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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Part IV.2 con't

4. David William – b. 1842 in NS and married Catherine (Cassie) Fraser in Halifax NS, 1870. David was a shoemaker. In the 1881 census, David and Cassie had William Henry 1871, George Albert 1872, Bessie 1874, Hilda 1877, and an unnamed male baby 1881. Another child, John b. & d. 1876 lived a few short days. In total David and Cassie had:

                        a. William Henry – He shows up on the 1891 Canadian census but I                                           was unable to find him anywhere after that date.
                        b. George Albert – George went by his middle name, Albert. There                                             is an immigration record for him in 1891 for entry to Boston, MA.                                             He is listed as a shoemaker. He married Mary Phelan in 1892 and                             had at least 5 children: In 1911 they were living in Colchester, NS.                                           All the children were still at home and they had three boarders as                                            well.
                                    b/1. John A. (1895-?) was married in 1925 to Irene Frances                                       Hartnett. No further info.
                                    b/2. William Frederick (1897-?) m. Jean Margaret Stewart in                                       1924 and they had 7 children: Irene, John, Joseph, Luke,                                                          Richard, Mary J. (1927-1928), Nancy Louise.
                                    b/3. Agnes F. (1900-?) No further info
                                    b/4. Ruby Alice Gertrude (1904-1998) married Richard                                        During (1901-1992) in 1928. They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                                    b/5. Leo Gerald (1910-1981) married Mary Margaret                                                                 Underwood (1911-1992). They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                        c. Bessie (Elizabeth) (1874-?) No further info
                        d. Hilda (1877-1956) married George Wellington Lloy, c. 1895. In                             1901 they were living with her parents and had a four year old son,                               James. Hilda and George were living in Halifax, NS in 1911. Their                                     children were:
                                    d/1. James (1897-1947)
                                    d/2. George (1901-?) m. Alice Sutherland in 1928
                                    d/3. Charles (1903-?)
                                    d/4. Gilford (1906-?) m.
                                    d/5. Frederick (1907-?) m. Hilda Baker in 1926
                                    d/6. Marjorie (1910-?) m. George Spike in 1927
                                    d/7. Clarence (1912-?)

                        e. Elizabeth (called Bessie) (1878-?) married George W. Brown in 1902. In                                1910 they were living at 13 Eustus St. in Chelsea MA. George was a                                      salesman in Groceries. They had 2 children, Chester, b. 1904 and                                          Florence, b. 1906. A third child, Esther joined the family, b. 1912, while                                  they were living in Everett, MA. In 1920, they were living on Central St. in                              Georgetown, Essex Co., MA. George was listed as a Janitor at a public                                  school. In 1930 the family was living on Andover St. in Georgetown.                                        Chester and Esther are still living at home and George still has the same                                occupation. Bessie was called Elizabeth and it states that her parents                                    were born in Scotland. This is a prime example of misreporting. The                              person giving the information to the census taker was not aware                              that the parents of Bessie/Elizabeth were born in Nova Scotia and                              not Scotland. No further info.
                        f. Unnamed baby
                        g. Agnes (1883-?)

                        h. Mary B. (1885-1909) Mary died, at age 24, in Boston, MA from                              renal failure and septicemia. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem. in                                  Everett, MA

                        i. Robert William (1886-1937) He died in Halifax, NS
                        j. Greta (1888-?)

            5. Sarah Jane (1842-1901) Sarah married Aaron J. Wells, but couldn’t find a date or                  place of the marriage. In 1870 they were living in Ipswich, MA and had a son,                        George, age 1. Annabelle was b. in 1870; Chester Gordon was b. 1874; Walter                      was b. 1875 and died 1875, age 1 month; Gracie was b. 1876. By the 1880                            census, the only children listed were George, Annie and Gracie. No record could                  be found for Chester Gordon. Gracie married Harry Stephenson in 1899 and                          Annabelle married Charles Marston in 1910. In 1900, George was an inmate in                      an Almshouse in Ipswich, MA, Sarah d. in 1901 of heart disease at age 59. In                        1910, Aaron Wells was living at 10 Warren St. in Ipswich, MA. 1920 shows Aaron                   still living at the same address, age 77, and he manufactured horse radish. In                        1910, daughter Grace Wells Stephenson is living in Beverly MA. Her  husband                      Harry worked in a shoe factory and they had three daughters, Dorothy, b. 1903;                    Virginia, b. 1906; and Ruth, b. 1908. I was unable to locate any   further records                    on Charles and Annabelle Wells. Her marriage certificate in 1910 said she was a                  nurse living in Haverhill MA, it was her first marriage and his second. He                                was 20 years her senior.

            As to Grace Wells Stephenson, a bit of a mystery popped up. There is a birth record for the oldest child, Dorothy Grace Stephenson for 1903 and a death record for the same child, with the same parents, living in the same place for 1905. She apparently died of Cholera Infantum at the age of 2 and 5 mos. However, the 1910 census for Beverly MA states quite clearly that Dorothy G., age 7 is living with her parents Harry and Grace. I have no explanation for this.

            6. James Hylsop (1848-?) m. Elizabeth Mullins in 1867. There is a birth record for                   a male Carmichael baby in 1868. There is no further information on this family.

            7. George Henry (1849-1924) m. Christy Ann Mullins in 1872. There seems to be                     little information about this family. It is unknown if Mullins is Christy’s maiden                         name or a name from a former marriage. She had a son, Percy Mullins who was                   b. in 1869 and there seems to be quite a bit of  information on him and his                             descendants. There are two possible children for George Henry and Christy Ann,                   but there is no verifiable information that I could find. The possibilities are:
                        a. Catherine, b. 1873
                        b. Christy b. 1877

Please for queries, corrections, additions etc. I cannot return email from the blog postings. 

There is no further information on the rest of Isaac’s children. Isaac was the youngest child of Francis and Elizabeth Carmichael.  The next and last installment of the Carmichael Chronicle will follow the oldest child of this couple, Thomson (Thompson) Carmichael.  Thomson was my gt. gt. grandfather so this will be my family line. This will definitely not happen till after the holidays.

Canadian Census records 1851-1911

US Federal census records 1850-1940

Vital Records, birth, death and marriage

Draft Records

Military Pensions

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part IV.1

 Includes the surnames: Douglas (Douglass), Patterson, Rice, Dow, Douglas, (Douglass), Patterson, Rice, Harvey, Coe, Bishop, During, Brown, Lloy, Spike, Wells, Silver, Stephenson(Stevenson), Marston

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

            *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                             extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
             David (1799-?) no information
             Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                                   (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
            Robert (1800-?) no information
            Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray       
            James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
                        1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
            Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877)
            John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several ‘John Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
***Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Aaron D. Wells; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W. m. Catherine (Cassie) Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m.   Elizabeth Mullins; George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and Alexander – no info on these last two children.

Part IV will proceed with the youngest of Francis (Frank) and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael’s children.

Isaac was b. 1808 at Pictou Landing, NS. In 1822, he was listed as a scholar (student) in Hugh Dunbar’s school at Fisher’s Grant. There is also a David and Lydia Carmichael listed in the class and this list was signed by James Carmichael, Sr., Isaac’s uncle. In 1831, he married Janette Hamilton (her name is found in a half dozen different spellings). Isaac was known as a shoemaker and was found still living in Pictou in 1881. They raised a family of at least 10 children (all I could find) and all were born either at Pictou Landing or Fisher’s Grant. They were:

            1. Mary B. (1835-1891)
            2. Elizabeth (1839-1886)
            3. John Robert (1840-1900)
            4. David William (1842-1924)
            5. Sarah Jane (1842-1901)
            Isabell (1844-?) – no further info
            6. James Hylsop (1848-??)
            7. George Henry (1849-1924)
            Isaac Murray (c. 1851-?) no further info
            Alexander (1854-?) no further info – Dozens of men named Alexander in the same time frame and not enough information to find the one who was Isaac’s son.

            1. Mary B. – I’ve been unable to locate her in Canada or the USA until 1888 when she pops up in a marriage record in Ipswich, MA. She was 53 years of age and it’s her first marriage. She married David Dow who was from Ipswich and was a knitter. He’s 68 at the time of this marriage and it states it was his 2nd one. Then there is a death record for her for 1891 when she died of heart disease at the age of 56. She is buried in Ipswich in the same grave as her husband’s parents and first wife. She had no issue.

            2. ElizabethElizabeth married Robert Douglas (Douglass) in 1863, in Green Hill, NS. There is a birth record for Jessie Catherine, b. 1869 in Middle River NS. Elizabeth is mentioned in the death record of Angus Douglas who died at the age of 2 in 1874. I did not find birth records for any of the other children. Information on their births was taken from death certificates. There is a gravestone for Robert and Elizabeth. She died in 1886 and he died in 1901. Their children were (all surname Douglas):
                        a. Georgina Long (1895-1949) – She was living with her father, single and                                 age 24 in 1891 Green Hill, NS census.  She was again in 1911 living with                               her youngest brother, Howard, in Pictou.  She was still single. Her death                                 certificate says she lived her entire life in NS. She died of a cerebral                                       hemorrhage on Jun 28 1949 at age 84. There was no mention of what she                             did to support herself during her lifetime and she was still single at the time                             of her death.

                        b. William Henry (1867-1931) In 1891 he was living with his widowed father                                in Green Hill, NS. I did find a marriage for him that fits all the timelines but                              I can’t verify it at this time. He may have married Maude Milligan and had                             a daughter Rachel Ruth in 1902. His wife signed his death certificate as                                 Mrs. W. H. Douglas. He died in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, where he had                                 been living for 20 years. Oddly, I couldn’t find him on a census for those                                 years.

                        c. Jessie Catherine (1869 -?) – She was living with her father in 1891 at                                      Green Hill, NS. She was known by her middle name Catherine. No further                              information. Searches performed for Jessie and Catherine, Canadian and                              USA.

                        d. Angus (1872-1874)

                        e. Howard Wilburn (1878-1937) – 1901 shows Howard living on his own as                                he is head of household in that year’s census. In 1911, He is still                                            single, still head of household and his sister Georgina is living with him.                                  There was also an Iren (sic.) Douglas age 18 living with him and she was                              listed as his sister-in-law. There was no explanation for how she could                                    have that status. In 1917, he marries Mabel Douglas. She could have                                    been a cousin but this couldn’t be determined with the information I had.                                Her father’s name was Alexander Douglas. I couldn’t find Howard and                                    Mabel in the 1921 census nor in the US Federal census. There is a death                               certificate for him in 1937. It states he lived in NS all his life. He had                                       worked at Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Co., in the shipping dept. I didn’t                                  locate any children for him.

            3. John Robert – John was listed in the 1865 MA State census, in Braintree, MA. He                  was age 25 and a bootmaker. He married Maggie Raymond of Weymouth MA on                  Dec 15 1866 in Braintree MA. In the 1870 Federal census, he was working in a                      boot factory, still living in Braintree and they had two daughters, Ada, 3, and                          Jennie, 2. There is a birth record for Frederick in 1871. The 1880 cen. shows                        them still living in Braintree, John still working in a shoe factory and all three                          children are with them. In 1884, on Sep. 12, at the age of 17, Ada died from                          Scarlet Fever. On Oct 20, 1884, a new baby, Olive Isabel was born to the family.                    In 1887 there appears Pension Records for John’s service during the Civil War.                      He had attained the rank of Sgt. in the 42nd Massachusetts Infantry. On Apr. 11,                   1892, at the age of 7, Olive Isabel died of meningitis.
                        a. Adeline Florence (1867-1884)
                        b. Jennie Gilbert(1868-1952)
                        c. Frederick Raymond (1871-1951)
                        d. Olive Isobel (1884-1892)

            Then in 1900, John Robert died at the age of 60. At this time, the Military Pension Records appear again with his wife Margaret, a widowed dependent. Margaret (Maggie) died Dec 29 1912 of Pneumonia. Her death certificate states her residence was at 49 Central Ave., Braintree, MA.

                        b. Jennie, at age 49, married, for the first time, William Robert Patterson, of                                Quincy MA. The oldest surviving daughter of John and Maggie shows her                              and her husband living at 49 Central Ave., which had been the home of                                  Jennie’s mother, in the 1920 census. By 1930, they had moved to New                                  Ipswich, NH and appear to be retired as no occupation listed for either of                                them. The 1940 census shows them living in the same house as before.                                There was no issue from this marriage. Her husband was not working, but                             Jennie was serving on the School Board. Their gravestone shows                              that William died in 1946 and Jennie, in 1952. They are buried in                                            New Ipswich, NH.
                        c. In 1893, Frederick married Sarah Reviere, of NJ. The marriage record                                    states he is a salesman. In short order, Fred and Sarah had four children,                             Florence Isobel, 1894, George Frederick, 1896, Donald Reviere, 1898 and                             Sarah Margaret, 1899.
                           All their children were:
                                                c/1. Florence Isobel (1894-1987)
                                                c/2. George Frederick (1894-1967)
                                                c/3. Donald Reviere (1898-1978)
                                                c/4. Sarah Margaret (1899-?)
                                                c/5 John Robert (1901-?)
                                                c/6 Dora Alma (1904-?)
            In the meantime, the 1900 census shows Frederick and Sarah, with two of their        children, living on Pond St. in Braintree, MA. Oddly enough the youngest two children, Donald and Sarah, are listed as boarders with the family of Ben Goodwin, also on Pond Street. In 1901, Frederick and Sarah had a son named John Robert and in 1904 they had a daughter named Dora. In 1910, Fred, his wife and all six of his children are living at 5 Canal  St. in Braintee, MA
            Now to continue with Fred and Sarah in the 1920 census. They were living at 5 Canal St. in Braintree with George and his wife Sarah, Margaret, John and Dora. Fred was a Town Clerk and George was a mechanic at Machine and Gear Works Co. Margaret and John are both clerks in offices and Dora is still a student.
                        c/1. Florence (who goes by her middle name Isobel), the oldest of this family, is not found again until 1928 when she married George Rice. They settle in Charlton, Worcester, MA, he is a farmer and she is a teacher. They have two children, Shirley, 1931 and Robert, 1933. Mr. Rice is working for the WPA.

                        c/2. George Frederick married Sarah Langford in 1919. At the time of their      marriage he was a machinist and she was a shoe worker. In 1920, George and Sarah are living with his parents in Braintree, MA. By 1930 they are living in Nottingham, NH, near his parent. They have two children, Elizabeth, age 10 and Catherine, age 7. In 1940, George is a chopper in a lumber mill and he and his family still lived in the same house as 1930. Elizabeth was married in 1939 to Herbert Philbrick, in Maine. Catherine was living with her    parents. In 1942, his draft reg. information states he was working as a carpenter for Albert Harvey, his brother-in-law. Albert is married to George's sister Sarah. Herbert Philbrick may be connected to the family of Philbricks (with another Herbert), who became a spy for the government. His story eventually became a book and then a TV series called “I Led Three Lives”, back in the 1950’s. Catherine married Edward Coe in 1944. George Frederick died in 1967.

            c/3. Donald’s 1918 draft card says he had a medium build with brown hair and brown eyes. The 1920 census says he’s a patient in the Norfolk Hospital in South Braintree, MA. There is no indication that he is there due to war injuries. By 1930, he was a teller at a Trust Co., is married to Hazel Barton and has two children, Donald Jr., 6, and Eleanor age 1 and lives in Belmont, MA. In 1940, he’s an accountant for a utility co., still living in Belmont and they’ve added one more child, Marylyn, age 9. Donald died in 1978 in Needham, MA.

                        c/4. Sarah Margaret – Used her middle name Margaret and married Albert Lionel Harvey in 1924. Their children were:
 Virginia 1925, Alma Mae 1927, Albert Lionel 1930, John Frederick 1933, Beverly 1937 Roger 1940.  Alma married Ralph Silver in 1945; Albert married Jane Mariotti in 1951; John F. married Shirley Hood in 1954.
              Sarah died in 1996 at the age of 97 in Rockingham NH.

                        c/5. John Robert – Married Eva Demers in 1923 in NH. By the 1930 census               they had one child, John Robert, Jr. and all three are living with John’s parents, Fred             and Sarah. John Jr. is age 6, while both of the older two men work on farms.

                        c/6. Dora Alma was b. in Braintree, MA but in 1930 she was living as a                    lodger in a boarding house in Boston and she was working as a waitress. By Aug.                 1930 she had married George Bishop in Nottingham, NH. In 1940, they were living at           60 Westminster St. in Boston MA and there are three children: Nancy Jane 1931;                 George 1935; Bradford 1937. George was an accountant for an oil company.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part III

Includes the surnames: Lewis, Scholefield, Marra, Gross, Greene, Darstein,
Werle, Jones

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                               extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
           Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                                                        (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
          Robert (1800-?) no information
          Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray     
          James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
                    1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
***Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877)
          John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several John                          Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
          Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Kenneth                         MacLeod; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W.                   m. Cassie Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m. Elizabeth Mullins;                         George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and Alexander – no info on these last                 two children.

     This expanded report will begin with ***Elizabeth Catherine. This is what I found about her.    
Elizabeth Catherine (who was known by her middle name) was b. 1804 at Pictou  Landing, NS. Although her father’s name was Francis, he appears as Frank in most documents. I found no marriage record for her, but an unverified date of 1829 in Fisher’s Grant, NS is given for her, by a family member. She married William Mahy and raised their family in or near Green Hill NS. I have not found all the children born to this couple. I had always thought the name Mahy was Irish, but in some of the records of the sons, they state their nationality as French. It is possible they were part of the Montbeliard immigration, although I didn’t find the Mahy name listed with those immigrants.

                                                    Pictou Landing, NS

I have found only three children so far. If Catherine and William were married in 1829, then there is a 10 year gap to the first child I found who was born in 1839. Generally there would be 3 – 4 children born in a ten year span, unless they all died. However I found neither birth nor death records in any case.  It is also possible that the marriage date is incorrect.

I have found:
          1. James William (1839-1911)                            
          2. Isobel (1845-1891)
          3. William Wallace ((1847-1934)

          1. James William (1839-1911) James was b. at Fisher’s Grant in NS. He                       married Louisa Fraser in 1863 in Pictou, NS. She was b. in 1842.  The 1880 RI (Rhode Island) census says he was a glass maker. I have found 8 children for them.
                    1a. George (1865-?) I couldn’t find a birth record for George but I                                 did find an immigration record for 1872 that said he was 7                                   yrs. old and b. in NS. He was with his parents and siblings                                  Charles, Emma and Mary (apparently a nickname for                                         Minnie). No further info.
                    1b. Charles A. (1867-1953) b. NS, by the 1880 Charles is living in                                 Brooklyn Township, Alameda CA. He’s married and has four                                         children, all of whom are listed in both the 1900 and 1910                                         censuses. Charles m. Flora Dunnigan c. 1892 and the four                                                     children were:
                                        1b/1. Clyde (1893-?)m. Kara Evelyn Grimmins. They                                                   had three children, Clyde (1920-bef 1930),                                                         Dorothy (1924-?) and Stanley (1925-?). No                                                        further info on Dorothy or Stanley.
                                        1b/2. Forrest (1895-?) No further info
                                        1b/3. Madeline (1897-?) m. in 1915 Charles Lewis.                                                       They had two children Evelyn (1916-?) and                                                         Charles (1918-?).
                                        1b/4. Ray Warren(1900-?) He was living with his                                                           mother in the 1920 census. No further info.                                                        There is a death record for Flora in 1923.
                              Charles and Flora divorced sometime before 1917, as there                               is a marriage record for him and Aurora Filmer in 1917, who                               had also been married before. She was from Manilla,                                          Phillipines.
                              There is another marriage record for him in 1945 to Hazel                                   Larson. This record said this was his 4th marriage, but I was                               unable to find a record for the third marriage. It is unknown if                                                   he had more children with any of the other three wives.
                    1c. Emma Jane (1869-bef. 1871) b. NS – No further info
                    1d. Minnie Catherine (1871-1919) b. NS – No further info
                    1e. Lillie Amelia (1875-?) b. in Providence RI, m. in 1896 Charles                                  H. Scholefield (b. 1863 in Rockville, CT). Their child, Paul                                    was b. in 1897 in Tyngsboro, MA where Charles was a                                       Baptist minister. Their second child, Floyd, was b. in                                           Shrewsbury, VT in 1899. The 1900 census has them still                                     living there. The 1910 census has them living on Main St. in                               Albion, NY, 1915 in Utica, NY, and 1920 in Trenton, NY. I’ve                                                   been unable to find a birth record for Kenneth nor can I find                                                     any death records for Charles and Lillie.
                              This family and my own have crossed paths, decades apart.                                                   My sister lived in Tyngsboro, MA for many years and I visited                               there frequently. I most likely passed by the Baptist Church a                                                   few times as well. But even more ‘small world’ is the fact the                                                   Albion, NY is about 20 miles from where I write this blog. I                                                       have indeed passed the Baptist Church and the house they                                                     lived in dozens of times. 
                                        1e/a. Paul Gordon (1897-1968) m. c  1925 Lillian                                                          Evans (1905-1980). They had three children,                                                      Gordon (1927-1933), Alice (1931-?) and                                                             Charles (1936-2005).
                                        1e/b. Floyd Mahy (1899-?) m. Dorothy Louise Hall in                                                     1923 at Indian Lake NY. They had two sons,                                                      Howard (1925-?) and Lyndon (1927-?).
                                        1e/c. Kenneth (1905-1983) m. Margie Unknown c.                                                        1926 and they had two children, Clifford (1930-                                                   ?) and Shirley (1936-?)

                    1f. Alice Louisa (1876-?) b. at Green Hill, NS. Records show she                                   was b. and living in NS in 1876, which indicates that James                                 and his family did not remain in RI. The family went to RI in                                 1872, but returned to NS by 1876, apparently back to the                                   family homestead in Green Hill. But they must have returned                               to RI as James has naturalization papers dated 1892. In                                     1910, Alice is in Providence RI, unmarried and a public                                       school teacher. In 1918, Alice married Louis Marra, who was                               b. in Italy and was studying to be a nurse. By 1920, Alice,                                   her husband and her daughter Sylvia, age 7 mos., were                                      living with her mother, Louisa, in Providence, RI. Alice was                                  still listed as being a teacher. In 1930, Alice is divorced, still                                 a teacher, still in Providence RI and has two daughters,                                      Sylvia, age 10 and Virginia age 8. In 1940, Alice is an                                         elementary school principal, still divorced, still in Providence                               and both daughters were still living with her.
                    1g. Sarah S. (1879-?) b. at Green Hill, NS and is in 1881 cen. In the                               Providence RI, 1900 cen., her occupation is listed as type-                                  writer. In 1901 she married Arthur Garfield Gross, in                                           Providence. Charles Cedric was b. in 1903 and Harold Arthur was                                          b. in 1905. Charles died in 1909 at age 6. Harold was found in 1920 as                                  an inmate in an industrial school in Barrington, RI. In 1925 RI census,                                    Harold was at the United States Naval Torpedo Station in Newport,                                        Rhode Island.
                              The 1930 census indicates that he was married when he                                     was 21 to a woman named Ruth. They lived in Cranston                                     City, RI and had two children, Ruth, age 3, and Harold,                                       age 2. Harold’s occupation was a refiner of gold and silver.                                 By 1940, another child has arrived, George age 5. They are                               living in the Town of Coventry, RI and Harold is now a truck                               driver for road improvement. I was unable to find a death                                    record for Harold A.
                              In the 1920 census, Sarah is living with her mother, Louisa Mahy. Her                                    last name is now listed as a Banister and that she is a widow. I was not                                  able to find divorce records for her and Arthur nor marriage and death                                    records for any Banister that fit the location and the time-line. In the                                        1930 census, Sarah is living alone and her occupation is Physical                                          Therapist. I found no records for Sarah after this date.
                    1h.  Grace (1884-?) b. in RI, went by her middle name Edith. There                                                   is a birth record for her for 1884 in RI. She was the only child                                                   of James and Louisa to be born in the USA. She married, in                               1909, Arthur Phillip Greene (Green) who was born in                                          England. The 1910 census shows them living in Providence                               RI and Arthur was a clerk in a merchandizing store. 1920                                    shows Arthur as an Agent at a Hardware Store. There are no                               children listed for them. In the 1930 census, it shows the                                    family living in Foxborough MA with two children, Elizabeth,                                 age 10 and Audrey, age 3. Elizabeth was adopted in 1929                                  and Audrey was born in St. John, New Brunswick in 1927.                                  Arthur is the owner of a Hardware Store and Edith also                                       works there as a clerk. In 1940, only Edith and Audrey                                        appear in the census. Edith is a seamstress and Audrey is                                  still in school. In the 1945 Florida census, Arthur is listed with                               the family and in 1946 he is a witness to his daughter,                                        Audrey’s, marriage to Henry Darstein who was born in                                        Ogden UT.

Here endeth the family of James Mahy. Next will be his sister Isobel Mahy.

          2. Isobel (1845-1891) has proved to be a bit of an enigma. Her birth year has been                           derived from the year she died at age 46. No records in NS or RI could be                             found to support this other than the death record. She married Franz (Frank)                         Werle sometime in the early 1870’s. Frank immigrated from his native born                             Germany in 1869. I have only been able to find three children for them Calvin,                       Walter and Maude.

                    2a. Calvin (1875-1944) Was b. in Providence RI, m. in 1901 to                                      Flora Isabella Belcher. They had two daughters, Doris, b.                                    1903 and Hope, b. 1904. Calvin was a house carpenter,                                     possibly working with his father-in-law who was a house                                      builder.
                    2b. Walter (1878-?) In 1900, there is an enlistment for Walter Werle                               in the Military stationed at Fort Williams, Maine. His rank was                               Pvt. Another 1900 doc. shows he was in the Army Artillery.                                 In 1918, his draft registration for WWI shows him living in                                    Hartford CT and that Calvin is his nearest relative. He was a                                                   teamster and did not indicate that he was married. In 1942                                                       his draft registration for WWII shows him living in Harford,                                                       MD. He appears to be unmarried. No further info on him.
                    2c. Maude (1882-1934) In 1900, Maude was 17 and working as a                                 domestic servant. She married John Willie Jones in 1910. By                                                   1915 in the RI census, she is back to being a domestic                                                           servant in a home and no mention of her husband. In the 1930 Federal                                  census she is in Cranston RI, in the State Hospital for Mental Diseases.                                  it indicates she is a widow.  A death record is found for her in 1934,                                        where she died at Cranston, RI. This record did indicate her father was                                  Frank and her mother was Isobelle. No COD was listed. She was                                           age 52.
          3. William Wallace Mahy (1847-1934) William married Jeannette Duncan                       Milne in Providence RI in 1870. He was 23 and she was 29. {I have                     seen her name spelled Janet, Janette, Jennette, Janetta and                                                  several other ways.} I have found 4 children for them.

                    3a. Male child (1871-1871) – stillborn
                    3b. Joseph William (1873-1873)
                    3c. George Edward (1874-?) m. Mildred Jordan, unknown date.                                    They had three daughters Elsie, b. 1899, Marion, b. 1901                                   Dorothy b. 1905. George was a steam engineer. Their                                        daughter, Marion, d. 1917, of Diabetes Mellitus, at the age of                               16. In 1918, his WWI draft registration says they were living                               in Brockton MA and he was a steam engineer at the Bancroft                               Hotel in Worcester, MA. After this draft registration, I couldn’t                               find any further info on this family. 
                    3d. Annie L. (1880-?) In 1910 she was single, age 30 and living                                     with her widowed father. She was a bookkeeper. In the RI                                  census of 1925 she was a lodger and still single. In the 1940                               Federal census she is living at 199 Morris Ave., in                                               Providence RI and is age 63. No work information is                                           recorded for her.

          William’s wife, Jeannette, died in 1909 and William d. in 1934, at the age   of 87. They died in Providence RI and it is believed they are buried there but that information was not found.

To add to the confusion, many of Francis Carmichael’s children were born in Fishers Grant, NS and the rest of them were born in Pictou Landing. To clarify, these two names refer to the same place. It is believed that the name changed when ferries began landing at Fisher’s Grant. Today it is part of the Pictou Landing First Nation Reserve.

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