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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Carmichaels Revisited Part III

Francis and Elizabeth Keillor Carmichael were m. c. 1794 in Aberlour, Scotland, according to the above researcher (see part II). They had 9 children:

          *Thomson (1796-1861) m. in 1826 Elizabeth Barbara Hubley (1806-1881)                     – 15 children
           David (1799-?)
           Mary Ann (1799-1874) m. William McCabe (1799-1876)
           Robert (1800-?)
           Isobel (1801-1864) m. Robert Murray (1792-1884) (s/o the above Isobel                                 Carmichael and James Murray) – 8 children
           James (1803-?)
           Elizabeth Catherine (1804-1877) m. in 1829 William Mahy (1801-1873)
           John (1806-?)
           Isaac (1808-1887) m. in 1831 Jane Hamilton (1818-?)- 10 children

In attempting to follow some of the people in these families, I either found too many people with the same name and in the same approximate time line or I didn’t find anything at all. In the case of David, I found many by that name but no other defining information to help determine David’s parents. I’ve included only the ones I have found verifiable info on. Since *Thomson is the eldest and the line I am following, I will leave him till the end of this generation.

·       David (1799-?) Closest possibilities were Spouse – Elizabeth Unknown and 2 sons: Robert W. (1850-1867) and David (1848-1868) Info from Toney River, Pictou, NS
·       Mary Ann Carmichael m. William McCabe; their daughter, also Mary Ann (no dates) m. Alexander Ross in 1858 in Loch Broom, Pictou Co. , NS  No further info
·       Robert (1800-?) Found little info on any Robert
·       Isobel Carmichael m. Robert Murray. Most of their children were b. in Merigomish, NS. Robert is the s/o James Murray who m. Isobel Carmichael, d/o William, making this Isobel and Robert 1st cousins.
·       James (1803-?) Name too common to determine any relationship
·       Elizabeth Catherine Carmichael m. William Mahy. A son, James, was b. in 1839 in Fisher’s Grant, Pictou Co., NS
·       John (1806-?)There are a great many men named John. I found several ‘John Thomson’s’ but not enough additional info to provide any further research.
·       Isaac Carmichael m. Jane (Jenette) Hamilton; children: Sarah Jane m. Kenneth MacLeod; Mary B. m. David Dow; John Robert m. Margaret Raymond; David W. m. Cassie Fraser; Isabel m. Robert Douglas; James H. m. Elizabeth Mullins; George Henry m. Christy Ann Mullins; Isaac and Alexander – no info on these last two children.

Now, back to *Thomson

*Thomson and Barbara had 15 children:
          Henry Edward (1827- bef 1850)
          Frederick Hubley (1830-1911) m. Jane Faulds (c. 1833-1921) –                                                        12 children
          John George (1831- by 1871) m. in 1869 Teressa Shaw (1850-?); John                                            was a mariner, a Captain
          James Thomson (1832-1881) m. in 1862 Susan Roberts (1832-1913) –                         6 children
          William (1833-1852) No further info
          Alexander Francis (1835-1927) m. in1867 Ellon Dillon – 7 children This                          family moved to CA
          Daniel (1837-?) No further info
          Charles (1839-1846) No further info
          Christina Isabella (1841-1920) m. in 1870 Robert Gordon (1841-1882)                           Moved to Revere, MA
          Hannah C. (1845-1937) m. in 1872 Thomas Gordon (1842-1840) b/o                                                Robert, above; Moved to Somerville, MA
          Mary Jane (1847-1894) m. in 1875 Thomas D. Hardy (1849-1916) –                                                5 children. They remained in the Jordan River, Shelburne, NS area.
          Barbara (1849-?) A possibility that she married a Jones; insufficient                               evidence for proof
          *Henry Gordon (1850-1910) m. Mary Ellen Scarr ( - ) – 8 children – my                                             branch of this family which will follow in another segment
          Elizabeth (1851-?) – Possibly married an Isnor; insufficient                                                               evidence for proof
          Andrew (1852-?) – Can find no reference to this name; possibly a middle                       name

Siblings: Captain John George Carmichael and Mary Jane Carmichael Hardy

I find, as I go along, that more material comes to light. To do justice to the Nova Scotia Carmichaels, I want to do more than just list names. So to continue, I’m going to present Francis again, but in an expanded form. Then I’ll do the same for Thomson and finally for Henry Gordon, my gt. grandfather. This blog has taken on a life of its own. I never intended for it to become so huge, but there is ample information available that will make these people so much more than names on a paper. At this point, I’ve added the references I’ve used in all three parts so far presented.

1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 Canadian Censuses

1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 US Federal Censuses

The Carmichael Clan Association

The Ordnance Gazetteer

Carmichael: A History of the Parish and its People Vol. 1 and 2

Kathryn Heaton Wells

Life of James William Carmichael and some Tales of the Sea

Find a Grave

Birth and death certificates

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