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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael Expanded Part II a

Includes the surnames Clarke, Cushman, Albert, Cameron, Smith, Reynolds, Copeland

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland.  They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children (See separate expanded form) (Thomson is the most extensive and will be the last expanded form rather than the first.)
           David (1799-?) no information
           Mary Ann Carmichael (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)                             (Expanded Form Part Ia and Part Ib)
           Robert (1800-?) no information
          ****Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray
          James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
                    1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
          John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several ‘John Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
          Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Kenneth MacLeod; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W. m. Cassie Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m. Elizabeth Mullins; George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and           Alexander – no info on these last two children.

     This expanded report will begin with ****Isobel Carmichael:                                     

****Isobel Carmichael (1801-1864) m. c 1823 Robert Murray (1792- 884). Most of their children were b. in Merigomish, NS.
          Their children were, all surname Murray:
          ^1.  Isabelle (1823-1872)
          ^2.  James (1827-1911)
           3.   Robert (1830-1842)
          ^4.  William (1830-1912)
          ^5.  Lydia (1841-1926)
          ^6.  Robert (1843-?)
          ^7. Hannah (1845-1947)
          ^8.  David Francis (1846-1925)
           9. Almira (1851-?)
All those marked with ^ have information below. I have eliminated an entry for John Murray based on certain things I found. First there was very little to be found on this name with the correct time line and the correct people. Second, what I did find, curiously, had the same dates as everything I had found for James (1827-1911), including the exact death date. My educated guess is that this person was either John James, or James John, but had used the name James throughout his life. I felt it was in the best interests of presenting what I did know as opposed to what I could theorize about. I do believe they are one in the same person, but can’t prove it.

^1. Isabelle (1823-1872) m. Thomas Clarke (1821 in Scotland -?) –  They had 4 children, all surname Clarke:
          a. Thomas (1848-?) – No further info
          b.  Mary Ann (1855-?) - No further info
          c.  George Jackson (1857-1926) m. in 1879 Alicia McKay
          d.  Alice Margaret (1861-?) - No further info
          1c. George Jackson Clarke and Alicia McKay (1854-?) had three children:  Agnes (1878-?), Thomas (1880-?) and Catharine (1883-?), all born in Nova Scotia.

An 1871 census for Thomas and Isabelle was found for New Glasgow, NS. A death record for Isabelle in 1872, a marriage record for George in 1879, a 1891 census for George and Alicia, a 1901 census for Alicia, called Celie, Agnes, called Aggie, Thomas and Catherine are living with her in Pictou, Nova Scotia. George Clarke is a baggage master on the Canadian Railroad. A death cert. for George shows he died Dec. 31 1926 in New Glasgow and is buried in the Riverside Cem. there.

^2. James (1827-1911) m. in 1850 Margaret Jane McEwen – 9 children, all Murray surname:
          a. Robert (1851-?)
          b. Bella (1855-?)
          c. James D. (1857-?)
I’ve been unable to discover any information on the above three children of James and Margaret. There were many Murray families. Without some further identifying info, I can’t pick them out of the half a dozen or more people with the same name, all living at about the same time and in the same general locality. They may also be listed by their middle names. It was a common custom to use the middle name for every day business and the given name for formalities.

          d. John Roy (1858-1930) m. in 1886 Mary Melville Francis
          e. Milton  (1861-?) m. Anna Unknown
          f.  Lyvinia (1865-?)
          g. Joseph (1867-?)
          h. Katherine Grant (1867-?) m. in 1892 Charles W. Albert
          i. Sarah A. (1873-1939) Spinster; school teacher

          2d. John Roy (1858-1930) was born on Oct 30 1858 in New Glasgow, NS. He m. Mary Melville Francis (b. Oct 23 1863 in Fall River, MA) on Jul 26 1886 in Fall River, MA. They had 5 children, all b. in Fall River, MA:
                    2d/a. Roy F.
                    2d/b. Ruth Catherine (1889-?) m. Edgar Cushman
                    2d/c. Miriam (1891-?)
                    2d/d. Melville (1894-1967) m. Anna May Raymond
                    2d/e. Mildred (1902-?) No further info

          2d/a. Roy F. (1887-1888) He died at 14 mos. due to an injury
          2d/b. Ruth Catherine (1889-?) She m. Edgar Everett Cushman (1889- 1977) on Sep 15 1913 in Fall River, MA. Edgar was a lawyer in a private practice and Ruth was a teacher the year they were     married. They lived at 37 Hale St. in Bridgewater, MA. The home was owned by Edgar’s maternal grandparents. Edgar’s mother died when she was 27 and Edgar was 2. He was raised by the                 grandparents, Solomon and Ella Eaton. Ruth went by the name Carrie, again, using a shortened form of her middle name. They had 6 children:
                              Mildred and Marion twins, (1914-?)
                              Margery, (1915-?)
                              Dorothy Rae (1917-2012) m. Lawrence McCracken
                              Ruth Murray (1923-2001) m. Earl Raymond Heaton
                              Francis (1926-?)
                    They still lived at 37 Hale St. in 1940.
          2d/c. Miriam (1891-?) She was a bookkeeper for an Insurance Co.  I’ve been unable to find any further info on her.

          2d/d.  Melville (1894-1967 m. c. 1919 to Anna May Raymond. In 1940 his stated occupation was a motor mechanic in an electrical plant. They lived in Swampscott, MA, and had two children, Edith and Bernice. He died there in 1967.
          2e. Milton (1861-?) In 1920 Milton was 59 and his wife Anna (Unknown) was 41. They had a son, Milton Ronald, age 25. They lived at 469 8th Ave. in San Fransciso, CA. Milton was a                 merchandizing buyer for dry goods. Immigration was in 1880 and naturalization, in 1897. Anna was b. in CA but her parents were born in Switzerland. The 1920 census says they spoke Romanie.
                    In 1930, The older Milton was working as a clerk in a dry goods store and the younger Milton (1894-1974) is married to Daphna and they are both 35. They have a son, Alden, age 6. They live at 10 Allston Way in San Francisco, CA. This Milton is the owner of an insurance co. They had a live-in maid.
                    In 1940, the younger Milton is called an insurance broker, they all still live in the same home.  Also in the 1940 census, Anna Murray is listed as a widow, age 61. I have not been able to find any info on the death of Milton (Sr.). There are some grave sites but there is only a name and no dates. Anna is still living in the same home and she is now a practical nurse taking private cases.
                    A 1942 draft card for Milton Ronald Murray says he is 47, is an Insurance broker and works for Bethlehem Steel.
                                                             Lombard St. in San Francisco
                                                              Photo by Angela Cunningham
          2g. Joseph (1867-?) Oddly enough I found nothing on Joseph, although he continued to live in New Glasgow NS. He was married, but I didn’t discover her name. She signed the death certificate for Joseph’s sister Sarah in 1939, as the informant of her death to the officials. She signed it as Mrs. Joseph Murray, sister-in-law of the deceased.

          2h. Katherine Grant (1867-?)  married Charles Albert of Westfield NJ in 1892, Fall River MA. She is listed as a milliner and he is a Post Office clerk. They had three children Wesley (1893-1899), Margaret (1901-?) and Vera (1904-1907). Wesley died at 6 ½ years from diphtheria and Vera died at age 2 yrs. and 10 mos. from measles and pulmonary congestion. Margaret was still at home in 1920 and a college student. No further info on her. Charles d. 1959 and Katherine d. in 1961, in Fall River MA.

          2i. Sarah A., b. June 30 1873 in NS. I was only able to find her death certificate which said she had spent her entire life in NS. She was a spinster, retired teacher. Her death was called accidental as she was struck down by a towing chain, which fractured her skull, on Aug 1, 1939. She lived in New Glasgow at the time of her death. The informant was Mrs. Joseph Murray, sister-in–law of the            deceased.

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