents had passed on.  So it was with some element of surprise when it was discovered that her paternal grandmother had been a MacPherson.

Sarah MacPherson was the daughter of James and a still to be discovered wife. We are not sure where she was born, but her death records say she was born Dec 22 1831 in Nova Scotia. Apparently many records in NS have not survived making research on her father, mother and siblings more than a little difficult.

However, that led me to doing some more in-depth research into the Clan MacPherson itself. There are variant spellings such as Macpherson, McPherson
Mcpherson and so on. It comes from the Gaelic Mac a’ Phearsain and basically means ‘son of the Parson.’  In this case the Parson was Muriach who was a 12th century lay-preacher in Kingussie, in Badenoch. Parson, at that time had a different meaning. The Parson was the church warden and collected the tithes.

For many centuries, the MacPhersons have been a leading Clan in the Clan Chattan Confederation, which is controlled by the Clan MacKintosh. Today the Chief of Clan MacKintosh is the President of the Confederation, while the Chief of Clan MacPherson is the Vice-President.

Cluny Castle served as the seat of the Clan Macpherson until sometime in the 1930’s. 

“Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove” is the motto on the MacPherson crest. In this case ‘Bot’ means ‘without.’ It refers to a wildcat’s paw where the pad is the glove. If the wildcat does not have a glove, it means the claws are unsheathed. This is a warning to those to remember ‘the wildcats claws are without a glove.’ This refers to the historically violent nature of the clan.

There are 17 versions of the Tartan. I have included only one here,

It is considered a Highland clan and its District is Badenoch. The Clan Plant is White Heather.