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Friday, August 5, 2016


Registry #79918, a British sailing vessel; 1 ½ poop, 2 masted schooner,     square-rigged, wood construction, tons – 205.14; 100 feet long, 28 feet wide. Built Jul 23 1887 in Harvey, Alberta Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Owners: Alexander Black, Ship owner – 8 shares; William E. Buck, Master Mariner – 20 shares; William Yates, farmer – 6 shares; Gideon Buck, farmer – 4 shares. W.E Buck sold to Matilda C. Buck, wife of Charles A. Buck, Master Mariner, 2 shares on Aug 23 1887. Sale registered on Aug 25 1887 at 3:00 p.m. (2 mates and 4 seamen and possibly a passenger.)

                                    Example of a square-rigged 2 masted schooner

The above which is classed with a star *A-1 ten years from Jul 1887 in record of American and Foreign shipping. “The American Ship Masters Association”
The above ship ‘Arabella” sailed from New York, NY, USA, Dec 12 1887 bound for Halifax, NS with cargo of coal and oil under deck and a deck load of timber. No tidings has been received from her and she is given up as lost at sea. Registry closed the 12th day of May 1888 and mailed a copy of this form to Marine Dept., Ottawa, Ontario, May 12 1888. Walter Dobson, Register of Ships.

# of original crew, including Master – 7
Originally sailed from NY, NY
Last sailed from NY, NY
Destination – Halifax, NS

Where casualty happened – unknown – supposed Atlantic Ocean. Small insurance of vessel. Info given to Alexander Black, Esq., Dorchester, NB.

Heavy gales occurred a few days after vessel sailed and it is supposed she went down.

Master Mariner – William Edward Buck
First Mate -   Alexander Chambers

As the family story goes, as the “Arabella” was outbound in Long Island Sound, an inbound ship, from their home port, hailed them by megaphone, warning them of an approaching storm. The warning was not heeded and the ship continued. It is thought they may have been trying to reach home before Christmas. The “Arabella” was never heard from again.

Alexander Chambers, age 32 at the time was married and the father of two children. He was my gt. grandfather.

William Edward Buck was the husband of my gt. grandmother’s sister. William and Alexander were brothers-in-law.

                              Another example of a 2 masted, square rigged schooner

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