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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Mynde Estate

Back in June, I received an email from a cousin that announced the sale of The Mynde Estate in Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, England. Since we had all grown up hearing about The Mynde, it was with avid interest that I followed the link I was sent. Little did I expect what I found. Here was a Palatial estate with a secondary home, 7 cottages, a variety of outbuildings including stabling, gardens, a park, a lake, woodland and arable fields for a total of 1180+ acres.

The photos were astounding. That might sound like a strong word to use, but I had seen pictures of The Mynde when it was in total disrepair. The transformation and restoration were nothing short of wonderous and, I might add, expensive. That is probably why the price tag is 15,000,000 POUNDS (sorry haven't figured out how to enter symbols yet on my lap top).

Of course this set off a whole new spate of research for me. I wanted to know more about this amazing ugly duckling that had been turned into a beautiful, shimmering swan. According to the Hereford Times, The Mynde dates back to Norman times. It became home to the Pyes in the 1350's and lasted until about 1709, when it came into the possession of the Duke of Chandos. He added one of the key attractions, the King's Hall. The Duke sold the estate to the Symons family  in 1729 who remained there for the next 200 years. In 1932.  The Symons family sold the estate to the Clive family.  In 1959, the Clives sold it to the father of the current owner. No one lived in the house for about 40 years. It was in the late 80's that my nephew was able to visit The Mynde, while serving in the military. His pictures told a sad tale of a leaking roof and neglect. Restoration began in 1997, lasting about 4 years. The property is currently owned by the Twiston-Davies family, whose daughter, Antonia, was a Goddaughter of Princess Diana. In  2003, the estate hosted the Queen, Prince Philip and 3,000 guests at a picnic on the grounds.

Please check out the sites below. I'm not able to add pictures, at this time, directly to my blog. There are many different pictures on these sites, including the current real estate promotion. I have seen pictures of the Queen when she was at The Mynde, but don't seem to be able to find them on the web at this time.

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