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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

Rumney Marsh Burial Ground

This is a bit off my usual genealogy topic, but I found this so interesting I wanted to share it with everyone. In my early blogger days I had written some articles about Winthrop, MA, my hometown. So, in essence, this is a return trip to my homeland with another historical event that occurred on Aug 28 1926.

The Winthrop Sun Transcript publishes reprints of news items that happened over the last 100+ years, in a “Then and Now” column, by G. David Hubbard of the Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association. The event I’m referring to in this blog was a rededication exercise of the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground in Revere, MA. Mr. Frank W. Tucker of Winthrop read the names of the early residents of Pullen Poynte, which is the name Winthrop was known as in its earliest days when it was still part of Chelsea, MA.

Mr. Tucker read aloud the names of:

The Winthrop’s:

Deane Winthrop, d. March 16 1703, on his birthday at age 81 – the youngest son of Gov. John Winthrop. He had been a resident for more than 50 years. {His home is still standing and is the only continuously inhabited wood frame home in the USA. It is the site for many of the town’s social events.}

Capt. Jose Winthrop, d. Nov 15 1702 – the only son of Deane Winthrop to live to
maturity, but died at the age of 36.

Mercy Winthrop Haugh, d. Nov 16 1702 – the daughter of Deane Winthrop and the wife of Atherton Haugh.

Priscilla Adams, d. Nov 4 1702 at the age of 33 – a granddaughter of Deane           Winthrop.

Jotham Grover, d. Aug 5 1685 at the age of 35 – a grandson of Deane Winthrop.

Eiliah (sic.) Adams, d. May 26 1697 – at the age of 9 weeks – a great grandson of Deane Winthrop.

The Belcher’s and the Bill’s:

Jeremiah Belcher, d. Feb 4 1722 – He was a tenant of Judge Sewall on Hog Island and the first of the Belcher family to live in the area.

Joseph Belcher, d. Nov 15 1739 – He was the first Belcher to live at Pullen Poynte and was the husband of Hannah Bill. Hannah was the daughter of Jonathan Bill, who owned one-half of the Winthrop farm in 1720.


John Tewksbury, d. Apr 2 1829 at the age of 81 – His wife was Ann Bill Tewksbury and great-granddaughter of Jonathan Bill.

James Tewksbury, d. Nov 5 1800 at the age of 55 – He was the brother of John.

James Sargent Tewksbury, d. Nov 12 1837 – He was the son of James. He gave to the town the land that is the current site of the Winthrop Town Hall.


Sarah Floyd, d. June 16 1717, at the age of 75 – She was the wife of Capt. John           Floyd and the first of the Floyds to be buried at Rumney Marsh.


Find a Grave photo by Bill Boyington
Photo of Deane Winthrop House by Bill Boyington
Wikipedia – History of Revere

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