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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Carmichaels - Final Chapters continued

Returning to Thomson and Barbara Hubley decent…

          VII. Daniel Carmichael, s/o Thomson and Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1837-?) No further info
          VIII. Charles Carmichael (1839-1846) He was b. in Springhill, Cumberland Co. NS and died in Little Harbor, Bridgewater, Lunenburg, NS.

          IX. Christine Isabella Carmichael (1842-1920) She was b. in New Glasgow, Pictou, NS and was called Isabel. In 1870 she married Robert Gordon in Hantsport, Hants, NS. They must have moved almost immediately to Boston as their first child was born there in 1871. In the 1880 census, they are living in Revere, MA, at 116 Harris St. They already have 6 children. Robert died on Apr. 2 1882 from a fractured skull. He was a carpenter and it can be surmised that he was injured on the job. This left Isabel with 6 children and pregnant. The last child would be born in Aug of 1882. The oldest child, Thomas, was only 10 years old so it is not difficult to imagine the hardship Isabel must have faced at that time and for the next decade or so. She is next found in the 1900 census, living with six of the seven children. Her oldest daughter, Mabel has married and it appears that she lived in a flat in the same house. They all are living and renting a house at 12 Hyde St. in Revere. All of the male children are working. In 1910, Isabel was living with two of her sons, Clarence and Robert. The census incorrectly states Clarence’s age as 24, which would mean he had been born 4 years after his father’s death. He was actually 32. They lived at 412 Beach St., Revere. In 1920, Isabel was still living with Clarence who was age 42, and a steel worker at Boston Iron Co. The 1920 census was taken in Jan. and Isabel died on Apr 15 1920 from diabetes. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem. in Everett, MA.

                               Christine Isabel Carmichael Gordon

Robert and Isabel’s children were:
          A. Thomas Henry Gordon (1871-?) m. in 1910 Anna Schmeder. They had one daughter, Eva, b. 1910. In 1920 they were living in Malden MA. No further into.
          B. Mable Florence Gordon (1873-aft 1940) m. in 1897 J. Bernard Marshall. Her birth certificate says her name is Mabel Maud yet the 1880 census says her name is Mabel Florence. In 1900 she had one         son, Arthur, age 2. Bernard’s older brother, Hughbert, (sic) was also part of their household. They were all living at 162 Centenniel St., Revere MA with Mabel’s widowed mother. In the 1910 census, they were living at 17 Barrett St. in Revere. They have Arthur age 11, Hazel, age 4 and Bernard’s brother, now a widow, was still living with them. In 1911 Arthur died from Meningitis. By 1920, they had moved to 12 Hyde St. Mabel’s family has a new daughter, Ruth, age 4 and Hazel was age 14. At the same address are her brother Clarence and mother, Isabell, her sister Eva Van Sicklin and her niece, 16 year old Mabel De Laite (from mother’s 1st marriage). In 1930 they lived at 48 Woodrow Ave. in Medford MA,        Bernard was a Policeman, Hazel was 24 and a stenographer and Ruth was 14 and still in school. In 1940, Hazel was living in Medford MA. She was age 34 and a widow with two children, George, age 6 and Gay, age 5.  Through various other documents, it was discovered that she had been married to George Albert Bonney, who died in 1936 at the age of 31. Her mother, Mabel is living with her. Hazel worked as a secretary for a clergyman. Find a Grave has information on her that she married again and her name became Foster. She died Jan. 1 1998 in Whittier, Los Angeles CA.
          C. William Wallace (1874-?) In 1900, William was still living with his  mother and brothers in Revere. By 1902, he married Faustina Davis     Russell. In another record she was referred to as Eveleen Faustina Davis Russell. Faustina was used most frequently so will be used here. A death certificate for a stillborn male child was recorded in 1907 for William and Faustina. In 1910 they were living at 300 Broadway St., Revere, MA which is now mostly commercial and they had a daughter, Eva, age 5. Living in the same house, but a different flat, was his younger sister, Eva De Laitte who also had a young daughter, Mabel, age 7. William’s occupation was Foreman on the Railroad. In 1920, they lived at 11 Eaton St.,William was still a Foreman on the Railroad and there were 7                children living at home. 1930 showed a move to 32 Fifth St. in Medford MA and a change in occupation to Grocery Store Manager. There were now 9 children living with their parents. Three of the oldest were of working age and were employed. In 1940, there are 6 unmarried children still at home. Daughter, Dorothy has married Walter Chapman and they are also living in William’s household. The youngest two children, Robert and Bruce are still in school, all others are employed. Additional information found on this family was – Walsworth (1912-?) married Viola Everett and also lived in Medford, MA; Russell D. (1916-2009) married Grace Little. He was living in Stoneham MA when he died.
          D. Ethel Gertrude (1876-1955) m. in 1900 Arthur Ashgrove Burgess. He was a traveling salesman for an oil supply company. They had three children, John Gordon Burgess, b. 1903 in Somerville, MA.        The only info found on him was the 1940 census where he was a             patient in a military hospital in Pinellas Co., FL.; Marion Viola                  Burgess was b. 1904 in Revere, MA. She was found in the 1920              census still living with her parents.; Arthur A. Burgess, Jr. was b. in            Watertown MA in 1913.
          E. Clarence D. (1878-1959) Clarence remained living with his mother until her death in 1920. They lived at 12 Hyde St. in Revere, MA. Also living with them w3as his sister Eva Van Sicklin and her daughter      from her first marriage, Mabel De Laite. She was age 16 in 1920.        Clarence was a tinsmith and Eva was a milliner in a dry goods store. Clarence married Jessie Leighton shortly after his mother died. They moved to 161 Sheridan St. in Medford MA. Jessie’s father, George Leighton, age 69, lived with them. Clarence was a sheet metal worker at an engineering co. In 1940, Clarence was still a sheet metal worker but for a roofing co. His wife and his father-in-la are still living with him at the same address as the 1930 census. Clarence’s WWII draft reg. In 1942 shows he was still at the same address and still working at the same occupation. There was apparently noi issue from this marriage. Clarence died in 1959 and was buried in Puritan Lawn Cem., Peabody MA.
          F. Eva Viola (1879-?) m. Willis De Laite in Nova Scotia in 1901. She was listed in the 1910 census for Revere MA. Her husband was not listed. The writing on the entry is such that it’s hard to determine if   she was a widow. She has a 7 year old daughter, Mabel. In 1913              she married Willis Van Sicklin. The marriage record indicates she              was divorced and he was a widow. {Both of her husbands were named Willis. Birth record for daughter and marriage record for 2nd  marriage confirm.} In 1920, Eva and her daughter are living with her mother and brother Clarence in Revere, MA, While Willis is found in West Springfield working as a welder on the Railroad (RR not named). In 1930 they were living at 868 Main St. East Hartford, CT. Willis’ occupation was in advertising and Eva was a piano teacher. The 1940 census shows Eva living in Somerville, MA, a widow, renting out rooms on 333 Highland Ave. Mabel De Laite married on Apr 10 1920 in Chelsea MA. The marriage record states she is age 22, when, according to the birth records, she was 6 weeks shy of her 17th birthday. She married Nicholas Coeloch.
          G. Robert  (1882-) Robert was still living with his brother Clarence in 1910. There is a birth record for Kenneth Wallace Gordon dated May 13 1913. His mother was listed as Bessie Tillden from Tolland CT. No       marriage record has been found in CT or MA for them. In 1918 his            WWI draft reg. listed 711 White St. Springfield MA as his address. He was a traveling salesman. In 1920 they were living at 881 Belmont Avenue, Springfield MA and were renting rooms to three boarders. Their son, Kenneth, was age 6 and Robert is still a traveling salesman for a Grocer. By 1930 they were living at 119 Brunswick St., still in Springfield. Robert’s occupation was the same but Bessie is shown as owning Forest Park Taxi Co. Bessie shows no occupation in the 1940 census, Robert is still a salesman and their son Kenneth who was 26, was an attendant at the State Hospital. No death records were found on this family.

                     A postcard from early days of Revere Beach, MA. 
                      This was the first public beach in the USA.

          X. Hannah Carmichael (1845-1937) m. in 1872 to Thomas Gordon, bro/o Robert Gordon, husband of her sister Christine Isabel. In 1880, they were living in Wollaston MA, a part of Quincy. Thomas was a carpenter. They had two children, Bessie May, age 6, and Jennie L., age 4 ½. By 1900 they had moved to Somerville and owned their home at 10 Locke St. Two more children Lottie and Edna have been added to the family and Thomas was listed as a house builder.
          Their children were:
                    A. Bessie May (1874-?)
                    B. Jennie Louise (1875-?)
                    C. Emma (1878-?)
                    D. Lottie Edith (1880-?)
                    E. Edward (1883-1883)
                    F. Edna Florence (1886-?)

In 1910, Edna was the only child still at home. Their address was still 10 Locke St., but it was considered part of Cambridge in this census. In 1920, Thomas was age 77, Hannah was age 76, still listed at the same address but once, again it is in the census for Somerville. There were no children living at home.

          A. Bessie May Gordon married Frank Bigelow Crockett in 1906. He was an automobile salesman living in Somerville but was from Auburn ME. In 1907 their first child, David was born, soon followed by Thomas in 1909. They lived at 8 Cherry St. in Somerville in the 1910 census and had a servant, May Vickerson, age 22. By 1920 they had moved to 11 Willow Ave. Frank is listed as a clerk for Government Ordnance. The 1930 shows they own their home at 11 Willow Ave. in Somerville. The two boys are living at home and it shows they had attend school or college within the last year. Frank was an Automobile Services Manager. No further information.

          Their children:         David (1907-?)
                                        Thomas (1909-?)

          B. Jennie Louise Gordon married, in 1903, Harry Marshall. She went by the name Louise and is reported in the censuses as such. In 1904 Helen Marshall was born and in 1909 Marion Marshall joined the family. In 1910 they were living at 7 Hall Ave. in Somerville MA. Harry was a bookkeeper at a bank.
Harry’s 1918 draft registration says they had moved to 62 Hall Ave. in Somerville and that his occupation was banking with Old Colony Trust Co. The 1920 census shows no changes in address or occupation since 1918. In the 1930 census they had moved to 24 Liberty Ave. in Somerville and Harry was listed as a Vaults Manager in a bank. Both daughters were still at home. Helen had no occupation listed; Marion was a stenographer for an insurance co. The 1940 census show Louise’s father, Thomas, age 98, was living with them at 110 Walker (or possibly Walden) St. in Somerville. Both Louise and Harry were age 64. No further information.

          Their children:         Helen (1904-?)
                                        Marian (1909-?)

          C. Emma (1878-1878 stillborn)

          D. Lottie Edith (1880-?) At the time of their wedding in 1905, Lottie was a stenographer and her husband, Henry Merrill, was a Dentist. In 1910, they were living at 417 Highland Ave. in Somerville, MA with two children, Margaret and Gordon. By 1920, they had moved to 45 Robbins Rd., in Arlington, MA, had two more children, Edward and Herbert and Henry’s mother, Emma Merrill, was a widow living with them also. It states that Henry had his own Dental practice. In 1930, Margaret had moved out but the three sons and Henry’s mother were all still living together. They had moved to 51 Robbins Rd., in Arlington. Gordon has gone from the home by 1940, but Margaret has returned with her husband Richard Burnham. They had no children at the time of the census. The younger two sons still lived with the family. Richard Burnham’s occupation was a Retailer in Furs. In 1941, their son, Edward, signed for the draft in Seattle , WA. He had 4 years of college, majoring in Forestry Services. He late married Margaret Unknown. He was living on Agawam Point Rd., Falmouth, MA in 1998 when he died. He is buried in Puritan Lawn Cem., Peabody MA. Henry’s 1942 WWII draft reg. states his Dental Office was at 8 Newbury St. in Boston MA. No further information.

          Their children:         Margaret (1907-?)
                                        Gordon (1908-?)
                                        Edward (1913-1998)
                                        Herbert (1914-?)

          E. Edward (1883-1883) lived for 2 days.

          F. Edna Florence (1886-?) In 1910, Edna, age 22, was living with her parents at 10 Locke St. in Somerville, MA. Her occupation was listed as teacher. She married in 1915, Edgar Floyd Sewall, a physician from Newburg, Maine. In Edgar’s 1918 WWI Draft Reg. he stated that he lived at 281 Broadway in Somerville, that he was a Doctor and had his own business in his home. He also indicated that he was tall and stout. By 1920, they had two children, Edgar jr., age 4, and Barbara, age 3. They were living at 380 Broadway St. in Somerville. Margaret Harding, age 40, from Nova Scotia, a cousin of Edna, was living at their home as a servant. The 1930 census shows no differences except Margaret Harding is no longer there. They have a new, younger servant in her place. 1940 shows no differences, except, once again, they have a different maid. Edgar’s 1942 WWII Draft Reg. shows his age as 56 but no changes to residence or occupation. No further information.

          Their children:       Edgar Floyd jr. (1916-?)
                                        Barbara (1917-?)

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded The Final Chapters

Thomson (Thompson) and Barbara Hubley Carmichael - The rest of the family, however it looks like this will be in three segments. there was so much information, I wanted to include as much of it as I could.

          VI. Alexander Francis (1835-1927) m. in 1867 Ellen Dillon both of Middle River, NS. They were married in the Roman Catholic Church in Albion Mines, Pictou Co., NS. The obit. in the 1927 Mendocino CA newspaper states he was b. in Cambridge MA. There is no record of Thomson and his wife being in MA when Alexander was born.  All the rest of their children were born at various locations in Pictou Co. It seems reasonable to think Alexander was born in Nova Scotia as well. However, he did go to Medway MA, where most of his children were born. His son Thomas was born there in 1868.

{My note} I believe Alexander may have simply found it easier to say he was born in the USA. In the late 1800’s, there would be virtually no way of proving or disproving his birth. Many times a child’s birth didn’t get recorded immediately and families were on the move, resettling in so many new places. It would be an easy thing to get away with. There was also another Alexander and the two may have bee confused with each other.

His wife’s father was Thomas Dillon b. in 1792 in Ireland. He was a farmer in Pictou Co., NS.

It’s rather difficult to follow all of Alexander’s movements. His son, Thomas, was born in MA in 1868. The next child, James was born in NS in 1869. In the 1871 Canadian cen. Alexander’s occupation was listed as Stock Raiser. Then his third child, Matthew, was born in MA in 1871. This clearly shows he was out of Nova Scotia by the end of 1871. He went to CA, May 17 1877 and lived at Orr's Hot Springs. His last two children were born in CA. By the 1880 Federal cen., they had 5 children (2 had died) and his occupation was still a Stock Raiser. Interestingly, there are two 1880 Fed. census reports for him in two different locations. This possibly happened because he moved in between the dates of the two census reports. One of the 1880 censuses finds his name spelled Carmikel. His 1880 CA voter registration says he was living in Big River, Mendocino. Then in 1882, he went to Medocino (possibly the city). In 1884 he moved to Fort Bragg and worked as a carpenter on the new settlement.  He was an architect, who built many Victorian styled homes in Mendocino, CA. Some of these homes were used to depict the Maine village on “Murder She Wrote” (TV program). The 1900 census for Calpella Township, Mendocino Co., CA is blurred and nearly unreadable. He was still a carpenter. Also in the 1900 census, Ellen’s brother, Matthew Dillon is living with them. He was age 74. Three of their children live with them James, age 30, Elizabeth age 27, and Laura age 25. There are two granddaughters living with them as well, Gladys age 7 and Lillian age 4, both named Carmichael. They are the children of their son, Thomas.

His wife, Ellon (sic.) died in 1922 (Jan. 30).  Two sons: Thomas Carmichael of Fort Bragg and James A. Carmichael of Ukiah;  3 daughters - Laura, Mrs. Walter Mack of Willits and Mrs. Jack Gibson of Ukiah, survived.  There was also a sister in MA.

Their children were:
          A. Thomas (1868-1941)
          B. James Alexander (1869-1940)
          C. Matthew (1871-1885)
          D. Elizabeth Ellen (1873-1922)
          E. Laura (1875-1967)
          F. Unnamed Female (aft 1877- aft 1877)
          G. Matilda (1879-?)

It seems that Alexander and family stayed in the Mendocino County area. They were in Big River, Ten Mile River, Fort Bragg and other places. There were huge logging operations in that county starting in the 1860’s. Families lived in the logging camps, children went to school and jobs ranged from cooks to sawyers.

          A. Thomas (1868-1941) was married twice. His first wife was Lydia Bell Hall, whom he married in 1892. They had two daughters, Gladys and Lillian. They were divorced in 1902. Thomas married again in 1903 to Selma Hentila, an immigrant from Finland. They had 6 children. The 1900 census shows Thomas’ two girls from his first marriage living with his parents Alexander and Ellon in Calpella Township, Mendocino, CA and Thomas living in Big River Twnshp, Mendocino Co., CA. In 1910, Gladys was 15 and Lillian was 13, both still living with their grandparents, Alexander and Ellon, but they are now in Ukiah, Mendocino, CA. Gladys was b. in 1893 so her age is incorrect in the 1910 census. It should have stated that she was 17. In 1911 there was an affadavit for a marriage license for Gladys Marjorie Carmichael, age 18 of Orrs and Sydney Nathaniel Brines of Ukiah age 22. Lillian married William Sagart in 1926. There is a family story about two of Thomas’ daughter having died violent deaths. Unfortunately, this story doesn’t seem to get things quite right. Lillian lived until 1968 and is buried in Rose Park Cem. in Fort Bragg, CA. The story goes on to say one daughter was found murdered on the beach, didn’t say which daughter or which beach. The other daughter was killed by a child molester. Since Lillian lived to age 72, this obviously doesn’t apply to her. Perhaps it was Gladys who was murdered on the beach. This ‘legend’ came from an aunt who visited the Carmichaels several times. I don’t doubt the story, but wish for more details. Perhaps Thomas lost a child from his 2nd marriage and the stories have become mixed. I am still pursuing this.
          The children of Thomas and Selma Hentila Carmichael were:

1.     Ellon (1908-1996) m. c 1936 Vernon Reginald Sogard
2.     Sophia (1909-1959) m. in 1938 Reid Titus
3.     Daisy (1914-1971) m.1 Charles Sorola; m. 2 Elisha Bowman; m.3 Unknown O’Brien
4.     Elizabeth (1917-1992) Spinster
5.     Frederick (1924-2007) Bachelor; worked in the movie industry
6.     Archibald (1926-2000) m. in 1946  Evelyn DePriest – 4 children

          B. James Alexander (1869-1940) m. in 1900 to Margaret Jennie (Jane) Cameron of Cuffey’s Bay CA. James was a house carpenter and over the years lived at several different locations on Oak St. in Ukiah, CA. They had 11 children; one child died in infancy. They were:
1.     James A. jr. (1903- aft 1940) In the 1940 census for Ukiah, James was, single, age 37 and living with his widowed mother Margaret. He was a general laborer.
2.     Vivian (1905-?)
3.     Peter (1907-1988)
4.     William Henry (1909-1942)
5.     Margaret (1913-?)
6.     Francis (1915-?)
7.     George (1915-?)
8.     Thomas (1919-1986)
9.     Edward (1922-?)
10. Donald Eugene (1924-1987)

Once research hits the 1940 census, there is not a lot more available. Occasionally, some states do have death records and Social Security death info. CA is not overly generous with their information, so I have little more on the James Alexander Carmichael family. Some descendants could still be alive and that info would not be included here regardless.

          C. Elizabeth Ellen Carmichael (1873-1961) m. in 1907 Walter Mack
In the 1910 census they were living in Big River, Mendocino, CA. Walter’s two children from a previous marriage, Inez age 13 and Walter age 12, were living with them. Their first child, Laura, was age 1. Walter Mack was a rancher and owned his own property. By 1920, they were living in Little Lake, Mendocino, CA and Walter was still owner of a ranch. His son Walter (jr.) was 21 and worked as a rancher on his father’s property. Inez, was 23 and worked as a bookkeeper. Three more children had been added to the family, Myrtle age 8, Billy age 7 and Tom age 5.  They were living in Willits Town, Mendocino, CA by 1930 and Walter appears to be a farm laborer, rather than an owner. The two youngest boys were living with them. In 1930, their oldest daughter, Laura, is shown living with a man named Harry Woolley, who calls her his niece. He was a carpenter and she was a waitress in a lunch room. He was age 55 and she was age 21. In 1931, they were married. He had been married to a woman named Lottie Hall and they had three children, Harold, Flossie and Ort. All three were older than Laura. In the 1940 census, they apparently had no children but living with them was Laura’s Aunt Laura Carmichael, her mother’s sister. Interestingly, I can find no references to any of the Macks for 1940. I did find three different William Mack’s who were all prisoners of war in three different places. 
          The children were:
                    1. Laura (1909-2005) see above
                    2. Myrtle (1912-?)
                    3. Billie (1913-?)
                    4. Tom (1915-?)

There are dozen of people with the name Tom Mack. The info I found did not provide enough descriptive data to determine if any one of them was the Tom from this marriage.

          D. Laura Carmichael  (1875-1967) Laura apparently never married, at least I was unable to find any marriage records for her. In the 1940 she was living with her niece, Laura Mack, d/o her sister Elizabeth E. Carmichael Mack, in Cloverdale, Sonoma, CA. It says she was living in San Francisco CA in 1935. She was living in Glenn, CA at the time of her death in 1967.

          E. Unnamed Female Carmichael (1877- aft.1877) Could find no records for this birth and/or death.

          F. Matilda Carmichael (1879-?) In Nov 1899, Matilda, AKA Tillie, was married to Robert Body in San Francisco. The marriage certificate states that Matilda lived in Hot Springs, CA. Her father was one of the witnesses, also of Hot Springs. She and Robert had three daughters who were living with her parents in 1910, in Ukiah CA. They were Ethel, age 9, Muriel, age 8, and Frances, age 5.
Sometime before 1914, Matilda and Robert divorced and she married Roy Lyndall Kellogg. I couldn’t find any census records for them. Matilda died in 1951 at which time she was married to John A. Gibson. I’ve been unable to find death or divorce records for Roy Kellogg or a marriage record for Matilda and John. John died in 1953. Both he and Matilda are buried in the Ukiah Cem., Ukiah CA.

Alexander and his wife Ellon on the right. Matilda in front. Unfortunately, I don't know which name goes to the two men or the two remaining women.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Final Edition

A wee note at the start - this final edition has been divided into two parts due to its length.

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part V

Thomson (Thompson) and Barbara Hubley Carmichael  First five children

Thomson was the oldest child of Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael. He was b. in Banff, Scotland in 1796. Although no record was found, it appears that they left Scotland for Nova Scotia sometime before 1799, when the next child was born in their newly adopted country. Francis had made petition for land and was awarded 200 acres in Merigomish, Pictou County, NS by 1799.
What records I have found for Thomson show a variety of spellings, such as Thompson, Thom and Thomas. In the 1851 census, which is nominal, he is listed as living in Pictou Co.. He had 3 boys and 3 girls under the age of 10, 1 boy and 3 girls between the ages of 10 and 20, for a total of 10 children. There was 1 woman between 40 and 50 and 1 man over 50, which would be Thomson and Barbara. One child had not yet been born; 2 children had died before 1851 and there are 2 more children that little is known about. There were 15 children in all. These are the names of the children I have found for them. It doesn’t correspond very well with the 1851 census. It’s possible that someone who didn’t know the ages of the children gave the information to the census taker.

          Henry Edward (1827-bef 1850) No further info
          Frederick Hubley (1830-1911) m. by 1855 Jane Faulds (1833-1921)
          John George (1831-bef 1871) m. in 1869 Terrissa Shaw
          James Thomson (1832-1881) m. in 1862 Susan Roberts
          William (1833-1852)
          Alexander Francis (1835-1927) m. in 1867 Ellen Dillon
          Daniel (1837-?)
          Charles (1835-1846)
          Christine Isabella (1842-1920) m. in 1870 Robert Gordon
          Hannah C. (1845-1937) m. in 1872 Thomas Gordon (brother of Robert)
          Mary Jane (1847-1894) m. in 1875 Thomas Hardy
          Barbara (1849-?)
          Henry Gordon (1850-1910) m. in 1873 Mary Ellen Scarr
          Elizabeth (1851-?)
          Andrew (1852-?)
                                                                                  Barbara Hubley                                                                                                Carmichael
Thompson was a school teacher. Barbara was a midwife and was noted for having a beautiful singing voice. Earlier research stated that she was the 1st woman physician of Geneva, Switzerland. This is completely in error. Barbara’s grandfather, Jacob Ulrich Hubley (Hubele) arrived in Nova Scotia in 1751. He was from Eppingen, Rhineland, Palatinate, Prussia. He settled in Seabright, which was originally called Hubley Settlement. Jacob Ulrich Hubley was married four times. He had 8 children with his first wife but it appears that only two survived. It also appears that these children were all born in Prussia. He married his 2nd wife in Halifax, NS in 1752 and had one daughter. There were no children with his third wife. He had five sons with his fourth wife, Anna Barbara Matler.
All of these sons were born in Nova Scotia. The youngest son, Johannes, was born in Lunenberg, NS, in 1770. He married Anna Maria Kahler in 1797 and they had a very large family of 14. Barbara, Thomson’s wife was one of them, b. in 1806. She was married in 1826 and began a very large family right away. There was simply no place on the time line for her to travel to Switzerland to study medicine.

          I. Henry Edward (1827-bef 1850) No further info

          II. Frederick Hubley Carmichael (1830-1911) – The oldest surviving child of Thomson and Barbara. According to his death record, he was b. in St. Margaret’s Bay, NS. He was a miner and lived on Queen St. in Spring Hill, NS at the time of his death. They had 12 children:

          a. John George (1855-1891*) m. in 1878 Mary Leadbetter
          b. Agnes Faulds (1855-1947) m. in 1878 Allan McKinnon
          c. Barbara (1859-?) There are several Barbara Carmichaels.                           Difficult to  determine if any of them belong to this family.    
          d. Andrew (1861-1891*)    
          e. James (1863-1887)
          f. Frederick Hubley (jr.) (1864-1937) m. in 1899 Evelyn Wolfe
          g. Mary (1868-?) m. in 1891 John Maiden (aka Madden)
          h. William T. (1870-1891*)
          i. Laura Isobel (1871-1942) m. in 1897 James McGowan
          j. Charles Stephen (1873-1955) m. in 1902 Margaret Lorimer
          k. Brunswick Barnhill (1875-1875)
          l. Gordon (1878-?)
          a. John George Carmichael m. in 1878 Mary Leadbetter in Spring Hill, NS. John worked in the mines in Spring Hill and was killed in a mine explosion in 1891 at the age of 36. They had 4 children.
                   1. William George (1879-?) m. in 1913 Flora Maud Lord: 2                              children: George C. – (1916-1995) and John A. (1918-                                1996)
                   2. Bessie Maud (1883-?) m. in 1905 Gordon Marshall – no                               issue
                    3. Ross (1886-aft.1901)
                    4. John Thomas – (1888-?)

          b. Agnes Faulds Carmichael m. in 1878 Allan McKinnon. Allan         disappeared from the records before 1901. No death record was found.   Agnes continued to live in the Springhill, NS area until her death in 1947 and is buried there. They had five children:
                    1. Isabel (1880-?)
                    2. Laura (1883-1944) spinster; moved to Cranston RI
                    3. Jennie (1887-?) There is a death for this name recorded in                            Cumberland, NS in 1914. There isn’t enough additional                              info (dob, parents, etc.) to determine if it is the death of                              this person.
                    4. James (1889-?)
                    5. Frederick Hubley (1893-1957) m. in 1918 Annabelle                                     Goodwine

          c. Barbara Carmichael (1859-1916) Her death record indicates Fred is her father and that she was a tailoress. Spinster.

          d. Andrew Carmichael (1861-1891) Andrew was killed in the same mine explosion as his brother John in 1891.

          e. James Carmichael (1863-1887) As he stood in the doorway talking to his mother, he was struck and killed by a bolt of lightning. He was Master at Arms for the Knight of Phthyias. He was 24.

          f. Frederick Hubley Carmichael (1864-1937) m. in 1899 Evelyn Wolfe. They had 7 children:
                    1. Elsie Viola (1901-1930) in 1921 m. Avard W. Christie
                    2. Charles Allen (1902-?) in 1938 m. Ann Catherine Berry
                    3. Georgia Isabelle (1904-2001) m. Thomas Larkin Donohue
                    4. John Walter (1906-?) in 1926 m. Grace White
                    5. Constance P. (1908-?) In the 1930 census, Constance is                              a student nurse in Homestead Hospital in Homestead,                                PA.
                    6. Frederick Hubley (1910-1987) m. in 1933 Stella Mae                                    Purdy
                    7. Agnes (1912-2002) m. Ernest George D. Butler. They                                  lived, died and were buried in Vancouver, BC.

          g. Mary Carmichael (1868-?) m. in 1891 John Maiden (sic.) Probably Madden. No further info seems to be available.

          h. William Carmichael (1870-1891) William died on Feb 21, 1891, along with his two brothers when there was an explosion at the mines in Spring Hill, NS.

          i. Laura Isobel Carmichael (1871-1942) She married, in 1897, James McGowen of Lanarkshire, Scotland. Although he was born in          Scotland his ethnicity is recorded as Irish. In 1901 they were living           in Cumberland Co., NS and had two children. A third child was born       in 1902. They were:
                              1. Jean (1899-?)
                              2. Matilda (1900-?)
                              3. James (1902-?) m. in 1927, Harriet Amelia McLean.

          j. Charles Stephen Carmichael (1873-1955) in 1902 m. Margaret Lorimer. Two children have been found for them:
                              1. Jean Burns (1903-aft 1966) m1. in 1922 Percy                                               Leroy Bentley; m2. Unknown MacDonald
                              2. William Lorimer (1909-1952) m. in 1931 Laura                                               Wilson

          k. Brunswick Barnhill Carmichael(1875-1875)

          l. Gordon Carmichael (1878-?) The 1881 census shows him living with his parents. He doesn’t show up in the 1891 census, nor was I able to find any death records for him.

An added note about Frederick Hubley Carmichael:
          Frederick had been injured in an accident 2 weeks before the explosion in the mine. He had broken his collarbone and left arm and was confined to his bed. He lost three sons in the explosion of Feb. 21 1891, Andrew, John and William. John left a widow and 4 children. Frederick was still confined to his bed on the day of the funeral. The coffins were brought to his home so that he could say good-bye. Three years before, his son James was struck and killed by lightning, as he stood in the doorway talking to his mother.

          III. John George Carmichael (1837-bef 1871) The third child of Thomson and Barbara Hubley Carmichael. There is a marriage record for him Aug 26 1869 at Mount Denson, Hants Co., NS when he married Terissa Shaw. She was age 19 and he was 38. By the 1871 census, Terissa Carmichael was listed as a widow. Can’t find a death record for Capt. John, so it seems safe to say he was lost at sea. No children were listed with her.

Capt. John George Carmichael

          IV. James Thomson Carmichael (1832-1881) m. in 1862 Susan Roberts, of PEI. They had six children. The first four were born in NS, while the last two were born in Medway MA. They were:
                    1. Ida (1861-1940) m. in 1886 James Hatch
                    2. Ella Florence (1864-1884) buried in Medway MA
                    3. Alexander (1867-1946) remained a bachelor
                    4. Mary Alena (1870-1963) m. in 1902 Jacob Ernest Wignot
                    5. Bessie Maude (1873-1966) m. in 1897 John Gardner                                     Sanderson
                    6. George (1875-1964) m. in 1912 Helen Gertrude Fox

          1. Ida was married in Medway MA in 1886 to James Hatch. They had two children, Harold and Ethel. James made his living as a                blacksmith. They were in Medway in the 1900 census. I didn’t find           them in any later census reports. There is a posting for them on              Find a Grave.

          2. Ella Florence – died young

          3. Alexander appears in the 1880 census for Medway MA. He doesn’t appear again until 1930 when he is a superintendent in a woolen mill and living with his sister Bessie Sanderson, in Medway MA. He appears again in 1940, still living with his sister, but he had retired. Apparently he never married.

An additional note: It has been reported that Alexander, son of Thomson, was born in Medway. That is an error. The two Alexanders have been confused. Alexander, son of Thomson, was born in NS and Alexander, grandson of Thomson, son of James Thomson, was born in Medway MA.

          4. Mary Alena, in the 1900 census, Mary was using the name Lena and was listed as a teacher. She m. in Medway MA, in 1902, Jacob Ernest Wignot, a teacher from Natick MA. In 1905 they were living in Wellfleet where their first son Richard was born. By 1918 he was the Superintendent of Schools in Dover NH. The 1920 census states that Jacob’s parents were both born in Alsace-Loraine, France. Son Richard was 14 and another son, Robert was 4. Jacob Wignot d. in 1937 and is buried in Milton Mills, NH. No 1940 census was found for Mary but Robert Wignot was in the US Army corps of Engineers in 1946, also Richard and his wife Doris were living in Schenectady, NY. No children were listed for them.

          5. Bessie Maude m. in 1897, John Gardner Sanderson. They had three children and owned their own farm in 1910. They were located on Winthrop St. in West Medway. John’s draft registration in 1918 described him as tall, slender, with blue eyes and light hair. They remained on the farm through the 1920 and 1930 censuses. Around 1922, Edith Maude (1898-1992), their oldest child, m. Guy Fish of NH. They settled in RI and had one daughter, Elizabeth b. 1931.
Their 2nd daughter, Greta H. (1901-1992) remained spinster. She was found living with her sister Edith in Woonsocket RI in the 1940 census. The third child, a son named Lloyd was b. 1907. He married in 1928 to Jean Unknown and in the 1930 census they were either living with his parents or next door to them, on Winthrop St. in West Medway. Both men were listed as farmers. His name is listed on his parents’ gravestone as having passed away in 1933. No death record for him was found.

          6. George Edgar m. in 1912, Helen Gertrude Fox.  The 1910 Census says he is Principal of School. He lived at 18 Maher Ave. in Greenwich CT. He was single but he had boarders/teachers at his home. He married in 1912. In 1918, his WWI draft registration states he was living 5 Mahar Ave., Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT. He was 43 and the head master at a Boy’s Preparatory School in Greenwich, CT. His description was tall, stout, light blue eyes and light hair. In 1920, he was living at 26 Mahar Ave., in Greenwich and was Head Master at school. In 1930, he owned his home and the value was stated as $50,000. His wife and two children are living with him. 1940 finds him in Portsmouth, Rockingham Co., NH living, with his wife, at the Rockingham Hotel. It indicates his occupation as “Estate – Appointed by the Court.” The two children were: 
          a. Margaret (1914-2005) m. Robert E. Emerson – 4 children, Christopher, Jennifer, Gail and Robin. No marriage record found. Margaret d. 2005 in Wolfeboro, NH
          b. Douglas (1923-2012) m.1 in 1949 Helen Sanborn Edgerly
                                           m.2 Emma Robertson Grant
          His 1943 WWII draft reg. shows he had 3 years of college and that his civilian occupation was ‘Actor.’ It appears he enlisted at Fort Devens in MA. He had a son, Douglas, but haven’t been able to determine which woman was his mother.
                                       George Edgar Carmichael

          V. William (1833-1852) No record found for his death. He is buried with his grandparents, Francis and Elizabeth Carmichael.
Due to the length of this blog for Thomson Carmichael, I have decided to present it in two pieces. It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog. Since Sept. life has been one crisis after another. I confess to not having enough time or the attention span to work on this as I would like to. Hopefully life will become dull  and placid which I am immensely looking forward to.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Part IV.2 con't

4. David William – b. 1842 in NS and married Catherine (Cassie) Fraser in Halifax NS, 1870. David was a shoemaker. In the 1881 census, David and Cassie had William Henry 1871, George Albert 1872, Bessie 1874, Hilda 1877, and an unnamed male baby 1881. Another child, John b. & d. 1876 lived a few short days. In total David and Cassie had:

                        a. William Henry – He shows up on the 1891 Canadian census but I                                           was unable to find him anywhere after that date.
                        b. George Albert – George went by his middle name, Albert. There                                             is an immigration record for him in 1891 for entry to Boston, MA.                                             He is listed as a shoemaker. He married Mary Phelan in 1892 and                             had at least 5 children: In 1911 they were living in Colchester, NS.                                           All the children were still at home and they had three boarders as                                            well.
                                    b/1. John A. (1895-?) was married in 1925 to Irene Frances                                       Hartnett. No further info.
                                    b/2. William Frederick (1897-?) m. Jean Margaret Stewart in                                       1924 and they had 7 children: Irene, John, Joseph, Luke,                                                          Richard, Mary J. (1927-1928), Nancy Louise.
                                    b/3. Agnes F. (1900-?) No further info
                                    b/4. Ruby Alice Gertrude (1904-1998) married Richard                                        During (1901-1992) in 1928. They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                                    b/5. Leo Gerald (1910-1981) married Mary Margaret                                                                 Underwood (1911-1992). They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                        c. Bessie (Elizabeth) (1874-?) No further info
                        d. Hilda (1877-1956) married George Wellington Lloy, c. 1895. In                             1901 they were living with her parents and had a four year old son,                               James. Hilda and George were living in Halifax, NS in 1911. Their                                     children were:
                                    d/1. James (1897-1947)
                                    d/2. George (1901-?) m. Alice Sutherland in 1928
                                    d/3. Charles (1903-?)
                                    d/4. Gilford (1906-?) m.
                                    d/5. Frederick (1907-?) m. Hilda Baker in 1926
                                    d/6. Marjorie (1910-?) m. George Spike in 1927
                                    d/7. Clarence (1912-?)

                        e. Elizabeth (called Bessie) (1878-?) married George W. Brown in 1902. In                                1910 they were living at 13 Eustus St. in Chelsea MA. George was a                                      salesman in Groceries. They had 2 children, Chester, b. 1904 and                                          Florence, b. 1906. A third child, Esther joined the family, b. 1912, while                                  they were living in Everett, MA. In 1920, they were living on Central St. in                              Georgetown, Essex Co., MA. George was listed as a Janitor at a public                                  school. In 1930 the family was living on Andover St. in Georgetown.                                        Chester and Esther are still living at home and George still has the same                                occupation. Bessie was called Elizabeth and it states that her parents                                    were born in Scotland. This is a prime example of misreporting. The                              person giving the information to the census taker was not aware                              that the parents of Bessie/Elizabeth were born in Nova Scotia and                              not Scotland. No further info.
                        f. Unnamed baby
                        g. Agnes (1883-?)

                        h. Mary B. (1885-1909) Mary died, at age 24, in Boston, MA from                              renal failure and septicemia. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem. in                                  Everett, MA

                        i. Robert William (1886-1937) He died in Halifax, NS
                        j. Greta (1888-?)

            5. Sarah Jane (1842-1901) Sarah married Aaron J. Wells, but couldn’t find a date or                  place of the marriage. In 1870 they were living in Ipswich, MA and had a son,                        George, age 1. Annabelle was b. in 1870; Chester Gordon was b. 1874; Walter                      was b. 1875 and died 1875, age 1 month; Gracie was b. 1876. By the 1880                            census, the only children listed were George, Annie and Gracie. No record could                  be found for Chester Gordon. Gracie married Harry Stephenson in 1899 and                          Annabelle married Charles Marston in 1910. In 1900, George was an inmate in                      an Almshouse in Ipswich, MA, Sarah d. in 1901 of heart disease at age 59. In                        1910, Aaron Wells was living at 10 Warren St. in Ipswich, MA. 1920 shows Aaron                   still living at the same address, age 77, and he manufactured horse radish. In                        1910, daughter Grace Wells Stephenson is living in Beverly MA. Her  husband                      Harry worked in a shoe factory and they had three daughters, Dorothy, b. 1903;                    Virginia, b. 1906; and Ruth, b. 1908. I was unable to locate any   further records                    on Charles and Annabelle Wells. Her marriage certificate in 1910 said she was a                  nurse living in Haverhill MA, it was her first marriage and his second. He                                was 20 years her senior.

            As to Grace Wells Stephenson, a bit of a mystery popped up. There is a birth record for the oldest child, Dorothy Grace Stephenson for 1903 and a death record for the same child, with the same parents, living in the same place for 1905. She apparently died of Cholera Infantum at the age of 2 and 5 mos. However, the 1910 census for Beverly MA states quite clearly that Dorothy G., age 7 is living with her parents Harry and Grace. I have no explanation for this.

            6. James Hylsop (1848-?) m. Elizabeth Mullins in 1867. There is a birth record for                   a male Carmichael baby in 1868. There is no further information on this family.

            7. George Henry (1849-1924) m. Christy Ann Mullins in 1872. There seems to be                     little information about this family. It is unknown if Mullins is Christy’s maiden                         name or a name from a former marriage. She had a son, Percy Mullins who was                   b. in 1869 and there seems to be quite a bit of  information on him and his                             descendants. There are two possible children for George Henry and Christy Ann,                   but there is no verifiable information that I could find. The possibilities are:
                        a. Catherine, b. 1873
                        b. Christy b. 1877

Please for queries, corrections, additions etc. I cannot return email from the blog postings. 

There is no further information on the rest of Isaac’s children. Isaac was the youngest child of Francis and Elizabeth Carmichael.  The next and last installment of the Carmichael Chronicle will follow the oldest child of this couple, Thomson (Thompson) Carmichael.  Thomson was my gt. gt. grandfather so this will be my family line. This will definitely not happen till after the holidays.

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