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Monday, June 8, 2015

Charles Pye of Maryland, The Mynde and Kilpec

Once again, an unforeseen event has kept me from getting another blog out. This time the computer gods played with my computer and it had to go in for repairs. But it’s back now and I’m ready to roll once again.

When Edward Pye died in 1697, all his children were minors. They came under the guardianship of Walter Pye, Edward’s brother. Charles Pye was the eldest and inherited the lands in Maryland and England.

Charles Pye’s name appeared in Maryland records up to about 1708. After that his brother Walter had Power of Attorney and acted on his brother’s behalf in all legal matters pertaining to Charles and his properties in Maryland. During this time Charles was in England, supporting the Stewarts. He had inherited the Mynde in Herefordshire and, quite possibly, from there began his activities in the support of the Stewarts. There were other families in Herefordshire who were also Stewart supporters, such as the family of Charles Booth of Breinton. Being ardent Catholics, the Booths supported the Stewart cause and were exiled to France with King James I, where Charles Booth served in the Royal house of Stewart. Charles Booth married Barbara Symes in St. Gervais, France in 1701 and their daughter, Mary Elizabeth Booth married Charles Pye about 1720 also in St. Gervais.

In 1725, Charles Pye appeared in a legal matter (source A2A, National Archives, Kew, England)

Short title: Pye v Garnons.
Document type: Bill only.
Plaintiffs: Charles Pye, esq of Hereford, Herefordshire (eldest son and heir of Edward Pye, esq, the eldest son and heir of John Pye esq, the brother of Sir Walter Pye junior kt of Mynd, Herefordshire, the eldest son and heir of Sir Walter Pye senior kt of Mynd, complainant's great grandfather).
Defendants: Walter Garnons.
Date of bill (or first document): 1725
Note: The naming of a party does not imply that he or she will appear in all the documents in this cause (after the bill) Date: 1725

In 1801, deponent Henry Rozer stated that he had known and been related to the Pye family for over 60 years. Henry Rozer had been sent to Cornwallis Neck in Maryland at the age of 10 to visit with his Uncle Charles Pye before being sent to England to be educated. He states that he had knowledge that his Uncle Charles Pye was married to a Miss Mary Booth while Charles was in England. When his Uncle Charles died he left two sons still living, Charles, the eldest, and John. Charles, the son, had been born in England. He came to Maryland and resided on his estate at Cornwallis Neck, but later returned to England where he died, unmarried. Brother John inherited his brother’s estate and lived on Cornwallis Neck for many years. He married Henrietta Maria Pye, d/o Walter and Margaret Tant Pye. Cornwallis Neck was also called Mattawoman in the old records and was bordered by Mattawoman Creek and the Potomac River. Henry Rozer was the son of Notley Rozer, a half brother to Charles Pye. Their mother was Ann Sewall, Notley her only child of her first marriage and Charles, the eldest son of her second marriage.

Charles and Mary Booth Pye lived in France and England for many years. Therefore the information about their children is sketchy and inconclusive. A list of names for their children does exist, but it is uncertain how accurate it is. Charles and Mary were very common given names and many mistakes may have been made.

          Charles b. 1728, d. c 1748, unmarried
          John b. June 26 1730, d. 1772, m. Henrietta Maria Pye 1756
          Anne  died as an infant
          Edward H.

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East Barnet, Frederick Charles Cass, Balliol College, Oxford, 1885
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