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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

From Freeman to Doane

 To pick up the thread of the Freeman family, I will begin with a brief recap of John Freeman. He married Mercy Prence, the daughter of Gov. Thomas Prence and Patience Brewster, who was the daughter of Mayflower passenger William Brewster. John and Mercy had 10 children and at least 79 grandchildren. They are my 8th gt. Grandparents. I continue with with son, Edmond, and his wife Sarah Mayo.
John and Mercy had children:

      i. John (1651-1721) m. (in 1672) Sarah Merrick – 8 child
      ii. Thomas (1653-1715) m. (in 1673) Rebecca Sparrow (1655-1739) – 10 children                    3.   iii. Edmond (1657-1717)4 m1. (in 1677) Ruth Merrick                                                                                                                    m2. (c. 1681) Sarah Mayo (1660-1746) – 12 children                           iv. Mercy (1659-1744) m. (in 1679) Samuel Knowles (1651-1737) – 11 children
      v. William (1663-1687) m. Lydia Sparrow (1660-?) - 2 children
      vi. Patience (1664-1745) m. (in 1682) Samuel Paine (1652-1712) – 9 children
      vii. Hannah (1664-1743) m. (in 1681) John Mayo (1656-1727) - 8 children
      viii. Prince (1665-1665)
      ix. Nathaniel (1669-1760) m. Mary Howland (1664-1743) – 6 children
      x. Bennett (1671-1716) m. (in 1689) John Paine (1661-1731) – 13 children.

    1. Edmond married Ruth Merrick, also spelled Myrick, in 1677. She died before 1681, probably in childbirth, which was so often the case in colonial times. In 1681 Edmond married Sarah Mayo. She was the daughter of Samuel Mayo and his wife Thomasine Lumpkin. Edmond and Sarah lived in that part of Eastham called Tonsett, as shown by his father's will which gave Edmond the land he occupied. Edmond's uncle, also called Edmond lived in Sandwich, MA and had a son named Edmond. There has been some confusion, over the years, as to what information belongs to which Edmond. Since Edmond lived in Eastham, it pretty solid that he is the one who was a selectman for Eastham for seven years and was called Lieutenant.
                   i. Sarah (1682-1742) m. (in 1701) Benjamin Higgins – 14 children
              4. ii. Ruth (1684-1728) m. (in 1700 Israel Doane (1672-1740) – 6 children
                 iii. Mary (1685-1734) m. Samuel Hinckley – 2 children
                 iv. Isaac (1687-1732) m. (in 1714) Bethia Sturges – 7 children                                                          v. Experience (1689-1720) m. (in 1709) Thomas Gross (1678-1728) - 4 children
                vi. Ebenezer (1689-1760) m. (in 1710) Abigail Young – 4 children
               vii. Thankful (1693-1764) m. (in 1718) Jonathan Snow (1692-1764) – 8 children
              viii. Mercy (1693-1759) m. (in 1717) Thomas Cobb – 9 children
                ix. Elizabeth (1695-?) m. Isaac Pepper – unknown children
                x. Hannah (1698-1751) m. (in 1717) Christian Remick – 9 children
                xi. Edmond (1702-1782) m1. (in 1725) Lois Paine (1705-1725) - 1 child
                                                          m2. (in 1729) Sarah Sparrow – 2 children                                                   xii. Rachel (1704-?) m. (in 1729) Thomas Gray – 8 children                                               
Edmond and Sarah Mayo Freeman had at least 74 grandchildren. However, there could be more. I was unable to find any reliable information concerning Elizabeth Freeman and Isaac Pepper. Also to be noted, both Isaac Pepper and Christian Remick had mother's who were named Freeman. I haven't taken the time to properly investigate this, but it appears that they are from a different family of Freemans. They may have been related back in England, in some way, through a common ancestor, but I didn't pursue that line.

Now to continue on with Ruth Freeman and Israel Doane, my 6th gt. Grandparents. Their children, all born in Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA, were:
                   i. Israel (1701-?) no further info
                  ii. Prence (1704-1751 in Saybrook CT) m. (in 1726) Elizabeth Godfrey – 8 children
                 iii. Abigail (1706-?) m. (in 1731) Thomas Snow – 4 children
                 iv. Elnathan (1709-? in Doansburg, Putnam Co. NY) m. Martha Paddock
                 v. Daniel (1714-?) m. no further info                                                                                                 5. vi. Edmond (1718-1806 in Barrington NS Canada) m. (in 1749) Elizabeth Osborn                                                           (Merrick, Paine)

Edmond Osborn married Elizabeth Osborn as her third husband. She married her first husband, William Merrick (Myrick), in 1734. William was born in Harwich MA and was a Mayflower descendant of Stephen Hopkins. He was lost at sea in 1742. They had three children:
William Merrick, b. 1734
Gideon, who was mentioned in his grandfather's will
Elizabeth – no further info

Elizabeth married her second husband, William Paine, in 1744 and he died in 1746. This was his was his second marriage as well. This William is also a Mayflower descendant of Stephen Hopkins. Elizabeth (Osborn, Merrick) Paine and William had one child:

William Paine, b. 1746, d. 1812 in NY, NY according to Paine Family Records he was the father of John Howard Paine, actor and poet noted as the creator of:

 “Home Sweet Home”
Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,                                                                        Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;                                                                          A charm from the skies seems to hallow us there,                                                                  Which seek thro' the world, is ne'er met elsewhere.                                                                Home! Home! Sweet, sweet home!                                                                                         There's no place like home                                                                                                       There's no place like home!

Elizabeth married her third husband, Edmond Doane in 1749 and their family grew to include seven Doane children. It is most likely that Elizabeth's son, William Paine (Payne) was also part of this family. Nothing has been found to show he grew up in another family. In the autumn of 1761, the family sailed from Nathaniel Mayo's Landing in Orleans MA to the Cape Sable District in Nova Scotia. The winds were unfavorable and they arrived at Liverpool instead where they spent the winter. The following spring they again headed for Cape Sable and were among the earliest settlers of Barrington. The first people of English descent to settle the coves, harbors and shores of southwestern Nova Scotia, were fishermen from Cape Cod and Nantucket. These men had been to these waters and knew the abundance of fish available. So when the lands became available in 1757/58, many New England families applied for lands to settle near Cape Sable. It took until 1761/62 for a a large group of settlers, representing some of the best families of Cape Cod and Nantucket to arrive and establish the town now known as Barrington. For the most part, the public records of the times shows these new settlers to be intelligent and educated men, some with more than the ordinary schooling. Two old account books give evidence that Edward Doane kept a store from 1762-1767. This was a general store featuring rum, flour by the pound, molasses, sugar, salt by the hogshead, medicine, dry goods, hardware, etc. It appears he received his supplies from his brother-in-law, John Homer, a merchant of Boston. In return, Edward would ship to him alewives, herring and other fish found in the waters of Nova Scotia.
Tiring of the hardships and conditions of life in Nova Scotia, he sold his property to his brother-in-law, John Homer, in 1776, for £132, intending to return to New England. However a large number of townspeople signed a petition, asking for a grant of town land to be set aside for Elizabeth, Edmond's wife, in consideration of her valuable medical services. Since they had sold their property, they no longer had a place to live. The land granted to them at Johnson's Point was where they settled and spent their remaining days. 
    1. vi. Edmond Doane and Elizabeth Osborn had children all born in Eastham, MA:
                      i.. Israel (1750-?) m. (in 1772) Desire Nickerson – 7 children
                     ii. Samuel O. (1752-?) m. Sarah Harding – 9 children
                    iii. Prince (1753- Lost at sea)
                    iv. Jedidah (1754-?) m. Ansel Crowell - 5 children
                     v. Ruth (1756-?) m. Hemen Kenney – 11 children
                6. vi. Abigail (1758-1847) m. Hezekiah Smith – 15 children
                   vii. Edmond (1759-?) m. Tamsin Hamilton – 9 children
                                         Photos are of Cape Light on Cape Sable Island                                         
For those interested, there was a Doane Family Reunion in 2012. The day's activities, a memorial service and many other interesting items are presented on-line in an e-book. The URL was impossibly long to include here, but you should be able to find the site by doing a Google on Edward Doane and Elizabeth Osborn. It can be converted to a PDF file for easier reading.

The Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Vol. 6

The Great Migration Begins

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