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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Judd Time line

In a recent blog, I was researching the Judd family of Prussia, with little to go on. I was so fortunate to receive an email from a reader (thank you so much - you know who you are) suggesting I try This proved to be a gold mine for me. The site has many issues of old newspapers from all over NY State and some other states too. Because of the social nature of newspapers 100+ years ago, I was able to find names of people I was only guessing at.  I was able to construct the following time line for the Judd family. I stopped at 1940 for the Blog simply because there are people still living and I don't believe it's appropriate to include them. 

1841 -  Baptismal record for Johannes Wilhelm Jud in Burbach, Westfalia, (Prussia)                               Germany, s/o Johannes Wilhelm and Sophia Elisabeth Diehl Jud (This is a                             transcribed record and not an actual document.)

1860 – John W. Judt, age 48, a shoemaker, with wife Sophia and sons, August                       and Frederick, were recorded living in the 9th Ward, Rochester, Monroe Co.,                         NY. Originally from Prussia. (1860 Fed. Census)

                   U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865
Charles A Judd
Syracuse, New York
Age at enlistment:
Enlistment Date:
13 Jul 1863
Rank at enlistment:
Enlistment Place:
Syracuse, New York
State Served:
New York
Birth Date:
abt 1843
Source Information
Historical Data Systems, comp. U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009.
Original data:  Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.Copyright 1997-2009 Historical Data Systems, Inc. PO Box 35 Duxbury, MA 02331

1865 – John W. Judt (Sr.), age 54, a peddler, with his wife Sophia and sons John                              W. (Jr.), August and Frederick were recorded living in the 9th Ward,                                       Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. All originally from Prussia, except                                               Frederick who was b, in Rensalear (sic.). It states they were the parents                     of 6 children. (1865 NY State Census)

1870 – John W. Judd (sic.), farmer, age 60, with wife Sophia and son, Frederick,                           were recorded living in Gates, Monroe Co., NY showing real estate value of                           $800 and personal estate value of $900  (1870 Fed. Census)

1870 – Charles Judd, wife Mary, daughters Florence and Etta were recorded living in the                         town of Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY (1870 Fed. Census)

1875 – John W. Judd, farmer, age 64, with wife Sophia and son, Frederick, were recorded                       living in First Dist., in the Town of Hamlin, Monroe Co., NY, (1875 NY State                           Census)

1875 – Charles Judd, wife Mary and children Florence, Etta, Harriett, Charles N. and Otis H.                      were recorded living in the Town of Gates, Monroe Co., NY (1875 NY State                            Census)

1877 – John W. Judd died and was buried at Mt Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
                    (Find a Grave)

1884 – Sophia Judd sold, on Jul 14 1884, at least 30 acres of land in Hamlin to                        Charles A. Judd. (Rochester Daily News Jun 9 1913 under Legal                         Notices – Supreme Court)

1880 – Sophia Judd – widow, age 67 was recorded as a servant in the home of                       Frederic Weitz, in the Town of Greece, NY, ED 48, Monroe Co., NY                     (1880 Fed. Census)

1880 – Charles Judd, wife Mary and children Florence, Etta, Harriett, Charles N., Otis H.                           and Chester E. were recorded living in the Town of Hamlin, E.D. 49, Monroe                         Co., NY (1880 Fed. Census)

1892 – Charles A. Judd, wife Mary and children Chester E., Katie, Titus, Harry H. and                               Earl(y) were recorded living in the Town of Hamlin, E.D. 1, Monroe Co., NY                           (1892 NY State Census)

1892 – Charles N. Judd is recorded living in The Town of Wilson, ED 1, Niagara Co., NY                           (1892 NY State Census)

1900 – Charles A. Judd is recorded as a widow, with no other family members, living in the                       Town of Hamlin, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. (1900 Fed. Census)

1900 – Mary Judd is recorded as a widow and a servant in the Frederick Palmer home in                         the Town of Hamlin, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. Mary is recorded as having had 0                     children with 0 children still living. (1900 Fed. Census)

1900 - Charles N. Judd is recorded as single and a boarder in the Philip Simmons home                           living in the Town of Hamline, ED 12, Monroe Co., NY. (1900 Fed. Census)

1905 – Charles Judd, his wife, Nellie, and his mother, Mary, were recorded as living on the                       Ladd Road in the Town of Hamlin, ED 1, Monroe Co., NY. (1905 NY State                             Census) {The Ladd Rd. became known as the Walker-Lake Ontario Rd.}

1909 – Charles A. Judd – Mar. 18 1909, Mary L. Judd, widow, applied for pension benefits                       for Charles A. Judd for service during the Civil War. He was in I 149 Infantry NY                     (out of Syracuse).  Does not show if this was approved.

1910 - Dec 13, 1910 - Matter of Estate of Charles A. Judd, deceased.— Decree                                         establishing right of inheritance of Florence M. Hebner. Etta L. Peck, Minnie M.                     Matthews, Chas, M.(sic.) Judd, Chester E. Judd, Titus Judd, Harry Herbert                             Judd and Earle Judd.—- Salisbury & Agate, for petitioner. Matter of Estate of                         Sarah Ms Jewett  (Rochester Daily News Dec. 1910)

1910 – Charles N. Judd with his wife, Nellie, and daughters, Hazel and Gladys, were                                 recorded living on the Ladd Rd. in the Town of Hamline, ED 15, Monroe Co.,                         NY. (1910 Fed. Census)

1918 – Charles N. Judd, Draft Registration, recorded as living RFD #3, Brockport, NY, age                       45, DOB 10/26/1872, wife Nellie, occupation: farmer, medium height and build,                      blue eyes and gray hair. Distinguishing feature: lost one thumb. (Monroe Co.                          Local Draft Board)

1920 – Charles N. Judd, his wife, Nellie, daughters Hazel, Gladys, and Dorothy and his                             mother Mary L. were recorded living in the Town of Sweden, ED 272. Monroe                       Co., NY  (1920 Fed. Census)

1930 – Charles N. Judd, his wife, Ellen, daughter, Dorothy and married daughter Gladys                           Judd Adams with her husband, Burtie, and their children Joyce and  Charles,                         were recorded living at the Staples Farm on West Sweden Rd. in the Town of                       Sweden, ED 28-258, Monroe Co., NY  (1930 Fed. Census)

1940 -  Charles N. Judd, age 67, his wife, Nellie, and his sister, Etta Peck, are recorded as                        living with or renting from Addison Arradine on Creamery Rd. in the Town of                          Bergen, ED 19-27, Genesee Co., NY (1940 Fed. Census)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Clan MacPherson

My Grandmother Broderick, nee Chambers, never got to know her paternal grandparents very well. When she was 8, her father was lost at sea and his parents had moved from New Brunswick to Maine. She and her mother eventually moved on to Boston while the grandparents moved to NJ to be closer to some of their other children. There wasn’t much chance to visit and by the time my grandmother was in her early 30’s, both grandparents had passed on.  So it was with some element of surprise when it was discovered that her paternal grandmother had been a MacPherson.

Sarah MacPherson was the daughter of James and a still to be discovered wife. We are not sure where she was born, but her death records say she was born Dec 22 1831 in Nova Scotia. Apparently many records in NS have not survived making research on her father, mother and siblings more than a little difficult.

However, that led me to doing some more in-depth research into the Clan MacPherson itself. There are variant spellings such as Macpherson, McPherson
Mcpherson and so on. It comes from the Gaelic Mac a’ Phearsain and basically means ‘son of the Parson.’  In this case the Parson was Muriach who was a 12th century lay-preacher in Kingussie, in Badenoch. Parson, at that time had a different meaning. The Parson was the church warden and collected the tithes.

For many centuries, the MacPhersons have been a leading Clan in the Clan Chattan Confederation, which is controlled by the Clan MacKintosh. Today the Chief of Clan MacKintosh is the President of the Confederation, while the Chief of Clan MacPherson is the Vice-President.

Cluny Castle served as the seat of the Clan Macpherson until sometime in the 1930’s. 

“Touch Not the Cat Bot a Glove” is the motto on the MacPherson crest. In this case ‘Bot’ means ‘without.’ It refers to a wildcat’s paw where the pad is the glove. If the wildcat does not have a glove, it means the claws are unsheathed. This is a warning to those to remember ‘the wildcats claws are without a glove.’ This refers to the historically violent nature of the clan.

There are 17 versions of the Tartan. I have included only one here,

It is considered a Highland clan and its District is Badenoch. The Clan Plant is White Heather.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The German Judds

Ordinarily, I don’t use my blog for a fishing expedition. However, I thought perhaps it would prove to be a useful tool in acquiring some needed information. I’m attempting to put together the paternal ancestral lines for my children. I have been successful only to a degree. So let me set up the picture of what I have and then, if anyone reading this has more information on this family, I would be ever so grateful to hear about it.

Somewhere in Prussia, c. 1843, Charles A. Judd was born. Every attempt I have made to find a locality has failed. I’ve even tried using what I thought would be German spellings, such as Karl and Judt, Judtz, Jud. Judis and so on. I’ve searched for immigration but I have no known port of departure or arrival, so the haystack gets bigger and the needle gets smaller. There is no known date of arrival either. My biggest fear is that all the early records were destroyed during WWll.

My first documented encounter with Charles A. Judd is the 1870 Federal census for Cicero, Onondaga County, New York which is dated Aug. 2 1870. This states he is a farmer, age 26, b. in Prussia. He is also married to a woman named Mary and has two daughters, Florence and Etta. Mary is 24, Florence is 4 and Etta is 1. They have a domestic servant, Florence Parker, age 13. This suggests that they had been married at least 4 years, although none of that information was supplied with this census. His wife, as it turns out was Mary L. Parker and Florence Parker was her younger sister. I have also failed to find any marriage record for Charles and Mary.

In the 1875 NY census, they have moved to Gates, Monroe County, NY and have added 3 children to the family. One daughter was born in Onondaga County and two boys were born in Monroe County. The first son was b. in 1873, as he was 2 years old in the census. So there is that much of a time line. This census says he’s a carpenter and is a naturalized citizen. However, in a search for naturalization records I did not find anything for this man.  Florence Parker, who would now be 18, is not listed with this family in this census. I might add I’m equally in the dark about the process for naturalization from 1860-1875. Did he, could he become a citizen because his wife was natural born?

The 1880 Federal Census finds this family in Hamlin, Monroe Co., NY. Hamlin is located in the NW corner of this county and was the last area to be settled. In the 1860-1875 time range, it was settled by a large group of German immigrants, mostly from NE Germany.  I have no way of knowing, but it makes me wonder if he might have known some of the new immigrants and decided to moved to Hamlin to be a part of their German community. The 1880 census does state that both Charles and his wife were born in Prussia. However this proves false for Mary later on. It all depends on what information the person has who answers the questions when the census taker knocks on the door.

By 1892, his oldest son, Charles Nestor Judd, is listed on the NY State census, age 19, living in Wilson, Niagara County, NY as a laborer on a farm. In the same census, but for Hamlin, Mon. Co., NY, first District, Charles A. is listed as a farmer, age 49, with his wife, Mary, age 47, and children - Chester 14, Katie 12. Titus 12, Harry 7 and Early (Earl) 4. In this census, it states that all were born in the USA, including the German immigrant, Charles A. It does not clarify Katie and Titus being the same age. It is possible they were twins.

Big changes have happened by the 1900 cen. where Charles is listed as the head of his household and he is the only member of the family. It states he is 57, a widow, a farm laborer, that he was born in NY and that his parents were both born in NY also.  <Scream> Now it gets really interesting because Mary Judd, age 56, shows up on the 1900 cen. for Hamlin, NY in the household of Frederick Palmer, as a servant. It indicates she is a widow, has had 0 children and 0 children are living. She and her parents were all born in NY. <<Scream>>

Something happened to this family that no one seems to know about. Unfortunately, my children’s grandmother didn’t have any information nor did she have any interest in her Judd relatives. Since she’s no longer with us, I have no other living source to go to for assistance. I believe she distanced herself from the Judds for a reason. Something happened between 1892 and 1900 that tore this family apart, enough so that the married couple continued to live in the same town but each presented themselves as widows. Also, the youngest son, Earl, age 12, is living with his older brother, Chester and his family, in Hamlin in the 1900 census. In the same census, Harry, the next to youngest child is age 17, living as a boarder in the Harry Hamil household and employed as a farm laborer. It also says his birth year was 1878 which is incorrect. His marriage record shows he was 28 in 1914.

I’m working on the theory that Charles died c. 1902. Mary is found in the 1905 NY census living with her oldest son and his wife. In 1909, Mary applied for a Civil War Pension, suggesting Charles served in the Civil War. This poses another mystery since his name does not appear on the roster of the Infantry listed on the application. I can find no death record for Charles or a grave site. Mary doesn’t seem to have been recorded anywhere in the 1910 census, but shows up again in the NY State census for 1915 living in Hamlin, NY. Mary died in 1921 in Sweden NY and again no death record or grave site has been found for her.

Charles A. and Mary L. Parker Judd had the following children:

Florence M., b. c 1866 Cicero, NY
Etta L., b. c 1869 Cicero, NY m. 1903 Frank H. Peck
Harriet Minerva, b. 1870 Syracuse NY
Charles Nestor, b. 1872 Monroe Co., NY, m. 1905 Ellen Hembury, d. 1952 Brockport NY
Otis H., b. 1875 Monroe Co. NY
Chester Emons, b. 1877 Hamlin NY, m. 1897 Clara Baxter
Katie, b 1880, d. bef 1892
Nellie, aft 1880. d. bef 1892
Titus, b. 1882 Hamlin NY, m.c 1903 Millie Crowell, d. 1967 Rochester NY
Harry H., b. 1885 Hamlin, NY, m. 1914 Irene Helbert,
Earl, b. 1887 Hamlin NY m. 1907 Cora O’Keefe

Federal Census Records: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1920, 1940
NY State Census Records: 1875, 1892, 1905, 1915, 1925
Marriage Records, Birth and Death Records: NY State - Onondaga Co., Monroe Co.,                    Genesee Co.
NARA – Naturalization Records
Castle Garden Port of Entry Records

Notes from a family bible

Monday, September 21, 2015

How Many First Cousins did my Maternal Grandmother Have?

I have been curious about this for some time now. My Grandmother was born in Dorchester NB and lived there until she was about 10 years old.  When she was seven, her father was lost at sea, somewhere off the coast of Cape Cod. This left them with no income or insurance money to help out. When she was nine, her little brother died from Scarlet Fever, at almost three years of age.  This left my Grandmother and her mother very much alone, which prompted them to move to the States, first to Bath, ME, then to East Boston, MA and eventually to Winthrop, MA, a peninsula in Boston Harbor. I believe they did travel back and forth a few times and relatives did come to Winthrop to visit, but I don’t think it was often. Therefore, my Grandmother had little opportunity to know just who her cousins were. I never heard her talk about very many cousins. There were a few that kept in touch, but not many. I thought it would be fun to see just how many cousins she actually had.

Alvina Chambers Broderick In Winthrop MA

My Grandmother was born Alvina Chambers at Cole’s Point (this is what she called it), in Dorchester NB in 1880. Her mother was Rebecca Ellen Cole and her father was Alexander Scott Chambers. Rebecca was one of 9 children, being the fifth child and smack in the middle of the pack. Three of her older siblings died, two as teenagers and the other at age 24. This left Rebecca with one older sibling, Lucinda, who, with her husband William Buck, had 10 children, but only 3 survived to adulthood.  Rebecca’s younger four siblings had 12 surviving children, collectively, making 15 first cousins when you include Lucinda’s three.

They were:
Lucinda Cole Buck-
          Arabella Buck Lawrence
          Edward L. Buck
          Wildie Buck Ward
Edward Cole –
          Mabel Cole Dooe
          Harley Cole
          Catherine Cole Houghton
          Edgar Cole
          Alice Cole Marney
          Margaret (Luella) Cole Elder
          Marion Cole Morine
Mary (Mame) Cole Muldoon –
          Walter Cole (Illeg.)
Emma Cole Cole (She married her 2nd cousin)
          George Cole
Margaret (Maggie) Cole Mitton –
          James Mitton
          William Mitton
          Hedley Mitton

Rebecca’s husband, Alexander Chambers, was the oldest child in his family. According to the 1910 census, his mother gave birth to 13 children, but by the time of that census only 4 were still living.

The Chambers children were –
Emma Chambers Hicks –
          Ada Hicks
          Stella Hicks
Nancy Lavinia Chambers Vincent –
          William Vincent
          Elizabeth Vincent
          Lena Vincent
          Alice Vincent
          Rupert (Roy) Vincent
          Phoeby Vincent
William Chambers –
          Frederick Chambers
          Ethel Chambers
          Gertrude Chambers
          Wilma Chambers
          Bessie Chambers
          Ida Chambers
          Walter Chambers
          Albert Chambers
Ella May Chambers Turner Tavernor
          Clara Turner
          Myrtle Turner
          Walter Tavernor

This list is as accurate as I can make it concerning the children who reached adulthood.. I’ve used Vital Records, census records, cemetery records and any other reliable source I can find to gather this information. Other sources indicate up to 15 children died before reaching their teens. These have not been counted in the final tally. On the maternal side it appears that my Grandmother had 15 1st cousins and on her paternal side, she had 19 for a grand total of 34 1st cousins. I believe she knew of most of her Cole cousins but probably only a few of her Chambers cousins. This woman, who grew up an only child, had a very large, extended family.

Friday, September 4, 2015

9th Great Grandparents

After recently reading one of Dick Eastman’s always interesting newsletters, where he addressed the issue of “We are all Related,” I decided to try an experiment.  Based on the research I have done and others have done before me, I decided to see how many 9th great grandparents I could come up with. Counting myself as Generation One, I ran an Ahnentafel report on 12 generations of family names; it takes that many generations to get to the 9th great grandparents. Mathematically, there should be about 2048 names. What most researchers know is that there are often sets of great grandparents that appear multiple times. This happens when you have a descent from say three or four of their children. Even so, I would find it almost impossible to come up with even half the number (1024) of people that math says there should be. So let’s say I can only find 25% of my 9th great grandparents. I am still woefully short of the 50% or abysmally shy of the 100% numbers.

9x gt. grandparents = 2048 people

  1. Atwood, Thomas & Sullivan, Honora
  2. Bassett, William  & Tilden, Elizabeth
  3. Baxter, George, b. 1600 & ??
  4. Blake, William, b. 1620 Pilminster, Somerset, Eng., d. 1663 Dorchester, MA &        Lyon, Anne, b. 1626 Plymouth Colony, d. 1680
  5. Bliss, Jonathan, b. 1625 Daventry, Eng., d. 1687 Rehoboth MA, & Harmon, Miriam, b. 1620 Eng., d. 1706 Rehoboth MA
  6. Boorman, Thomas (Sometimes spelled Bowerman), b. c. 1630 & ??
  7. Bowen, Richard, b. 1590 Ilston, Glamorganshire, Wales, d. bef.  1673 Rehoboth, MA & Bourne, Anne, b 1600 Swansea, Wakes, d. 1654 Rehoboth, MA
  8. Briggs, William, b 1646 Hingham MA & Macumber, Sarah, b. 1645 Marshfield MA, d. 1680 Taunton, MA
  9. Brooks, Timothy, b. 1629, d. 1711 Cohansey, NJ & Russell, Mary, b. 1645 Charlestown, MA, d. 1680 Billerica, MA
  10. Brown, William, b. c 1625 England, d. 1694 Eastham, MA & Murdock, Mary, b. 1625 Smarden, Kent, England
  11. Clark, Robert & ??
  12. Clifton, Thomas & Butterworth, Mary. both b. Eng.
  13. Cole, James, b. Eng. & Feake, Mary
  14. Covel, Nathaniel, b. c. 1620 & ??
  15. Deane, Stephen, b. 1605 Eng., d. 1634 Plymouth, MA & Ring, Elizabeth, b.c. 1602, Ulford, Suffolk, Eng., d. 1687 Eastham, MA
  16. Eddy, William, b. c 1558 Bristol, Eng., d. 1616 Eng. & Fosten, Mary, b. 1568           Cranbrook, Kent, Eng., d. 1611 Cranbrook, Kent, Eng.
  17. Eldredge, John, b. c. 1600 England  & ??
  18. Finney, John b. 1604 Lenten, Nottinghamshire, Eng., d. 1687 Swansea, MA &        Bayley, Elizabeth, b. 1634 Barnstable MA, d. 1684 Bristol, MA
  19. Fisher, Anthony & Saxon, Joanne
  20. Freeman, Edmund, b. c. 1596, Billingshurst, Suffolk, Eng., d. 1682 Sandwich, MA & Hodsall, Bennett, b. 1596, Pulborough, Sussex, Eng.,    d. 1630, Pulborough, Eng.
  21. Fuller, Caleb  & ??
  22. Garnzey, Henry, b. Eng. & ??
  23. Guild, John, b. 1616, d. 1682 Dedham MA & Crooke, Elizabeth, d. 1669
  24. Hardin, John, b. 1625 Plymouth Colony & Hurst, Hannah, b. 1627 Plymouth Colony
  25. Higgins, Richard, b. 1604, d. 1674  & Yates, Mary, b.1610, d. 1702
  26. Hinckley, Samuel, b. 1589 Tenterden, Kent, Eng., d. 1662 Barnstable, MA & Soole, Sarah, b. 1600 Hawkhurst, Kent, Eng., d. 1656 Barnstable, MA
  27. Hopkins, Giles, b. 1608, Hursley, Hampshire, Eng., d. 1690, Eastham, MA & Weldon, Catherine, d. aft. 1690 Eastham, MA
  28. Hopkins, Stephen, b. 1580, Hursley, Hampshire, Eng., d. 1644 Plymouth Colony & Kent, Mary, d. 1613.  Eng. (This marriage is still considered a possibility.)
  29. Hudson, Henry, d. 1611 Labrador NFLD, Canada
  30. Joyce, John b. 1602 Derby, Eng., d. 1666 Yarmouth MA & Cochet, Dorothy, b. 1608 Mickel Over, Derby, Eng.
  31. Knowles, Richard, b. 1614 Lancashire, Eng., d. 1675 Eastham, MA  & Bower, Ruth, b. 1616 Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 1687 Eastham, MA
  32. Lombard, Thomas b. 1581 Thornecombe, Dorsetshire, Eng., d. 1685, Barnstable, MA & ??
  33. Lumpkin, William, b. 1600 Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 1671 Yarmouth, MA & Constable, Thomasine, b. 1605 West Rasen, Lincolnshire, Eng., d. 1682 Yarmouth MA
  34. Martin, John, b.1634 Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, Eng., d. 1713 Swansea, MA & Esten, Joanna. B. 1645 Herefordshire, Eng., d. 1733 Swansea, MA
  35. Mayhew, Thomas, b. 1593 Tisbury, Wiltshire, Eng., d. 1682 Edgartown, MA & Parkhurst, Abigail, b. 1600, d. bef. 1635
  36. Mayo, John, b. 1598, Cattistock, Eng., d. 1676 Yarmouth MA & Brike, Tamsin b. 1600 England, d. 1682 Yarmouth MA.  Rev. Mayo was a minister in Eastham MA.
  37. Munnings, Edward & Ardley, Sarah, both b. Eng.
  38. Nickerson, William, b. 1604 Norwich Eng., d. 1689 Monomoit (Chatham) MA &        Busby, Anne, b. 1607 Norwich, Eng., d. 1686 Monomoit (Chatham) MA  (3x)
  39. Paine, Thomas, b. c. 1600, Wantage, Berkshire, Eng., d. 1631  & Galland, Jane, b. 1602, d. 1666 Edgartown, MA
  40. Prence, Thomas, b. 1600, Gloucester, Eng., d. 1673, Plymouth Colony, & Brewster, Patience, b. 1600, Scrooby, York, Eng., d. 1634, Plymouth Colony. Arrived 1621 in the ship Fortune. He was the 4th, 8th and 12th Governor of New Plymouth Colony.
  41. Pye, William, b. 1617 Bodinnick, Cornwall, Eng. & ??
  42. Rider, Thomas & ??
  43. Ruggles, John b. 1579 Sudbury, Suffolk, Eng., d. 1656 Boston, MA & ??
  44. Savery, Thomas, b. bef 1572 Hannington, Wiltshire, Eng., & Woodrorke, Mary, b. c. 1574 Hannington, Wiltshire, Eng.
  45. Shelley, Robert, b. Nazeing, Essex, Eng. & ??
  46. Smith, Ralph, b. 1610 Hingham, Norfolk, Eng., d. 1685 Eastham, MA & Hobart, Elizabeth, b. 1612, Hingham, Norfolk, Eng., d. aft. 1654, Eastham, MA (This is not the minister of the same name.)
  47. Smith, Thomas, b. Brinspittal, Dorsetshire, Eng. & Doane, Joan
  48. Snow, Nicholas, b.c. 1578, Hoxton, Middlesex, Eng. & Rowles, Elizabeth, b.c. 1580, Hoxton, Middlesex, Eng.
  49. Snow, Nicholas, b. 1599, St. Leonard’s Shoreditch, London, Eng., d. 1676 Eastham, MA & Hopkins, Constance, b. c. 1606, Hursley, Hampshire, Eng., d. 1677 Eastham, MA  (2x)
  50. Tibbes, John, b. Eng. & Harris, Margaret, b. Eng.
  51. Toogood, William, b. 1626 & ??
  52. Tower, John, b. c. 1609, Hingham, Norfolk, Eng., d. 1702, Hingham, MA & Ibrook, Margaret, b. c. 1620 Eng., d. 1700, Hingham MA  (2x)
  53. Upham, John, b. 1525 Bicton Devonshire, Eng. D, 1584 & ??
  54. Watts, Jeremiah, 1635 Eng., d. 1698 in MA & ??
  55. Whipple, John , b. 1517 Eng., d. 1685 Providence RI & They, Sarah, b. 1626 d. 1666 Providence RI
  56. Williams, Thomas, d. bef. 1696 in Eastham, MA & Tarte, Elizabeth, b. 1619           Tenterdon, Kent, Eng.  (2x)
  57. Wood, Thomas, b. 1642 Plymouth Colony, d. 1704 Newport RI & Hale, Rebecca, b. 1644 Bristol, MA
There are still family names being researched that haven’t reached the 9th great grandparent = Buck, Broderick, Palmer, Harper, Lacy, Snow (different family), Kennedy, Thistle, Pye (different lines), Chambers, Miller (or Millard). Boyle, Sagerton, Sheehan, Wade, Reynolds, Hubley, Scarr. Pike, Kahler, Thompson, Keillor. Matler, Spinney, Horn, McPherson, Carmichael, MacBurnie, Doane, Perkins.  Some families are only at the 5th, 6th, or 7th generation so there are names I haven’t even found yet.

The better share of my 9th gt. grandparents came from England. Some were born in Plymouth Colony of English parents. Add in the known Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestors and you could pretty much say I am a UK mutt.

What this boils down to is this list is really, really short of the 2048 people who should populate the role of my 9th gt. grandparent.

Friday, August 7, 2015

The Family Bowen

By all the accounts I have researched, the name Bowen originated in Wales, some say, more specifically, in Pembrokeshire. Whatever the case may be, the name originates through the Welsh patronymic system. This is a fairly complex system that can become lengthy and cumbersome. The Welsh used the prefix ‘ab’ or ‘ap’ to designate ‘son of’ + the father’s given name. A name such as Gwilym ab Gruffyd ab Madog would be son, father and grandfather. This would translate into William son of Griffith son of Maddock or a variety of spellings meaning about the same thing. In the case of Bowen, Owain (Owein, Owen and other spellings) was a popular Welsh name. To be the son of Owain would be to have a name such as Rhys ab Owain. Eventually the long string of paternal names was discontinued and ‘ab Owain’ became standard, evolving into ‘Bowain’ or Bowen. Just for kicks and giggles, a few other names that came into being this way were Price (ap Rhys), Pritchard (ap Richard), Perry (ap Harry), Powell (ap Hywel), and Pye (ap Hugh).

                                                        Swansea, Wales

It is believed the earliest known ancestor of the Bowens was a man named Gwylym ab Oowen who was born c. 1412. There are some researchers who believe they can take the Bowen line back to the first century, but I don’t advocate this school of thought. Over the course of years, I have been able to ascertain, through some published research of Medieval experts, that not much can be verified before the year 1000 CE. If it is a Royal line, there is a chance for documentation, but the common folk were basically illiterate and didn’t keep records of names. If anything, it was the number of people serving a Lord of the manor and how many people in his household. If records were kept, many, most perhaps, have been lost to time, dampness, fire and basic deterioration.

Before I go on, I might add that there are still several schools of thought on the ancestry of Richard Bowen of Rehoboth MA. This one is, or seems to be, the most commonly accepted for accuracy. So we will begin with Gwylym ab Owen and what is known about him.

(1) Gwylym was b. c. 1412 in Wales. He married Agnes verch Hywel and they had a child named Owen, b. c 1453. (2) Owen married Janet Llewelyn and had at least three children: James, b. 1480, Thomas and Elizabeth. (3) James was appointed Commissioner of Revenue by King Henry VIII and became Sir James who m. Mary Hale. They had at least one child Mathias, b. 1524. (4) Mathias m. Mary Phillips and they had a son, James, b. c. 1550. (5) James m. Eleanor Griffith (they were 1st cousins 1x removed) and their son Richard was b. c. 1590.

An ascendency to King Edward III, through his son John of Gaunt, has been displayed on some websites. I have double checked random entries and have found there to be a reasonable assurance and confidence that this is a reliable ancestry of Richard Bowen, the immigrant. However I have a dozen or more sources to check before I will claim its accuracy. For those who might like to attempt further research on your own, the following is the descent being researched by a number of people:

Edward III Plantagenet m. Philippa of Hainault
John of Gaunt m. Katherine Roet (Swynford)
Henry Beaufort m. Alice FitzAlan
Jane Beaufort m. Edward Stradling
Henry Stradling m. Elizabeth verch William Herbert
Thomas Stradling m. Janet Mathew
Jane Stradling m. William Griffith
Elizabeth Griffith m. John Phillips
Mary Phillips m. Mathias Bowen
James Bowen m. Eleanor Griffith
Richard Bowen m. Anne Bourne

(6) Richard is my 9x gt. grandfather. He was b. in Ilston, Glamorganshire, Wales. He m. c. 1615, Anne Bourne, at Kettle Hill, Glamorganshire, Wales. She was b. c. 1592 in Swansea, Glamorganshire, Wales. Richard and his family emigrated to America about 1640. He and Anne had at least 7 children, all of whom were born in Wales.

Their children were:

Sarah (1616-1676) m. c. 1639 Robert Fuller
Alice (1620-?) m. c. 1636 Robert Wheaton
Richard (1623-?) m. Esther Sutton
Thomas (1625-1663) m. Elizabeth Nichols
*Obadiah (1627-1710) m. 1651 Mary Clifton
Ruth (1634-1688) m. George Kendrick
William (1637-1687)

(7) Obadiah and Mary Clfiton m. 1651 in Rehoboth MA and had 11 children. Their names were:

*Obadiah (1651-1699) m. 1677 Abigail Bullock
Mary (1653-1678) m. 1673 Isaac Allen
Sarah (1654-1710) m. 1673 John Savage
Samuel (1659-1728) m.1684 Elizabeth Wood (went to Cohanzey NJ)
Joseph (1662-1727) m. 1683 Elizabeth Rounds
Thomas (1664-1743) m. 1689 Thankful Mason
Hannah (1665-1715) m. 1685 Timothy Brooks (went to Salem NJ)
Lydia (1666-1758) m. 1686 Joseph Mason
Mercy (1672-young)
 Isaac (1674-aft. 1710) m. 1698 Hanna Winchester
Hezekiah (1676-aft. 1710)

(8) Obadiah and Abigail Bullock had at least 10 children. They eventually left Rehoboth and moved to Swansea where all of their children were born. Obadiah was called Jr. in Swansea records. At one time Swansea (Swanzey) was a part of Rehoboth before being made a village in its own right.

Their children were:

*James (1680-1738) m. 1703 Elizabeth Garnzey
Peleg (1682-?)
Hezekiah (1682-1751) m. 1706 Elizabeth Randall
Mary (1684-?) m. 1710 John Bush
Elizabeth (1686-?) m. Silas Clark
Abigail (1688-aft. 1722) m. Benjamin Fiske
Daniel (1689-1737) m. 1716 Priscilla Vinton
Aaron (1691-1774) m. 1717 Experience Whitaker
Sarah (1693-?) m. Martyn Luther
Nathan (1698-1776) m. Sarah Ashley

(9) James and Elizabeth Garnzey  (d/o John Garnzey and Elizabeth)

Lydia (1704-1747) m. 1724 Squire Wheeler
*Elizabeth (c. 1705-1755) m. 1725 Jonathan Cole
Obadiah (1706-?) m. 1731 Barbara Martin
Tabitha (1710-?) m. c. 1731 Daniel Wheaton
Mary (1713-?) m. 1733 Thomas Wilbur
Patience (1716-?)
Experience (1720-?)
Abigail (1722-?)

Originally, I had the parents of Elizabeth Garnzey as John Garnzey and his wife Elizabeth Titus.  This Elizabeth Titus was supposedly the daughter of John Titus and Abigail Carpenter. Titus family researchers have discredited this line and state that throughout all the records that have been researched John and Abigail had no daughter named Elizabeth. They stated the confusion probably occurred because a John Garnzey did marry an Elizabeth Titus, but in a totally different generation. Thus, I have removed the surname of the Elizabeth who was the mother of Elizabeth Garnzey and who married John Garnzey.

The family of Elizabeth Bowen and Jonathan Cole can be found in an earlier blog “Cole Family Goes to Swansea” dated Dec. 18, 2012.

As always, I hope you enjoy the information on the Bowens. Any addition, corrections or suggestions are gratefully accepted and appreciated.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

John Pye and Henrietta Maria Pye

There is so much confusion surrounding this man. Not only does he have a very common first name but several of his relatives share other common names. Separating them into the proper families has been a hair puller. 

I haven’t been able to document where John was born but it would seem he was probably born in France or England. Rather than being banished as a legend in my family suggests, it appears John’s father Charles made a conscious decision to go into exile in support of the Stuart claim to the English throne. There are no records in Maryland to indicate that Charles was there to personally take care of his affairs, for over 20 years. Charles’ brother, Walter, acted as his attorney for all things legal. Charles and Walter were both still called ‘of the Mynde’ indicating they still had ownership of that Herefordshire property.

                  The Mynde, Much Dewchurch,                        Herefordshire, England

Walter had married Margaret Tant and had a family of 8 children. Charles had married Mary Booth, in France, and also had 8 children. Their son, John, married Walter and Margaret’s daughter, Henrietta Marie, first cousins. This was not so uncommon 300 years ago when large families were so inter-related with other large families. Needless to say, this close relationship of two families has been an additional headache in sorting out each person’s place in which family.

From 1752-1770, John Pye’s name is frequently recorded in the land records, where he established certain acres to be leased, who it was to be leased to, and what was expected in annual rent, either in money or harvest. In 1756, it was stated that he owned 5000 acres in Charles Co., 1500 of which were to be used in payment to Edward, the Duke of Norfolk, over a ten year span. This was Edward Howard, 9th Duke of Norfolk, a relative of Queen Elizabeth I.

Charles and Mary Booth Pye’s son, Charles, came to Maryland, stayed a few years and returned to England where he died unmarried. He left all his property at Cornwallis Neck to his brother, John.

Indian Head is the wide area at the top left. Cornwallis Neck is in the foreground. Potomac River is to the left.

In Henry Rozer’s deposition of 1801:

“Charles Pye the Son came to Maryland and resided some years therein upon his Estate in Charles County called Cornwallis Neck but returned to England where he died unmarried leaving his mother still alive and also his Brother John Pye to whom he devised his Estate or the principal part thereof that John Pye resided many Years and died upon the Estate Called Cornwallis neck in Maryland devised to him by his Brother Charles Pye as above Stated that John Pye above named married Henrietta Pye the Daughter of Walter Pye Esquire of Charles County aforesaid that the Said John Pye died in the year Seventeen hundred and Seventy two leaving Six Children to wit Charles Pye his Eldest Son and heir at Law whom resides on the Estate above mentioned Called Cornwallis neck in Charles County and State of Maryland Edward Joseph Pye Mary Pye Margaret Pye Ann Pye and Elizabeth Pye. That Charles Pye the Grandson was Sent by this Deponant about the year Seventeen hundred and Seventy two to England to the care of his Grand Uncle Counsellor James Booth who undertook to Superintend his education that Charles Pye the Grandson returned from England in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty three and has resided upon the estate Called Conrwallis neck in Charles County and State of Maryland ever since except that in the year Seventeen hundred and ninety seven he made a trip to england and further the deponant saith not.”
{Provided as written with no changes to spelling or punctuation.}

John Pye’s will, proved June 25, 1772, bequeathed property to his wife, Henrietta, and five children, Mary Clare, Anne, Margaret, Charles and Edward. In Henrietta Pye’s will of March 4 1775, she leaves property to her youngest daughter, Elizabeth Pye, thus proving there was a child born after the death of her husband John. Their children were:

Mary Clare (1756-?)
Margaret Theresa (1758-1802)
Charles (1760-1809) m. 1781 Sarah Edelen – 7 children
Anne (1765-?)
Edward Joseph (1767-1801) m. Mary Jenkins – 4 children
Elizabeth (1772-?)

In the 1790 census, there is a Walter, Joseph and Charles Pye all with land holdings. Since this was a nominal census, only the heads of household were given and then the number of persons living in the home. Walter, in this case, is most likely a cousin, descended from Edward Pye (Sr.), who would have been his grandfather. Since there is no Edward listed on this census, it seems likely that Joseph is that person, using his middle name.

After the American Revolution, people began to move to the west. By the mid-1800’s there were very few Pyes left in Maryland who were descendants of Col. Edward Pye, at least the ones who had the surname.  Some records seem to point to the families moving to Virginia, Tennessee or to the south in Georgia.  If anyone reading this knows of a family connection to this group of Pyes, I would be delighted to hear from you.

The Maryland Calendar of Wills 1720-1726

Maryland land records vol 1

Maryland land records vol 2