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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Samuel Hinckley of Tentereden, Kent, England

 It is said that the number of gt. grandparents we have doubles as you go back each generation. Therefore I should have 1024 9th gt. grandparents. I’ve already written about some of them, but today I’ll write about the Hinckleys. Samuel Hinckley and his wife, Sarah Soole, are another set of my 9th gt. Grandparents. Yet to be proven are his ancestors, father, Robert Hinckley, grandfather, John Hynckleye, gt. Grandfather, John Hynckleye (b. 1535), 2x gt. Grandfather, another John Hynckleye and his 3x gt. Grandfather, John Henkle. This is still a work in progress. His wife's father, Thomas Soole, was the s/o John Soole and Maria Whitfield. Sarah's mother, Mary Indenden, was the d/o John Indenden and Christian Mercer. Sarah's name has also been spelled Soule, but to the best of my knowledge, does not have Mayflower descendants. This is not to say that the family may be related to George Soule's family in some way. I have not done the research on that. George Soule's descendants do have the connection to the Mayflower whereas Sarah Soole Hinckley's do not.

Samuel Hinckley was b. sometime before May 25 1589, in Tenterden, Kent, England. He married Sarah Soole in Hawkhurst, Kent, England, May 7 1617. Sarah was b. bef. Jun 8 1600 in Hawkhurst, Kent, England. In 1634, he brought his wife and four children in the Hercules to Boston where they then settled in Scituate (Sit-u-it). There was a total of 102 passengers, all from Tenterden, half of whom settled in Scituate. In 1639 he moved to Barnstable MA where he was a juror, town officer, surveyor of highways, and a Lieutenant in Thomas Dymock's Company in1643. Sarah d. Aug 18 1656 in Barnstable MA. Samuel then married Bridget Bodfish on Dec 16 1657, the widow of Robert Bodfish.

Samuel and Sarah Had 7 children, first four born in England:

          i.  Thomas (1619-1706) m. in 1641 Mary Richards (1620-1659) – 1 child
     1   ii.  Susanna (1625-?) m. in 1643 Rev. John Smith (1614-1710) -                                                                  13 children
          iii. Mary (1628-?)
          iv. Sarah (1629-1686) m. in 1649 Henry Cobb
          v.  Elizabeth (1633-?) m. in 1657 Elisha Parker
          vi.  Samuel (1638-?) m. in 1684 Mary Goodspeed
          vii. John (1644-?) m. Bethia Lothrop

For those who would like to pursue the research on Thomas and Mary Richards, you will discover a descent to George W. Bush.

In the next generation we find Susannah Hinckley married to Rev. John Smith, who was born in Dorsetshire, England, Mar 11 1614. Rev. Smith was appointed to attend the meetings of the Quakers and hear their defense. He reported in their favor which did not make others happy. He withdrew from the communion of the church for conscientious reasons and was declared not a member for this reason only. He was later restored. He preached occasionally at Barnstable and was later called to be pastor at Sandwich. He also preached in New Jersey in the early 1670’s.

Susannah and Rev. John Smith had 13 children:

          i.  Samuel (1644-1719 Woodbridge NJ) m1. in 1680 Esther Dunham (alias                                                                                 Singletary) – 3 children
                                                                  m2. in 1692 Elizabeth Pierce –                                                                               3 children
          ii.  Sarah (1645-?)
          iii.  Ebenezer (1646-1646)
          iv.  Mary (1647-?) m. in 1679 John Dunham
          v.  Dorcas (1650-1714 in NJ) m. in 1671 Ephraim Andrews
          vi.  John (1652-1652)
          vii.  Shubael (1653-1734 in Chilmark, MA)
          viii. John (1656-1736 in Woodbridge NJ) m. Mehitable Unknown
2        ix. Benjamin ((1658-1720 in Edgartown MA) m. in 1684 Jedidah Mayhew
          x.  Ichabod (1661-1722) in Woodbridge NJ) m. Hannah Andrrews
          xi.  Elizabeth (1663-?)
          xii.  Thomas ( (1665-?) m. Abigail Skiff
          xiii. Joseph (1667-?) m. Anne Fuller

For those who would like to pursue the research on Samuel Smith and his 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Pierce, you will find a descent to Barack Obama.

Benjamin Smith and Jedidah Mayhew had 8 children:

          i.  Jane (c. 1685-?)
          ii.  Dorcas (1686-1730) m. John Worth
3        iii. Jedidah (1689-1742) m. in 1711 Samuel Osborne - 2 children
          iv. Benjamin (1691-1737) m. in 1716 Mary Basssett
          v. Mary (1693-1781) m. in 1717 Timothy Daggett
          vi. Thomas (1797-1765) in 1721 Elizabeth Bassett
          vii. Abiah (1698-?) m. Thomas Claghorn
          viii. Ebenezer (1700-1771) m. Thankful Claghorn

I have not done any research on the lateral lines to show how many children they had. Hopefully, someone more directly connected to those families will pursue those ancestors.

The next installment will cover Jedidah Smith and Samuel Osborne.

Happy Blogging, all.


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Annals of the Sinnott, Rogers, Coffin, Corlies, Reeves, Bodine and Allied Families...
 By Mary Elizabeth Sinnott

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