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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Part IV.2 con't

4. David William – b. 1842 in NS and married Catherine (Cassie) Fraser in Halifax NS, 1870. David was a shoemaker. In the 1881 census, David and Cassie had William Henry 1871, George Albert 1872, Bessie 1874, Hilda 1877, and an unnamed male baby 1881. Another child, John b. & d. 1876 lived a few short days. In total David and Cassie had:

                        a. William Henry – He shows up on the 1891 Canadian census but I                                           was unable to find him anywhere after that date.
                        b. George Albert – George went by his middle name, Albert. There                                             is an immigration record for him in 1891 for entry to Boston, MA.                                             He is listed as a shoemaker. He married Mary Phelan in 1892 and                             had at least 5 children: In 1911 they were living in Colchester, NS.                                           All the children were still at home and they had three boarders as                                            well.
                                    b/1. John A. (1895-?) was married in 1925 to Irene Frances                                       Hartnett. No further info.
                                    b/2. William Frederick (1897-?) m. Jean Margaret Stewart in                                       1924 and they had 7 children: Irene, John, Joseph, Luke,                                                          Richard, Mary J. (1927-1928), Nancy Louise.
                                    b/3. Agnes F. (1900-?) No further info
                                    b/4. Ruby Alice Gertrude (1904-1998) married Richard                                        During (1901-1992) in 1928. They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                                    b/5. Leo Gerald (1910-1981) married Mary Margaret                                                                 Underwood (1911-1992). They are buried in Halifax, NS.
                        c. Bessie (Elizabeth) (1874-?) No further info
                        d. Hilda (1877-1956) married George Wellington Lloy, c. 1895. In                             1901 they were living with her parents and had a four year old son,                               James. Hilda and George were living in Halifax, NS in 1911. Their                                     children were:
                                    d/1. James (1897-1947)
                                    d/2. George (1901-?) m. Alice Sutherland in 1928
                                    d/3. Charles (1903-?)
                                    d/4. Gilford (1906-?) m.
                                    d/5. Frederick (1907-?) m. Hilda Baker in 1926
                                    d/6. Marjorie (1910-?) m. George Spike in 1927
                                    d/7. Clarence (1912-?)

                        e. Elizabeth (called Bessie) (1878-?) married George W. Brown in 1902. In                                1910 they were living at 13 Eustus St. in Chelsea MA. George was a                                      salesman in Groceries. They had 2 children, Chester, b. 1904 and                                          Florence, b. 1906. A third child, Esther joined the family, b. 1912, while                                  they were living in Everett, MA. In 1920, they were living on Central St. in                              Georgetown, Essex Co., MA. George was listed as a Janitor at a public                                  school. In 1930 the family was living on Andover St. in Georgetown.                                        Chester and Esther are still living at home and George still has the same                                occupation. Bessie was called Elizabeth and it states that her parents                                    were born in Scotland. This is a prime example of misreporting. The                              person giving the information to the census taker was not aware                              that the parents of Bessie/Elizabeth were born in Nova Scotia and                              not Scotland. No further info.
                        f. Unnamed baby
                        g. Agnes (1883-?)

                        h. Mary B. (1885-1909) Mary died, at age 24, in Boston, MA from                              renal failure and septicemia. She was buried in Woodlawn Cem. in                                  Everett, MA

                        i. Robert William (1886-1937) He died in Halifax, NS
                        j. Greta (1888-?)

            5. Sarah Jane (1842-1901) Sarah married Aaron J. Wells, but couldn’t find a date or                  place of the marriage. In 1870 they were living in Ipswich, MA and had a son,                        George, age 1. Annabelle was b. in 1870; Chester Gordon was b. 1874; Walter                      was b. 1875 and died 1875, age 1 month; Gracie was b. 1876. By the 1880                            census, the only children listed were George, Annie and Gracie. No record could                  be found for Chester Gordon. Gracie married Harry Stephenson in 1899 and                          Annabelle married Charles Marston in 1910. In 1900, George was an inmate in                      an Almshouse in Ipswich, MA, Sarah d. in 1901 of heart disease at age 59. In                        1910, Aaron Wells was living at 10 Warren St. in Ipswich, MA. 1920 shows Aaron                   still living at the same address, age 77, and he manufactured horse radish. In                        1910, daughter Grace Wells Stephenson is living in Beverly MA. Her  husband                      Harry worked in a shoe factory and they had three daughters, Dorothy, b. 1903;                    Virginia, b. 1906; and Ruth, b. 1908. I was unable to locate any   further records                    on Charles and Annabelle Wells. Her marriage certificate in 1910 said she was a                  nurse living in Haverhill MA, it was her first marriage and his second. He                                was 20 years her senior.

            As to Grace Wells Stephenson, a bit of a mystery popped up. There is a birth record for the oldest child, Dorothy Grace Stephenson for 1903 and a death record for the same child, with the same parents, living in the same place for 1905. She apparently died of Cholera Infantum at the age of 2 and 5 mos. However, the 1910 census for Beverly MA states quite clearly that Dorothy G., age 7 is living with her parents Harry and Grace. I have no explanation for this.

            6. James Hylsop (1848-?) m. Elizabeth Mullins in 1867. There is a birth record for                   a male Carmichael baby in 1868. There is no further information on this family.

            7. George Henry (1849-1924) m. Christy Ann Mullins in 1872. There seems to be                     little information about this family. It is unknown if Mullins is Christy’s maiden                         name or a name from a former marriage. She had a son, Percy Mullins who was                   b. in 1869 and there seems to be quite a bit of  information on him and his                             descendants. There are two possible children for George Henry and Christy Ann,                   but there is no verifiable information that I could find. The possibilities are:
                        a. Catherine, b. 1873
                        b. Christy b. 1877

Please for queries, corrections, additions etc. I cannot return email from the blog postings. 

There is no further information on the rest of Isaac’s children. Isaac was the youngest child of Francis and Elizabeth Carmichael.  The next and last installment of the Carmichael Chronicle will follow the oldest child of this couple, Thomson (Thompson) Carmichael.  Thomson was my gt. gt. grandfather so this will be my family line. This will definitely not happen till after the holidays.

Canadian Census records 1851-1911

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