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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

John de Macclesfield de Hanmer

John de Macclesfield de Hanmer is my 21st great grandfather. He was the s/o Thomas de Macclesfield in the County Palatine of Cheshire, England.  John de Macclesfield, (1277-1308) was the constable of Carnarvon Castle in the reign of Edward I.  He assumed the named Hannemere, from the surrounding locale.  He  married Hawise verch (ferch) Einion, (1280-1300). She was born in Monmouthshire, Wales.  Her grandfather, Gryffydd ap Gwenwynwyn was a Prince of Powys. Their youngest son and sole heir, Philip de Hanmer, (1200-1328) married Agnes verch Daffydd (1305-?). They had at least 5 children, Daffydd (David) being the oldest and the line I’m following.

David (c.1330-1383) married Angharad (Agnes) ferch Llywelyn about 1355. 
Sir David became a justice of the Kings’ Bench in 1383. They had at least 4  children, one of whom was Margaret Hanmer. She married Owain Glyndwr about 1380 and they had eleven children. In 1413, Margaret, her daughter, Catherine  de Mortimer and her three small children were imprisoned in the Tower of London. It is believed that Margaret was pardoned but Catherine and her children perished there.

The line continues with Alice Glyndwr (1371-1433). Alice married John Scudamore, Sheriff of Herefordshire. It is suggested that this was a secret marriage, possibly for political reasons. Alice’s father, Owain Glydwr, rebelled against King Henry IV, in 1401 and declared himself Prince of Wales. He continued to fight for Welsh Independence until his death and is, even today, considered a National Hero. It is believed that he was secretly hidden with his daughter, Alice Scudamore, and her family in a secluded area of Kentchurch near the Welsh border. Owain Glyndwr is my 18th gt. grandfather. His date of death and burial place are unknown.

Alice and John Scudamore had 11 children. I have descent from two of them.

*John Scudamore (1396-1461) m. Joan verch John ap Harry (or Joan           Parry/Perry)
*Elizabeth (1398-?)  m. John Pye
John                       m. Margaret Brut
Ann                        m. Roger Cecil
Catherine                m. Richard Monington
Joan                       m. Griffin Donne (Dunn)
Philip                      m. Agnes Huntercombe

*John and Joan Parry Scudamore had 8 children. Their son, Richard Scudamore, married Jane Monington and had two children (all that I’ve found). Richard and Jane had a son also named Richard who married Maud Allen. From this marriage there were 4 children, one of which was Joan (Jonet, Jonette). Joan married Philip ap Rhys (Philpot Price) and had two daughters. One was Margaret who married Walter Pye of the Mynde and her sister, Catherine, who married Thomas Gilbert of Ewyas Harold. In her will, Margaret calls Roger Pye her grandson and Walter Pye, her son-in-law, was one of the witnesses. Roger is my 12th gt. grandfather.

                                       The Mynde   Much DewChurch    Then

                                            The Mynde   Much DewChurch    Now

*Elizabeth Scudamore and Walter John Pye, c 1398. For many years, family history has said this husband of Elizabeth was John Pye. Now, with so many more documents available and accessible on-line, it has become apparent that John is also called Walter. There is no definitive explanation unless Elizabeth married two different Pye men, a John and then a Walter. This doesn’t seem to be the case and remains supposition. What appears more likely, but still not verified, is that Elizabeth’s husband’s name was John Walter or Walter John. Perhaps one day another document will come to light that will solve the name mystery. Elizabeth and Walter/John had at least 3 sons, one of whom was John Tregos Pye who married Agnes Andrews, daughter of Roger Andrews. Of their 7 children, the most infamous was John Pye [brother of the Walter Pye who married Margaret Price], who had 3 wives and 43 children, plus some 22 from extramarital associations. His epitaph is still found in books, but it was removed from the church at Much Dewchurch, as it greatly offended the sensibilities of some of the local women. I don’t have an exact date for the removal but it was during the Victorian Era. A further note on John Tregoz Pye, who is my 15th gt. grandfather, is that Tregoz appears to be where he was born. This is apparently a locality associated with Ewyas Harold and may even have been the name of a manor house.

At this point my family lines part company with the Hanmers and Scudamores (AKA Skidmore, Skydmore and others).  I will leave this line of exploration for the time being and pick up other threads which also lead back to these fairly prominent Marcher Lords.

Hanmer Family in Flintshire, John Lord Hanmer, 1877


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