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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ebenezer Cole's first marriage, last child

Ebenezer Cole’s last child from his first marriage was Martin, born 1809. His year of birth and the death of his mother, Martha Grace Cole, in 1809 seem to suggest that the two events may have been connected. Whether or not this last birth contributed to Martha’s death at the age of 41, she did leave behind 7 children and Martin would have been an infant.  Although, by today’s standards, we would think it too soon to marry again, Ebenezer did just that in 1810. His oldest son Jonathan was 18 and Martin may have been about a year old. When Margaret Wade married Ebenezer, she became a mother to a ready made family and became the only mother that Martin ever knew.  It is this Martin who partnered with his older brother, Squire Rufus, in the grindstone and shipping businesses.

Martin became a Master Mariner, which entitled him to be known as Capt. Cole. In 1830, he married (1) Mary Smith, b. 1811 in Sackville, NB. There were many families by the name of Smith but I haven’t been able to connect Mary to any of them, so her parents remain unknown. 

Martin (1809-1885) m. (1) 1830 Mary Smith (1811-bef. 1871)
Martin and Mary had the following children:

A. Mariner Lamb (1831-1862) m. 1853 Lucy Ann Snowden (1836-?)
          1. John (1859-?)
          2. Thomas (1861-?)
Mariner died at Hopewell Cape and was buried at Edgett’s Landing all in Albert Co., NB.

B. Alfred D., Capt. (1834-1912) m. Margaret Bell McIntyre (1849-1916)
          1. Dorrance (1874-1914) buried in the Rockport (Sackville Parish) Cem.
          2. Isadore (1879-?)
          3. Mary Grace (1882-?)
          4. Lalia (1883-?)
In the 1901 Canadian census, Dorrance, Isa and Mary were still at home. Margaret was recorded by the name Margaret.
In the 1911 Canadian census, Dorrance and Mary were still living at home with their parents. Margaret was recorded by the name Bell.
Alfred and Margaret are buried in the Rockport (Sackville Parish) Cem.

C. Ruth E. (1837-1877)

D. Jonathan (1840-?) m. 1861 Catherine Palmer (1841-1888)
          1. Marcus (1866-?)
          2. Clarence (1869-?)
This family is listed in the 1880 Federal Census for Portland CT.
Catherine is buried in the Dorchester Pioneer Cem., Dorchester NB.
E. Martha Ann Grace (1842-1877) m. Asa Read (18931-1880 at sea)
          1. An infant daughter

F. Joseph Bedford (1850-1924) m. 1878 Ada Clara Tower (1856-1935)
          1. Eliza Gertrude (1878-?)
          2. Bessie Zora (1881-?) m. unknown Richardson
          3. James William (1885-?)
          4. Lalia (1887-?)
          5. Sarah Annie (1892-?) m. unknown King
          6. Bedford (1894-?)
          7. Minnie Martena (Tina) (1901-?)
An unproductive search was made to see if the first names of either
Richardson or King could be found.  Will need more information for this.

Martin also married (2) Phebe Pearsons on Aug 10 1871.

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