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Monday, April 8, 2013

Some Bucks Stay in New Brunswick

To continue with Edward and Phoebe’s family, of the seven children, the first two and the last two stayed in New Brunswick. Ann has gone off to ME and then Iowa, William, the next in line was b. 1801 but died in 1819. Thomas, who was b. in 1803, also died in 1819. I haven’t found any explanation for their deaths. It could have been illness; it could have been a common accident where both were killed by the same circumstances or any of a number of other scenarios.

Their daughter Ann Buck Simonton has an adopted son named William Buck. His birth year doesn‘t fit in with any of the other known Bucks. Since his name is William, he could be the son of her younger brother, William, who died, but this William’s death date is 3 years before the adopted William’s birth. It’s quite probable that the year of death is incorrect. I haven’t explored that possibility.

Edward Buck, Sr. (c. 1763 England–1826 NB) m. 1792 Phebe Elizabeth Tower                        (1777-1822)

There are two children left to discuss before I return to my direct line to the Bucks. The sixth child was:

James Richard (c. 1812-1874) m. 1836 Sarah Mitton (1812 Yorkshire Eng.- 1879 NB)
          - 8 children

          1. Phebe Elizabeth (1838-1897) m. 1859 James Alexander Buck (1835-1908)
                    – 6 children. They were 1st cousins.
          2. William Edward (1840-1887 lost at sea) m. 1866 Lucinda Jane Cole (1845- 1919)
                   – 10 children (See earlier blog – Edward Cole’s Family, Dorchester, NB)
          3. Frances Maria (1841-1925) m. 1865 Albert Cook (1842-1929) – 8 children
          4. James Richard (1845-1909) m. 1875 Theodora Woodworth (1851-1918) – 9 children
          5. Charles Albert (1848-1914) m. 1872 Matilda Brown (1853 CT-1919 CT) – 6 children
                      (Find more info on this couple in my blog: A Tower Marries a Buck in New 
          6. John Wilmot (1849-1883 lost at sea) m. 1876 Sarah Augusta Buck (1852-?)
                      – 4 children; Sarah was the d/o George and Ann Baxter Buck. This line will be 
                      discussed in the next blog.
          7. Lemuel Allen (1852-1914 Hartford CT) m. 1878 Mary Wilmot (1854-1932) – 3 children
          8. Sarah A. (1855-1861)

Lemuel and Mary are enumerated with the household of J. Richard Buck, his brother, in the 1881 Sackville census. Lemuel is listed as a Sea Captain. I find him again in the 1900 census living at 69 New Britain Ave., Hartford CT, with 3 children.

Phebe (1814-1881) m. 1834 Leighton Card (1809-1881) – 12 children

          1. William (1836-?) m. Esther Kent
          2. Elizabeth (1838-?)
          3. George Buck (1840-1906) m. Unknown – 2 children
          4. Maria (1842-?)   
          5. John (1844-1919)
          6. Wesley (1847-?)
          7. Sarah Ann (1849-?)
          8. Jane (1852-?)
          9. Clara (1854-?) m. 1871 Isaac Beach                      
          10. Charles (1855-1946)
          11. Benjamin Miles (1858-?) m. 1877 Jane Wry (1858-?)
          12. Bedford Layton (1860-1948)

Phebe and Leighton both died in 1881, apparently before the census as neither appear. William, the oldest son is called the Head of House and all the rest of the children, who are now grown adults, are listed there, except Clara and Bedford.  They are both married and have moved elsewhere.

Now I’ll move back to the main line of my descent. See you on the next blog.  

My sister kindly shared with me an updated photo of the graves of Edward Sr. and Phoebe Tower Buck. They've been cleaned and look great. 

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