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Friday, October 27, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part III

Includes the surnames: Lewis, Scholefield, Marra, Gross, Greene, Darstein,
Werle, Jones

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                               extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
           Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                                                        (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
          Robert (1800-?) no information
          Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray     
          James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
                    1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
***Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877)
          John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several John                          Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
          Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Kenneth                         MacLeod; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W.                   m. Cassie Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m. Elizabeth Mullins;                         George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and Alexander – no info on these last                 two children.

     This expanded report will begin with ***Elizabeth Catherine. This is what I found about her.    
Elizabeth Catherine (who was known by her middle name) was b. 1804 at Pictou  Landing, NS. Although her father’s name was Francis, he appears as Frank in most documents. I found no marriage record for her, but an unverified date of 1829 in Fisher’s Grant, NS is given for her, by a family member. She married William Mahy and raised their family in or near Green Hill NS. I have not found all the children born to this couple. I had always thought the name Mahy was Irish, but in some of the records of the sons, they state their nationality as French. It is possible they were part of the Montbeliard immigration, although I didn’t find the Mahy name listed with those immigrants.

                                                    Pictou Landing, NS

I have found only three children so far. If Catherine and William were married in 1829, then there is a 10 year gap to the first child I found who was born in 1839. Generally there would be 3 – 4 children born in a ten year span, unless they all died. However I found neither birth nor death records in any case.  It is also possible that the marriage date is incorrect.

I have found:
          1. James William (1839-1911)                            
          2. Isobel (1845-1891)
          3. William Wallace ((1847-1934)

          1. James William (1839-1911) James was b. at Fisher’s Grant in NS. He                       married Louisa Fraser in 1863 in Pictou, NS. She was b. in 1842.  The 1880 RI (Rhode Island) census says he was a glass maker. I have found 8 children for them.
                    1a. George (1865-?) I couldn’t find a birth record for George but I                                 did find an immigration record for 1872 that said he was 7                                   yrs. old and b. in NS. He was with his parents and siblings                                  Charles, Emma and Mary (apparently a nickname for                                         Minnie). No further info.
                    1b. Charles A. (1867-1953) b. NS, by the 1880 Charles is living in                                 Brooklyn Township, Alameda CA. He’s married and has four                                         children, all of whom are listed in both the 1900 and 1910                                         censuses. Charles m. Flora Dunnigan c. 1892 and the four                                                     children were:
                                        1b/1. Clyde (1893-?)m. Kara Evelyn Grimmins. They                                                   had three children, Clyde (1920-bef 1930),                                                         Dorothy (1924-?) and Stanley (1925-?). No                                                        further info on Dorothy or Stanley.
                                        1b/2. Forrest (1895-?) No further info
                                        1b/3. Madeline (1897-?) m. in 1915 Charles Lewis.                                                       They had two children Evelyn (1916-?) and                                                         Charles (1918-?).
                                        1b/4. Ray Warren(1900-?) He was living with his                                                           mother in the 1920 census. No further info.                                                        There is a death record for Flora in 1923.
                              Charles and Flora divorced sometime before 1917, as there                               is a marriage record for him and Aurora Filmer in 1917, who                               had also been married before. She was from Manilla,                                          Phillipines.
                              There is another marriage record for him in 1945 to Hazel                                   Larson. This record said this was his 4th marriage, but I was                               unable to find a record for the third marriage. It is unknown if                                                   he had more children with any of the other three wives.
                    1c. Emma Jane (1869-bef. 1871) b. NS – No further info
                    1d. Minnie Catherine (1871-1919) b. NS – No further info
                    1e. Lillie Amelia (1875-?) b. in Providence RI, m. in 1896 Charles                                  H. Scholefield (b. 1863 in Rockville, CT). Their child, Paul                                    was b. in 1897 in Tyngsboro, MA where Charles was a                                       Baptist minister. Their second child, Floyd, was b. in                                           Shrewsbury, VT in 1899. The 1900 census has them still                                     living there. The 1910 census has them living on Main St. in                               Albion, NY, 1915 in Utica, NY, and 1920 in Trenton, NY. I’ve                                                   been unable to find a birth record for Kenneth nor can I find                                                     any death records for Charles and Lillie.
                              This family and my own have crossed paths, decades apart.                                                   My sister lived in Tyngsboro, MA for many years and I visited                               there frequently. I most likely passed by the Baptist Church a                                                   few times as well. But even more ‘small world’ is the fact the                                                   Albion, NY is about 20 miles from where I write this blog. I                                                       have indeed passed the Baptist Church and the house they                                                     lived in dozens of times. 
                                        1e/a. Paul Gordon (1897-1968) m. c  1925 Lillian                                                          Evans (1905-1980). They had three children,                                                      Gordon (1927-1933), Alice (1931-?) and                                                             Charles (1936-2005).
                                        1e/b. Floyd Mahy (1899-?) m. Dorothy Louise Hall in                                                     1923 at Indian Lake NY. They had two sons,                                                      Howard (1925-?) and Lyndon (1927-?).
                                        1e/c. Kenneth (1905-1983) m. Margie Unknown c.                                                        1926 and they had two children, Clifford (1930-                                                   ?) and Shirley (1936-?)

                    1f. Alice Louisa (1876-?) b. at Green Hill, NS. Records show she                                   was b. and living in NS in 1876, which indicates that James                                 and his family did not remain in RI. The family went to RI in                                 1872, but returned to NS by 1876, apparently back to the                                   family homestead in Green Hill. But they must have returned                               to RI as James has naturalization papers dated 1892. In                                     1910, Alice is in Providence RI, unmarried and a public                                       school teacher. In 1918, Alice married Louis Marra, who was                               b. in Italy and was studying to be a nurse. By 1920, Alice,                                   her husband and her daughter Sylvia, age 7 mos., were                                      living with her mother, Louisa, in Providence, RI. Alice was                                  still listed as being a teacher. In 1930, Alice is divorced, still                                 a teacher, still in Providence RI and has two daughters,                                      Sylvia, age 10 and Virginia age 8. In 1940, Alice is an                                         elementary school principal, still divorced, still in Providence                               and both daughters were still living with her.
                    1g. Sarah S. (1879-?) b. at Green Hill, NS and is in 1881 cen. In the                               Providence RI, 1900 cen., her occupation is listed as type-                                  writer. In 1901 she married Arthur Garfield Gross, in                                           Providence. Charles Cedric was b. in 1903 and Harold Arthur was                                          b. in 1905. Charles died in 1909 at age 6. Harold was found in 1920 as                                  an inmate in an industrial school in Barrington, RI. In 1925 RI census,                                    Harold was at the United States Naval Torpedo Station in Newport,                                        Rhode Island.
                              The 1930 census indicates that he was married when he                                     was 21 to a woman named Ruth. They lived in Cranston                                     City, RI and had two children, Ruth, age 3, and Harold,                                       age 2. Harold’s occupation was a refiner of gold and silver.                                 By 1940, another child has arrived, George age 5. They are                               living in the Town of Coventry, RI and Harold is now a truck                               driver for road improvement. I was unable to find a death                                    record for Harold A.
                              In the 1920 census, Sarah is living with her mother, Louisa Mahy. Her                                    last name is now listed as a Banister and that she is a widow. I was not                                  able to find divorce records for her and Arthur nor marriage and death                                    records for any Banister that fit the location and the time-line. In the                                        1930 census, Sarah is living alone and her occupation is Physical                                          Therapist. I found no records for Sarah after this date.
                    1h.  Grace (1884-?) b. in RI, went by her middle name Edith. There                                                   is a birth record for her for 1884 in RI. She was the only child                                                   of James and Louisa to be born in the USA. She married, in                               1909, Arthur Phillip Greene (Green) who was born in                                          England. The 1910 census shows them living in Providence                               RI and Arthur was a clerk in a merchandizing store. 1920                                    shows Arthur as an Agent at a Hardware Store. There are no                               children listed for them. In the 1930 census, it shows the                                    family living in Foxborough MA with two children, Elizabeth,                                 age 10 and Audrey, age 3. Elizabeth was adopted in 1929                                  and Audrey was born in St. John, New Brunswick in 1927.                                  Arthur is the owner of a Hardware Store and Edith also                                       works there as a clerk. In 1940, only Edith and Audrey                                        appear in the census. Edith is a seamstress and Audrey is                                  still in school. In the 1945 Florida census, Arthur is listed with                               the family and in 1946 he is a witness to his daughter,                                        Audrey’s, marriage to Henry Darstein who was born in                                        Ogden UT.

Here endeth the family of James Mahy. Next will be his sister Isobel Mahy.

          2. Isobel (1845-1891) has proved to be a bit of an enigma. Her birth year has been                           derived from the year she died at age 46. No records in NS or RI could be                             found to support this other than the death record. She married Franz (Frank)                         Werle sometime in the early 1870’s. Frank immigrated from his native born                             Germany in 1869. I have only been able to find three children for them Calvin,                       Walter and Maude.

                    2a. Calvin (1875-1944) Was b. in Providence RI, m. in 1901 to                                      Flora Isabella Belcher. They had two daughters, Doris, b.                                    1903 and Hope, b. 1904. Calvin was a house carpenter,                                     possibly working with his father-in-law who was a house                                      builder.
                    2b. Walter (1878-?) In 1900, there is an enlistment for Walter Werle                               in the Military stationed at Fort Williams, Maine. His rank was                               Pvt. Another 1900 doc. shows he was in the Army Artillery.                                 In 1918, his draft registration for WWI shows him living in                                    Hartford CT and that Calvin is his nearest relative. He was a                                                   teamster and did not indicate that he was married. In 1942                                                       his draft registration for WWII shows him living in Harford,                                                       MD. He appears to be unmarried. No further info on him.
                    2c. Maude (1882-1934) In 1900, Maude was 17 and working as a                                 domestic servant. She married John Willie Jones in 1910. By                                                   1915 in the RI census, she is back to being a domestic                                                           servant in a home and no mention of her husband. In the 1930 Federal                                  census she is in Cranston RI, in the State Hospital for Mental Diseases.                                  it indicates she is a widow.  A death record is found for her in 1934,                                        where she died at Cranston, RI. This record did indicate her father was                                  Frank and her mother was Isobelle. No COD was listed. She was                                           age 52.
          3. William Wallace Mahy (1847-1934) William married Jeannette Duncan                       Milne in Providence RI in 1870. He was 23 and she was 29. {I have                     seen her name spelled Janet, Janette, Jennette, Janetta and                                                  several other ways.} I have found 4 children for them.

                    3a. Male child (1871-1871) – stillborn
                    3b. Joseph William (1873-1873)
                    3c. George Edward (1874-?) m. Mildred Jordan, unknown date.                                    They had three daughters Elsie, b. 1899, Marion, b. 1901                                   Dorothy b. 1905. George was a steam engineer. Their                                        daughter, Marion, d. 1917, of Diabetes Mellitus, at the age of                               16. In 1918, his WWI draft registration says they were living                               in Brockton MA and he was a steam engineer at the Bancroft                               Hotel in Worcester, MA. After this draft registration, I couldn’t                               find any further info on this family. 
                    3d. Annie L. (1880-?) In 1910 she was single, age 30 and living                                     with her widowed father. She was a bookkeeper. In the RI                                  census of 1925 she was a lodger and still single. In the 1940                               Federal census she is living at 199 Morris Ave., in                                               Providence RI and is age 63. No work information is                                           recorded for her.

          William’s wife, Jeannette, died in 1909 and William d. in 1934, at the age   of 87. They died in Providence RI and it is believed they are buried there but that information was not found.

To add to the confusion, many of Francis Carmichael’s children were born in Fishers Grant, NS and the rest of them were born in Pictou Landing. To clarify, these two names refer to the same place. It is believed that the name changed when ferries began landing at Fisher’s Grant. Today it is part of the Pictou Landing First Nation Reserve.

Canadian Census reports: 1851, 1861, 1871, 1891, 1901

USA Federal census reports: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1920, 1930, 1940

WWI draft Registrations

WWII Draft Registrations

Birth, Marriage and Death Records and Certificates

Immigration records

Find a Grave

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part II b


Includes the surnames Clarke, Cushman, Albert, Cameron, Smith, Reynolds, Copeland 

^4.  William (1830-1912) b. in Merigomish NS, m. Harriet MacMillan in 1865. The 1900 census states he immigrated in 1879 and was still an alien in 1900. Harriet immigrated in 1878. This may have been for a short time as they were listed in the 1881 Census for New Glasgow, Pictou Co., NS. All the children were listed in the 1881 census, so it would appear they were all b. in NS. In 1881 Census Robert Murray age 81 was living with William’s family in New Glasgow, NS. When they did immigrate, they lived in Salem MA. They had 9 children, all surnames Murray:

          ^4a. Henrietta Forbes (1866-?) m. in 1897 William H. Smith
          ^4b. Robert Bray (1866-1942) m. in 1887 Margaret Sarah MacKenzie. They had 8 children all                        boys.
          ^4c.William Frederick (1867-?) m. in 1889 Ellen Grady. They had 3 children.
           4d. Adam (1869-?) – no further info
          ^4e. Elizabeth J. (aka Bessie) (1871-?) m. in 1902 Peter P. Reynolds. They had 8 children.
           4f. Mary Bell (1873-?) – no further info
           4g. Sarah Maud (1877-?) – no further info
          ^4h. James Garfield (1879-?) m. in 1909 Linda Millan
            4i. Hugh J. (1880-?) - no further info
          4e/a. Gladys (1892-?) illegitimate dau. of Elizabeth Murray (aka Bessie)

          4a. Henrietta (called Etta) Forbes (1866-?) m. in 1897 William H. Smith in Salem MA. They had 7 children:                   
                    4a/a. Courtney A. (1898-?)
                    4a/b. Geraldine (1901-?) twin
                    4a/c. Guinivere (1901-?) twin
                    4a/d. Harriet R. (1904-1904) premature birth buried in Green Lawn Cem. Salem MA
                    4a/e. Norma (1907-?)
                    4a/f.  Henrietta (1909-?)

William H. Smith’s marriage to Henrietta was his 2nd. He had a son by his first wife (unknown) in 1874, also named William H. Smith. The twins were born in Danvers, MA and all the others were born in Salem, MA. William was a shoemaker in a cobbler’s shop in the 1910 census. In the 1920 cen. Etta was a widow, living at 32 Shawsheen Rd. in Andover MA. I found Courtney Smith at age 32, m. to Mildred, age 34, living at 351 South Philip Ave. in Detroit, MI in the 1930 cen. They owned their home and he was an advertising artist with his own studio. They had two sons, Kenneth (10) and Harry (8). In the 1940 cen., Courtney was a salesman for Commercial Art and Advertising. Courtney died in 1951.

          4b. Robert Brae (1866-1942) m. in 1887 Margaret McKenzie (1867-1946). Robert was a barber in Antigonish, NS. They had 8 children:

                    4b/a. Francis (Frank) (1887-?) m. in 1911 Margaret (Maggie) McKenzie. Frank was a barber in Antigonish, NS the year he was married.  No further info.
                    4b/b. Charles (1891-?)  Twin
                    4b/c. Robert (1891-?)  Twin
One of the Canadian census reports states that these twins were born in  the USA.  I’ve been unable to find any birth records in either country. The common names make it the proverbial needle in a haystack. 
                    ^4b/d. James Garfield (1893-1954)
                    4b/e. Murdock (1895-?) No further info
                    4b/f.  William (1898-?) No further info
                    ^4b/g. Earl Monteith (1899-1973)
                    4b/h. Hanley (1908-?) No further info

In the 1911 census, all the children were still recorded as living at home with their parents. In addition, Murdock McKenzie, age 89, Margaret’s father, is also living with them, in Antigonish, NS.

                    4b/d. James Garfield m. in 1920, Elizabeth Irene Lowther, aka Bessie. He was a station Agent for the Canadian Railway. He died in 1954 from a Coronary Thrombosis, at age 61. He was living in Trenton, NS at the time.

                    4b/g. Earl Monteith (1899-1973) m. in 1927 Lena Marshall Pye of  Sherbrooke, Guysboro Co., NS. He died in 1973 and she died in 1993. Both are buried in the Robie St. Cem. in Truro, NS

I have been unable to discover any family for these last two men. Canada has not released their 1921 information, as yet, so it’s difficult to go forward with the families that remained in Canada.

          4c. William Frederick (1867-?) m. in c. 1889 Ellen Grady b. in the Irish Free State. They had 3 children all b. in Boston, MA:

          4c/a.  Harriet Mary (1889-1913) m. Patrick Joseph Driscoll bef  1913. They had one daughter Ellen Driscoll, b. sep 2 1913. Mary d. Nov 21 1913 in Boston, MA, of asthma and chronic             bronchitis. Ellen was raised by her grandparents, William and Ellen and was still living with them in the 1940 census, at age 26. She was a nurse.
          4c/b  Edward (1890-?) Edward was still living with his parents in the 1920 cen. but was married and living at 78 Trenton St. in East Boston, MA in the 1930 cen. By 1940, he and his wife Helen had two sons, Edward, age 9 and John, age 8. Edward was a Laborer  for the city of Boston. They lived at 66 Percival St. in Dorchester, MA.

          4c/c.  Catherine (1892-1901) Catherine d. at age 8 from diphtheria.

^5. Lydia Murray (1841-1926) b. in Merigomish, NS. She m. Alexander Cameron, from Loch Broom, in 1866. His parents were John Cameron and Sophia Fraser. There is a voter registration card for the elder Alexander showing his age at 52 in 1882. It says he is living in Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino, CA. I have found four children for them:
          5a. John Robert (1868-?) b. in NS
          5b. William Knox (1877-1902) b. d. in CA
          5c. George Alexander (1880-?) b. in CA
          5d. Eleanor

The 1900 cen. show Lidy (sic.) as a 60 yr. old widow with her son Alexander, age 20, and daughter Ellen, age 17, living with her. Her husband had died in 1899. Her son was a woodsman and her daughter was a dressmaker.

          5a. John Robert (1868-?) m. Imelda Thompson in 1908. He was 40 and she was 36. She was a music teacher and he was a mechanic. Imelda had been born in CA but her parents were both born in Norway. In 1910, he was working in a lumber mill and they were living in Ten Mile River, Mendocino, CA. By 1920, they were living in Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino, CA and were still there in 1930. John died in 1932 and Imelda is shown as a widow in the 1940 census living in Fort Bragg, Ten Mile River, Mendocino, CA. She died in 1962. There were apparently no children from this marriage.

          5b. William Knox (1877-1902) there is an 1898 Voter registration card for him but I found no marriage information for him. The death record gives no explanation for his death at such a young age.

          5c. George Alexander (1880-1945) This man went by his middle name, Alex. He was still living with his widowed mother in 1900 but by 1910 he was a boarder at a rooming house at the lumber mill where he worked. The 1920 census shows Alex and Irene, his wife, living in Ten Mile Twnshp, Mendocino CA, where they owned a home free of mortgage. He was a machine man at a Planing Mill. I could find no marriage information for him, but he did marry Olive Irene Ramsdell and they had one son, Murray who was born in 1920. In 1930 he was still at Fort Bragg, Ten Mile City, Mendocino CA, where he owned his own home at 501 Laurel Ave., and was now a Foreman at a Planing (Plane – ing) Mill. In 1940 they had moved to 571 Coast Rd. in Ten Mile Twnshp, Mendocino CA and he was a pattern maker in a saw mill. His wife and his son were living with           him. Murray enlisted in the Army in Feb. 1941 at San Francisco.  No further info on him.

          5d. Eleanor (1882-?) Eleanor appears in the 1900 census living with her widowed mother. In 1911, she married Harry Richmond in Elk, Mendocino CA. In 1920 they were living with her brother, Alex, in Ten Mile Twnshp. Harry was a Tally man at the lumber mill. In 1930, he was a retail clerk in a general store, Greenwood, Cuffey’s Cove, Mendocino CA. In 1940 they were living in Boonville, Anderson, Mendcino CA. Harry was a Grocer and owned is own store. I found no children born to them in any of the records.

^6. Robert Murray (1843-?) Robert was married to Mary Unknown and living next door to his sister, Lydia, in Cuffey’s Cove CA in the 1880 census. Robert and Mary had two children, Christina, b. 1869 and George R. b. 1873, both in CA. In the 1900 census, Robert is living as a boarder in Cuffey’s  Cove and is a widow. This census says he immigrated in 1868 and had become naturalized sometime before 1900. I was unable to find any records on either of his children or the death of his wife.

^7. Hannah (1843-1939) Hannah was born in Merigomish, NS. She married Nicholas Olding Copeland in New Glasgow, NS, in 1874. As custom would have it, he went by his middle name Olding. He was a farmer in Merigomish. In 1881 there was one child, a boy named Aubrey, 5 years     old. Two older sisters of Olding were also living with them. In the 1891 census I found another son David Francis, b. 1876. Olding died in 1913 from Epilepsy. Hannah died in 1939 of old age. Her son Aubrey signed her death certificate. Although Aubrey stated he lived in Merigomish, I was unable to find records for him or his brother.

^8.  David Francis (1846-1925) David was married twice. First to Alexia Ferguson in 1884. They had 3 children: a daughter Jessie, b. 1885; a son Charles Robert b. 1887 and another son, Colin E. b. in 1889. Although I can find no death record for Lexy, as she was called, David Francis married again      in 1890 to Jessie Cameron. They had one child, a daughter, Margaret Agnes Murray, b. 1891. No further information on any of the people in this family.

                                                         Cuffey's Cove, Mendocino, CA
                                                         Photo from Mendocino's web site
Canadian Census years, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911
USA Federal Census years, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940
Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part II a

Includes the surnames Clarke, Cushman, Albert, Cameron, Smith, Reynolds, Copeland

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
           Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                             (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
           Robert (1800-?) no information
          ****Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray
          James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
                    1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
          John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several ‘John Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
          Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Kenneth MacLeod; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W. m. Cassie Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m. Elizabeth Mullins; George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and           Alexander – no info on these last two children.

     This expanded report will begin with ****Isobel Carmichael:                                     

****Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray (1792- 884). Most of their children were b. in Merigomish, NS.
          Their children were, all surname Murray:
          ^1.  Isabelle (1823-1872)
          ^2.  James (1827-1911)
           3.   Robert (1830-1842)
          ^4.  William (1830-1912)
          ^5.  Lydia (1841-1926)
          ^6.  Robert (1843-?)
          ^7. Hannah (1845-1947)
          ^8.  David Francis (1846-1925)
           9. Almira (1851-?)
All those marked with ^ have information below. I have eliminated an entry for John Murray based on certain things I found. First there was very little to be found on this name with the correct time line and the correct people. Second, what I did find, curiously, had the same dates as everything I had found for James (1827-1911), including the exact death date. My educated guess is that this person was either John James, or James John, but had used the name James throughout his life. I felt it was in the best interests of presenting what I did know as opposed to what I could theorize about. I do believe they are one in the same person, but can’t prove it.

^1. Isabelle (1823-1872) m. Thomas Clarke (1821 in Scotland -?) –  They had 4 children, all surname Clarke:
          a. Thomas (1848-?) – No further info
          b.  Mary Ann (1855-?) - No further info
          c.  George Jackson (1857-1926) m. in 1879 Alicia McKay
          d.  Alice Margaret (1861-?) - No further info
          1c. George Jackson Clarke and Alicia McKay (1854-?) had three children:  Agnes (1878-?), Thomas (1880-?) and Catharine (1883-?), all born in Nova Scotia.

An 1871 census for Thomas and Isabelle was found for New Glasgow, NS. A death record for Isabelle in 1872, a marriage record for George in 1879, a 1891 census for George and Alicia, a 1901 census for Alicia, called Celie, Agnes, called Aggie, Thomas and Catherine are living with her in Pictou, Nova Scotia. George Clarke is a baggage master on the Canadian Railroad. A death cert. for George shows he died Dec. 31 1926 in New Glasgow and is buried in the Riverside Cem. there.

^2. James (1827-1911) m. in 1850 Margaret Jane McEwen – 9 children, all Murray surname:
          a. Robert (1851-?)
          b. Bella (1855-?)
          c. James D. (1857-?)
I’ve been unable to discover any information on the above three children of James and Margaret. There were many Murray families. Without some further identifying info, I can’t pick them out of the half a dozen or more people with the same name, all living at about the same time and in the same general locality. They may also be listed by their middle names. It was a common custom to use the middle name for every day business and the given name for formalities.

          d. John Roy (1858-1930) m. in 1886 Mary Melville Francis
          e. Milton  (1861-?) m. Anna Unknown
          f.  Lyvinia (1865-?)
          g. Joseph (1867-?)
          h. Katherine Grant (1867-?) m. in 1892 Charles W. Albert
          i. Sarah A. (1873-1939) Spinster; school teacher

          2d. John Roy (1858-1930) was born on Oct 30 1858 in New Glasgow, NS. He m. Mary Melville Francis (b. Oct 23 1863 in Fall River, MA) on Jul 26 1886 in Fall River, MA. They had 5 children, all b. in Fall River, MA:
                    2d/a. Roy F.
                    2d/b. Ruth Catherine (1889-?) m. Edgar Cushman
                    2d/c. Miriam (1891-?)
                    2d/d. Melville (1894-1967) m. Anna May Raymond
                    2d/e. Mildred (1902-?) No further info

          2d/a. Roy F. (1887-1888) He died at 14 mos. due to an injury
          2d/b. Ruth Catherine (1889-?) She m. Edgar Everett Cushman (1889- 1977) on Sep 15 1913 in Fall River, MA. Edgar was a lawyer in a private practice and Ruth was a teacher the year they were     married. They lived at 37 Hale St. in Bridgewater, MA. The home was owned by Edgar’s maternal grandparents. Edgar’s mother died when she was 27 and Edgar was 2. He was raised by the                 grandparents, Solomon and Ella Eaton. Ruth went by the name Carrie, again, using a shortened form of her middle name. They had 6 children:
                              Mildred and Marion twins, (1914-?)
                              Margery, (1915-?)
                              Dorothy Rae (1917-2012) m. Lawrence McCracken
                              Ruth Murray (1923-2001) m. Earl Raymond Heaton
                              Francis (1926-?)
                    They still lived at 37 Hale St. in 1940.
          2d/c. Miriam (1891-?) She was a bookkeeper for an Insurance Co.  I’ve been unable to find any further info on her.

          2d/d.  Melville (1894-1967 m. c. 1919 to Anna May Raymond. In 1940 his stated occupation was a motor mechanic in an electrical plant. They lived in Swampscott, MA, and had two children, Edith and Bernice. He died there in 1967.
          2e. Milton (1861-?) In 1920 Milton was 59 and his wife Anna (Unknown) was 41. They had a son, Milton Ronald, age 25. They lived at 469 8th Ave. in San Fransciso, CA. Milton was a                 merchandizing buyer for dry goods. Immigration was in 1880 and naturalization, in 1897. Anna was b. in CA but her parents were born in Switzerland. The 1920 census says they spoke Romanie.
                    In 1930, The older Milton was working as a clerk in a dry goods store and the younger Milton (1894-1974) is married to Daphna and they are both 35. They have a son, Alden, age 6. They live at 10 Allston Way in San Francisco, CA. This Milton is the owner of an insurance co. They had a live-in maid.
                    In 1940, the younger Milton is called an insurance broker, they all still live in the same home.  Also in the 1940 census, Anna Murray is listed as a widow, age 61. I have not been able to find any info on the death of Milton (Sr.). There are some grave sites but there is only a name and no dates. Anna is still living in the same home and she is now a practical nurse taking private cases.
                    A 1942 draft card for Milton Ronald Murray says he is 47, is an Insurance broker and works for Bethlehem Steel.
                                                             Lombard St. in San Francisco
                                                              Photo by Angela Cunningham
          2g. Joseph (1867-?) Oddly enough I found nothing on Joseph, although he continued to live in New Glasgow NS. He was married, but I didn’t discover her name. She signed the death certificate for Joseph’s sister Sarah in 1939, as the informant of her death to the officials. She signed it as Mrs. Joseph Murray, sister-in-law of the deceased.

          2h. Katherine Grant (1867-?)  married Charles Albert of Westfield NJ in 1892, Fall River MA. She is listed as a milliner and he is a Post Office clerk. They had three children Wesley (1893-1899), Margaret (1901-?) and Vera (1904-1907). Wesley died at 6 ½ years from diphtheria and Vera died at age 2 yrs. and 10 mos. from measles and pulmonary congestion. Margaret was still at home in 1920 and a college student. No further info on her. Charles d. 1959 and Katherine d. in 1961, in Fall River MA.

          2i. Sarah A., b. June 30 1873 in NS. I was only able to find her death certificate which said she had spent her entire life in NS. She was a spinster, retired teacher. Her death was called accidental as she was struck down by a towing chain, which fractured her skull, on Aug 1, 1939. She lived in New Glasgow at the time of her death. The informant was Mrs. Joseph Murray, sister-in–law of the            deceased.

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Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part I*** Carmichael, McCabe, Farnum, Ross families - Continued

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most                               extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
          *** Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                         (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
           Robert (1800-?) no information
           Isobel (1801-1864) m. Robert Murray (1792-1884) (s/o Isobel (sister of                         Francis Carmichael) Carmichael and James Murray) – 8 children (see part II                                    expanded form)                  
           James (1803-?) no further information
           Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877) m. in 1829 William Mahy (1801-1873)                         (See Expanded Form Part III)
           John (1806-?) no further information
           Isaac (1808-1887) m. in 1831 Jane Hamilton (1818-?)- 10 children 

3.  Malcom (1860-1940) is living with his parents in Green Hill, NS in the Canadian 1881 census. I next find him in Frenchtown, Missoula Co., MT, a widow with five children. It states he had been married for 12 years. I have search in many places looking for this marriage record, but have found nothing. There is one reference to a woman named Matilda who fits the time and the geography, but nothing else to support a connection. In 1902, Malcolm marries Ida Brown Smalling, who is 19 years younger and divorced. In 1909 Alexander D. Ross, s/o Malcolm and his first wife, dies at age 18. In the 1910 census, Malcolm is a Superintendent at a Saw Mill and only one of his children from his former marriage are living with him. They are living in Cedar Township, Missoula Co., MT. Three of his children from the 2nd marriage have been born. In 1920, One of his older daughters, Jessie, is living with them and Wallace, the youngest is age 7. He is still a Super. at the Saw Mill. In 1930, the two youngest children are still with them and Sarah Brown, his mother-in-law is also with them. Malcolm has retired and they live in the city of Missoula, MT. 1940 finds just the youngest son, Wallace, living with them. There is a death certificate for Malcolm for Aug 1 1940. Later, a death record for Ida in 1950. I have found very little info on any of his children. They were:
          Jeanette (1889-?)
          Alexander D. (1891-1909)
          Harold (1893-?)
          Jessie (1896-?)
          Leonard (1900-?)
          Mary Maud (1903-1981) m. in 1929 Ralph Johnson (?-1961)
          Delphine (1907-?) m1 in (?) Unknown Emerick; m2 in 1936 G. E. Breeding
          Malcolm (1909-?)
          Wallace (1913-?)
4.  Kenneth Ross (1862-1933) is shown living with his parents in the 1871 and 1881 censuses for Green Hill NS. In the 1900 federal census, he was married to Mary O’Keefe who was b. c 1866 in Ireland. He was a Saw Mill Owner. He and his family were living in a hotel owned by a Kennedy family. They had three children:  Marjory b. 1890, Kenneth b. 1894 and Bruce b. 1900. It states that Mary was the mother of four children but only three were living. They were living in Missoula, Hellgate Township, Montana. In 1910 they were still in Missoula and Kenneth was a manager in a lumber yard. By 1920, Kenneth is a widow and living with his daughter Marjory, who has married John H. Toole. Kenneth’s youngest son, Bruce is also living with them. Marjory’s husband is a real estate agent and they have a son, John. H., Jr., age 1. The census shows that Kenneth immigrated in 1880 and was naturalized in 1885. In the 1930 census, Kenneth is still living with his daughter, who now has three sons, John H., Kenneth and Bruce. Kenneth, the father, died in 1933 and is buried in Missoula MT.
4a.  Marjory and John Toole had three boys, John H., Kenneth R., and Bruce R. In the 1940 census her husband had become a lawyer with his own practice. However, he died in 1946. A quick review of the Toole family shows they had very short life spans, all but one died in their 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. Marjory died in 1963.

4b.  Kenneth Jr. m. Joan Trimble. He passed away in 1981 and Joan died in 2015. No children mentioned.

4c.  Bruce, b. 1900, living with his parents in 1910 in Missoula, MT. His mother d. in 1919 so he is seen living with his father at his sister’s home in Missoula. There is a death record for Bruce Ross dated Feb 8 1977, who died and is buried in Missoula, MT. No other info is with this record.

5. Janet E. Ross (1865-?) No further information

6. Eliakim Ross, b. 1868 in Green Hill, NS immigrated at age 18 to Montana. The 1900 census shows Eliakim and Emma Jean with three children living in Havre, Choteau Co., MT. They have been married since 1893. She was Emma Rodgers and was also from Canada. He is listed as a laundry man. There were three children listed for them. In 1910, he owns a lumber mill and is living in Missoula, MT. By 1920 all three children have left home, however a 4th child was born in 1912 and is still living with his parents. Eliakim is a manager but faded ink makes it impossible to see if he’s still in the lumber business. In 1930 he is the manager of a logging camp in Sanders Co., MT and his youngest son is still living with him.
1940 searches turned up no census.

 6a. Stillman (1894-1975) m. Gladys Brewer in 1917, 5 mos after he registered for the draft for WWI. They were married in Missoula, MT. His draft card said he was a logging engineer. I can’t seem to find any record of either of them in the 1920 census for any state. It’s possible that Stillman entered the military and was stationed on       a base. I checked what military records I could find with no results. In 1930, he was working in Wholesale Meats, in Missoula. They had a son, John, age 7. I had the same results for 1940 as I did for 1920. However there is a death record for him for 1975 in San Diego, CA.

 6b. Edith (1895-?) lived with her parents until 1916 when she married Harold Dopfer. Her daughter Geraldine was b. in 1917 and I find her married for a 2nd time in 1918 to Michael Garvey. Nothing is noted about the first marriage as to divorce or death. The three of them were living in Cedar MT. Her husband, who was b. in Canada,         was a foreman at a logging camp. 1930 finds them living in  Sanders Co., in the same logging camp as her father. Michael is still a foreman. In 1940, Michael is called a woods horseman and they are still in the same logging camp. Geraldine is no longer listed with them. There was no evidence of any other children being recorded for this couple.

 6c. Marguerite (1899-?) m. LeRoy Hayes in 1921. They appear in   the 1930 census in the same logging camp in Sanders Co. In fact, Eliakim and his two daughters are the first three families listed on p. 1A for Jocko Township in Sanders Co. MT. There are no children    listed for the LeRoy Hayes family. In 1940 they are found living with LeRoy’s sister and brother-in-law, Elmer Richardson, in Springbrook, King Co., WA. LeRoy’s mother, Jennie Hayes is also living with them. The Hayes family was from Loveland Co. At this writing I have not been able to discover a 1940 census for them or any death records.

6d. Eugene (1912-?) Eugene was recorded with his parents in the ’20 and ’30 census, but thereafter, he’s disappeared. In CA alone there were 13 divorces listed for 13 different Eugene Ross’s in the time period I searched. So with this I end the line of Eliakim Ross.

7. Alexander Ross (1871-1931) In the 1881 Canadian census Alexander is listed living with his parents in West River and Green Hill, Pictou Co., NS. He is a schoolboy at age 10. From this point on, I will refer to him as Alex Jr., to differentiate him from his father. This is my label as I have not seen him recorded as Jr., anywhere. In 1891, Alex Jr, is 19, single and living with his parents in Green Hill. In 1899, Alex Jr. marries Annie Touchette on Apr 7 when both are residing in Huson, Missoula Co., MT.  In 1900, they were living in Frenchtown, MT and Alex worked in General Merchandise. In 1910, they are still living in Frenchtown, MT, next door to or close by her parents, and Alex is a telegraph operator for the RR. Ethel is age 7 and Wellington is age 5. They appear in a 1916 census for Alberta, Canada, having moved there in 1912. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give exact location or occupation. By 1920 they had moved to Missoula, MT and Alex was a night watchman for a Saw Mill. They now have four children, Donald and Wallace having joined the family. The 1930 census tells us that Alex immigrated in 1895 and has become a naturalized citizen. His occupation has changed to Merchant Policeman. Wellington has married, in 1927, Edith Mae Derby, b. in ND, and they have a daughter, Betsy, age 2. Although there is a marriage record for Ethel to Jasper Williams in 1925, she is living with her parents in the 1930 census and recorded as single. In 1931 Alexander, as a Merchant Policeman, made an arrest of a man who was stealing gas from a filling station. The man had a hidden gun and used it to shoot Alexander in the stomach. He died from the wounds. In 1940 Annie is listed as a widow, with sons Donald and Wallace living with her. Donald works at a gas station and later, in 1942, marries Edna Denkenberger (nee Anderson). Wallace is a bookkeeper and works in Wholesale Fruit and marries Carolyn Tiede in 1940.
There are four children, all surnamed Ross, all b. in MT:

          Ethel (1903-?) m. in 1925 Jasper Holt Williams (divorced?)
          Wellington (1905-?) m. in 1927 m. Edith Mae Derby
          Donald (1910-?) m. in 1942 Edna Denkenberger (nee Anderson)
          Wallace (1918-?) m. in 1940 Carolyn Tiede
No further info on this family line.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible with the information I found. In some cases the handwriting was so hard to read, I had to make an educated guess. In recap, just a reminder, these are the descendants of just one of Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael’s children. There are several more that I will be working on. Any corrections, additions, deletions that need to be made will be kindly received at:   

Canadian Census Reports 1851-1911

Federal Census Reports 1880-1940

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